Chapter 2:

Definitely a Main Character

We are Supposed to be the Side Characters

Yesterday, things went normally. I handed Nikki's mom the paper, said the normal pleasantries, and parted ways with Noa, my classmate in the normal manner. Just another normal day It means I can dive into my school life without being caught up in the melodramatic storytelling that I’ve been worried of.


School, morning.

Our first-period teacher had some urgent matter to attend to, so we got stuck with a replacement assignment. All was going smoothly, until...

The classroom door bursts open, and the presence opens the door, sending a surge of energy through the room. It's like a Laburnum Yellow aura envelops everything, there stands the guy with perfectly styled blond hair as if he just walked out of a fancy salon. Instantly, the girls flock to him, drawn like moths to a flame.

And guess who's in the middle of it? Noa, of course.

"Kai!" he shouts out of the blue, and his voice echoes through the air. "Where's Kai?!"


"Kai?! What is that mean?!"

"No idea!" 
Yesterday, Noa suddenly called my name in front of Nikaido's mother.


I quickly arrange my books and stationery, unable to stand being the center of attention for more than 5 seconds. I promptly leave the classroom, announcing, "If you want to talk, I'll be in the library," as I swiftly pass by Nikaido.

Of course, I resort to this strategy to avoid drawing any further attention from those girls earlier. They'll definitely steer clear of a sacred place like the library.

Halfway to the library, Nikaido catches up to me.

"Kai, you're the one who delivered those assignment papers to my house, right?" Nikki, a.k.a. Nikaido, suddenly asked.

"Yeah, so what?"

"Then where're the answers?!" Nikki demanded.

"Aren't you supposed to be a smart guy or something?" I retorted, continuing to walk.

"What do you mean by 'supposed to'?"

"Besides, why didn't you ask your girlfriend from yesterday? Didn't your mom say you were on a date?"

"Oh, that wasn't my mom. She's my regular house cleaner. And... that date yesterday... turns out the woman took me to her husband! Damn... after observing her for weeks from my stall, I thought her gaze was intriguing... but it just brought trouble..."

"Huh?" I was completely lost.

What's up with that? Which rom-com main character ends up with a married woman?! That’s not... that's a whole different genre! I grumbled to myself while Nikki continued his ramblings about that married woman.

"...In the end, I managed to escape from her husband's wrath. But it looks like I have to quit my part-time job..." Nikki continued his rant.

I let out a sigh and stopped in my tracks. It was at that moment that I noticed the heavy rain obscuring the view from the school corridor's windows.

"You... looks like the rain has been going on for quite a while. How did you keep yourself dry?" I asked Nikki.

"I don't know."


Seriously? I can't believe it. Throughout this whole time, I haven't seen a single quality in Nikki that fits a romantic comedy protagonist. I'm starting to lose hope as I continue walking, with Nikki following behind me.

"Oh, by the way, I did bring an umbrella from home. But halfway there, as it started to drizzle, I noticed this cute girl walking alone. Her uniform looked different from ours, but she was heading towards our school," Nikki suddenly blurts out.

"Huh?" What's going on? I find myself oddly intrigued this time.

"So, I gave her the umbrella."

"You gave it to her? And then what did you...?" I ask, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"I ran."

WHAT? You had the perfect chance to start the most cliché and overused rom-com gimmick ever (Just his personal opinion) and you just ran away?!

"But you know what? As I ran further away, the umbrella suddenly flew back towards me... because the wind kept pushing it above my head, I didn't get a single drop of rain on me. Haha," Nikki laughs.

..i.s he God's descendant or something?

Hold on a sec… that character description... Could it be? A transfer student kind of story?

"Hey, how long has it been since you met that girl?" I ask.

"Hmm.. about three minutes before I got here," Nikki replies.

Suddenly, it hits me. I tap Nikki on the shoulder and turn around swiftly. "I forgot something in the classroom. Just stand here for a moment," I casually say my excuse.

This corridor leads straight to the school entrance. Though he missed the chance earlier, the bloom on the second encounter is allowed.

If Nikki's description of her and timing is accurate, then what should’ve been happening might just come true.

All I need to do is hide behind the corner of the hallway, observing the beginning of the romance between the main character and this potential heroine. If I stay quiet, I can detach myself from the whirlwind of teenage romance that I don't need in my peaceful life.


Just 30 seconds pass, and I hear the sound of wet footsteps approaching Nikki. The rain starts to subside, perfect timing. As sunlight filters through the window, perhaps even unveiling a rainbow, it will compose an idyllic backdrop for their encounter.

The light begins to pour in, and the silhouette of the girl walking hesitantly fades away, replaced by a gentle aura emanating from her natural beauty. It exceeds my expectations.

Mixed heritage, perhaps? I assume.

Her facial features seem to be crafted from the finest elements of two different worlds. Even her wet, shining black hair reflects the light coming from Nikki's direction.

This is it...

The true heroine!

Lucid Levia