Chapter 42:

sceNe 42 - ᴡaᴛeʀᴘaʀᴋ ᴅaᴛe ᴘaʀᴛ 1

ᴋraCᴋeᴅ ᴍooN / Kracked Moon

Despite me wanting to wait, Cryztal actually asked that we go to the waterpark as soon as we could. We ended up confessing that we were both looking forward to going out somewhere together, so how could I tell her no? While I normally can’t stop thinking about how hot she is, lately she’s seemed softer and cuter. Probably because I’m remembering how much of a crybaby she was growing up. Maybe it wouldn’t be on my mind if she stopped apologizing for–

No! Nope! We aren’t thinking about that today! I made her agree we wouldn’t talk about it all day, so no thinking about it either! It’s in the past, so we look to the future!

We picked a nice Tuesday around 9am to show up right when the park opened. Since school started back up, we hoped that there wouldn’t be a lot of kids or families running around. The closest we saw were moms with smaller children, but in general there weren’t a lot of people showing up early anyway. I wanted to make sure Cryztal wouldn’t have to deal with large crowds, even if she was probably tired after having to get up so early.

She was a little nervous when we got to the changing rooms, but we both wore our swimsuits underneath our clothes, so it wasn’t a big deal. I even brought extra towels for the car so that if she didn’t want to change when we left the park she didn’t have to. I fully understood not wanting strangers to look at you, though no matter what she did, I had to make sure I wasn’t staring at her. The swimsuit she bought at the mall was really cute. It was a two piece that was really frilly, and looked good on her. I wish she wore something that didn’t obscure her body so much, but I get why she liked it.

I was also feeling really good with my swimsuit. The bikini top I got still covered my breasts pretty well, but I couldn’t remember when I last felt a breeze on so much of my body. The bottom also kept all of my assets covered, but there wasn’t much left to the imagination. I thought I would hate it, but I still couldn’t stop looking at my own reflection. Was Cryztal thinking the same thing when she saw me? We’re just two hot ladies on a date at the waterpark!

When I tried to make eye contact with her, Cryztal was actually staring at my ass.

I blushed and turned around. “Excuse you! You don’t need to stare!”

She came closer and reached out to the small of my back. Was she suddenly drawn to me?

“Is your tail going to be okay? That bottom doesn’t look like it was made for HSC.” Cryztal said, concerned.

Well that was less romantic than I expected, but she was right. Very few swimsuits are made specifically with Homo Sap-Catus in mind, and this one definitely came close to the base of my tail, which could ride up and then cause serious discomfort. Most HSC-designed pants or shorts recommend a two inch gap of exposure, and if necessary a sort of fabric ring for the base of the tail to help trap in warm air, especially in winter. My parents were always really good about making sure my clothes followed that general practice, but I wasn’t so worried here.

I lifted my tail up and softly draped it around Cryztal’s arm.

“Maybe I’ll need someone to keep their eyes in that area to make sure I’m doing okay.” I whispered in a seductive tone. Even if I could feel when the suit came close, I really wanted to tease her.

Cryztal blushed, and pulled her arm back. “I- I’ll be sure to check.”

Oh I love when she gets embarrassed!

I held onto her arm and started walking her around the park, giving us a chance to look around and see all the different attractions. Most of the waterslides let you use an innertube, which was ideal since laying straight on my back was a no-go because of my tail. Cryztal is so lucky that she doesn’t have a tail 24/7, even if she clearly didn’t mind accommodating me for mine.

We settled on a few slides to try out, and honestly? They were all terrifying. I don’t even consider myself easily scared, but the velocity was not exciting! I was regularly afraid I might fall off or something! And the one slide that had those neat conjoined innertubes just meant what should have been me delicately holding Cryztal’s hand turned into me squeezing way too tight! I had no idea this wouldn’t be my thing!

Cryztal asked that we stick to slower attractions like the lazy river. She said that she was also frightened by the slides, but I could tell she was just saying that to make me feel better. That was one of those things that made her so cool. She didn’t mind looking less cool for my sake.

Casually floating while trying to hold hands was honestly really peaceful. It made me wonder how we looked. Maybe a little silly, two twenty-somethings on a date like this. Some people are probably thinking we’re just best pals or something. We were when we were kids, right? Did we even have chances to do stuff like this as kids? We might not even be doing this now if it weren’t for her devou–

Once we were more relaxed, we decided to check out attractions that weren’t slides. The wave pool was neat, but I think Cryztal didn’t really get it. She kept asking why we couldn’t just stand in a normal pool, because the waves made her tired. And they had splash pads with those fountains in the ground that shoot up like geysers! Supposedly at night they lit up, but it was way too bright to see that.

We decided to take a break and get something to eat, and found a line for the only open concession stand. I grabbed a small table while Cryztal waited in line. She said she wanted to show she could do it on her own, so I just watched her from a distance. Why would I turn down getting to watch her?

As I sat there, I heard a child’s voice.

“Mommy! What’s that?” I heard in my direction.

Was he talking about me? What about me?

Out of reflex I looked down at my arms and legs, only to hear the mother answer her child.

“That’s her tail, sweetie.” The mother said. “Sometimes people have tails. Isn’t that cool?”

Okay. Nice. I’m fine. Yeah. Totally fine. My body looks fine.

“Can you believe she’d show up like that?” Another voice. Not really near me. Maybe closer to a whisper?

“Yeah, she really thinks no one can tell? So embarrassing.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see two women at another table, but they were both looking at a phone like they were scrolling through pictures. Maybe they weren’t talking about me.

Why would they anyway? I’m fine, right?

As I thought to myself, I looked down again. Turning my head downward, dragging my gaze across the table to look at my lap, it wasn’t the same. My legs were once again coated by the horizontal lines that had greeted me in the mirror after every shower. My arms were the same too, and as I stroked my upper arm in disbelief, I felt the bumps from the ridges like I had plenty of times before.

I was immediately disgusted with myself. Of course it was too good to be true! I should have known it would come back! Things like this don’t just disappear!

I didn’t want anyone to see me, so I ran off. Finding literally anywhere to hide was the goal. Anything to avoid being seen. Being talked about. Being pitied.

I want to be alone.