Chapter 49:

Volume 2, Interlude D: Test Battle

Heroes of the Past

Shane changed the environment into a hot desert, nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. His opponent sunk into the sand once they took one step forward. The researcher dashed through the sand, wielding a knife in his left hand. Once he was within distance, Shane swung his blade downward, aiming for the neck. However, his adversary utilized a portal, freeing themselves from their predicament.Bookmark here

“Figures she would use that,” Shane muttered.Bookmark here

“What do you expect? She knows Darryl’s portal powers,” his wife responded, communicating with him through his earpiece.Bookmark here

“Tess was correct. She has a lot of potential. Question is, can she put everything together and make it work?” Shane remarked, rolling away from a barrage of blades.Bookmark here

His sparring partner was none other than Tomo Yuki. To be precise, a simulation of the actual person compiled through data obtained from the Gatekeeper. Tomo created a thin layer of ice in an attempt to avoid the sand. The high desert temperature melted the ice immediately, forcing Tomo to formulate another plan.Bookmark here

“Lau’s ice, huh? Not a bad idea. Unfortunate that she hasn’t learned how to reinforce that ice with magic though,” Shane noted.Bookmark here

Tomo reacted right away, making use of Shan’s gravity manipulation. She floated in the air and increased the gravity around Shane’s blade. The researcher felt a sudden force yank his arm downward. He released his hold in time, breathing a sigh of relief. Tomo rushed at him, flames engulfing her left hand and electricity pulsating from her right. Shane snapped his fingers, replacing the desert with a scrapyard and heavy rainfall.Bookmark here

With her flames extinguished, Tomo fired off a bolt of electricity at Shane. He dove into a nearby pile of broken appliances, avoiding the attack. Tomo grinned, despite her miss. Shane noticed her attack strike a nearby rod, wires protruding out from it which led directly to his landing spot. He rolled out of the pile as it exploded. Sharp pieces of metal scattered everywhere and multiple ones struck him in the leg. The researcher winced, standing back up with difficulty.Bookmark here

“Ready to surrender yet, dear?” Emily questioned.Bookmark here

“Never. I still haven’t seen what she can really do yet,” Shane replied.Bookmark here

“You do know that Tess rigged it so she’s better than the actual Tomo Yuki, right?” Emily asked for confirmation.Bookmark here

“Of course. That’s what makes this challenging,” Shane revealed.Bookmark here

“I do know how stubborn you can get. You take any more severe damage and I’m ending this,” his wife warned.Bookmark here

Tomo pulled Shane towards her with En’s power. He stomped on the ground, producing a magic field, nullifying her effect. The new hero grinned and then with her electric powers, lifted up two cars. They smashed into each other with a loud bang. Shane slid underneath at the last possible moment, avoiding major damage.Bookmark here

Emily’s husband crashed into an ice wall after escaping the threat. He clenched his teeth and cursed underneath his breath as icicles rained down on him. Five pinned him down, preventing him from moving. He attempted another climate shift but it was too late. A scorching lava geyser shot out underneath him, burning Shane.Bookmark here

“You’re done,” Emily proclaimed, ending the practice battle.Bookmark here

Shane laid on the ground, staring up at the glass ceiling. Someone appeared, extending their hand towards him. He accepted it, standing back up again.Bookmark here

“Tess, you’re as sly as always,” he commented.Bookmark here

“So you say. Quite an accurate depiction of Tomo if she reaches her true potential. She’ll only become better as she learns everyone’s powers and nuances,” the Gatekeeper remarked.Bookmark here

“I believe it. Pretty tough, but I’m not the measuring bar, am I?” Shane questioned.Bookmark here

“Sharp as always, Shane. Every battle provides new data so don’t be too hard on yourself,” Tess confirmed and vanished through a magical door.Bookmark here

Shane took a test step forward, feeling a slight pain in his leg. He shook his head and limped upstairs, looking forward to reviewing the battle. Tomo Yuki, the researcher looked forward to her future progress.Bookmark here

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