Chapter 1:

New World

Hello Future Me!

My Name is Sasuki Yafo eight years old I try my hardest on everything I do But I suck my Grades are really low that my parents dropped me out of school and I suck at cooking can't cook one meal it sucks.

Mom:are you gonna burn the house again
Sasuki:no mom in trying to c-
Dad:Thats it  ive had enough of you!! you said you try to make eggs it burned rice burned and everything you do
Sasuki:im sorry dad I-
Dad:you will try and try and try but fail every time your not my daughter your a  failure your mom and I decided you need to leave get out

Sasuki:I see (snif) if that is what will make you happy I will go
Dad:good we don't need you anyway when you end up on the street  God will help you now leave

I can't believe that now im homeless nowhere to go how did it end up like this that day I lost three things Hope, Love ,Home.

Sasuki:(yawn) I should find  a place to stay for the night but where and im so dizzy (sniff) the smell of this place smells go-(thud) (zzz)

???:what do we have here she's so pretty whats a sweet thing like you doing out here ah how about we look in on your life (voosh) 

???:wow you've been through vain and back again since your cute and im sincere to Heck with your sufferin(In my eyes in your eyes from the past of all times I Toshimeto Allow you into your future) 

I'm sorry mom dad the world maybe It was better of without me if I could go back in time I would do better,gretter,nicer things to make you look me in the eye and say I love you.

Sasuki:ow my head ouch huh wait my hands are bigger what's this my breast are bigger wait what happened (looks in mirror) I look like im a eighteen year old what happened

Toshimeto:yep that's right gorgeous your eighteen years old were in your future and I will ask all your questions ask away gorgeous

Sasuki:who are you

Toshimeto:the spirit of time


Toshimeto:(wow what a clutz for such a cute thing) im Toshimeto spirit of time I was wondering about you when I saw you on the ground so I looked in your past and saw you had the saddest one.

Sasuki:so you Zapped me into the future

Toshimeto:that's right in this world your a popstar your in a band of four you and three people two of them are Bella and Yanise the other one i-(ding Dong)
???:Sasuki are you home?

Sasuki"(Opens door) y-yes what is it

There he was the most gorgeous man i've met in my life looking at me his black hair pulled back in a short ponytail his bangs hiding his blue eyes 

Sasuki:w-who are you what do you want

???:is something wrong did something happen how can you not remember me im Takeshi Kosomiki your band member and your partner have you forgotten?

Sasuki:oh no i didn't ha ha aha ha (wow he's so gorgeous I might die so cool)

As he reached his hands to touch my head his eyes softened and he looked even better I couldn't help but blush his hands were about to reach my head when GRAB! someone grabbed it was not me I looked to my side and it was Toshimeto but how hes a spirit right?

Toshimeto:don't touch her 

Authors Note:Hey Guys drop a comment down there on what you think. (sniff) I since drama going on rather a love triangle do you think Toshimeto likes Sasuki wait can he even like a human. That boy is really hard to figure out so far what do you think drop a comment on what you think See you in The Future of our next chapter.