Chapter 28:

Nordic gods vs Esus

Elyon - Gods among us

Asgard, Yggdrasil.

The scene was devastating. Asgard, once a beautiful place with golden buildings, vast forests, lakes, and streets made of crystal, now lay in flames with its structures in ruins.

Esus, floating majestically above the center of the great realm, commanded giants who were wreaking havoc in the region. These beings, known as the Wicker Men, were created by hundreds of corpses embedded within a wicker framework shaped like a human. The sacrifices made within them gave them life. To achieve this, Esus and his Malakim had slaughtered hundreds of lives within Asgard to create these abominations, including Valkyries and Einherjar, humans who had been admitted to dwell in Valhalla.

Thor, Freyja, Freyr, and Tyr appeared on the battlefield, thanks to the Bifrost Bridge left open by Heimdall, to escape the alternate dimension created by Esus, where he had been seated on his throne moments ago. They had managed to defeat the four Celtic champions with little difficulty, but not swiftly enough to reach Asgard immediately.

Heimdall was kneeling on one knee, his sword embedded in the ground. He had been easily defeated by Esus, who now faced Modi and Magni, the sons of the god Thor, without much effort.

Beside Heimdall, other Æsir had already fallen. Frigg, Vidar, and Forseti lay unconscious on the ground after attempting to battle the powerful Celtic Anunnaki.

—Thor and the others, I see you've made it— Heimdall said without displaying a hint of emotion. Joy and anger simply weren't his forte. The god looked completely different as his totema was activated. His helmet had taken on white and blue colors with two ram horns protruding from its sides. He wore a white Viking armor adorned with blue and golden lines. This illusion, combined with his nearly white skin and hair, earned the god the nickname 'the Ghost' in Asgard. On his chest, he bore a stone with the rune 'ᛞ'.

—What a tremendous mess Lel has caused in our realm— Thor said indignantly.

—Aren't your little ones the ones fighting against Esus?— Freyr asked.

—Yes, I suppose, but I doubt they can stand up to him. They're weak and spoiled by their mother— Thor replied, shaking his head.

—How cruel meow are, Thor— Freyja said, annoyed.

—Family matters don't concern you— Tyr added.

The Norse goddess made a disgusted gesture and averted her gaze from the Norse god of war.

—Tyr is right, Freyja. I only hope that this battle toughens them up— Thor commented indifferently.

—But this is actually a good thing— Tyr said, —I was getting rusty sitting around without facing strong opponents all day—

—You're also very cruel, Little Tyr. Of course, I appreciate a good fight, but I never want to see my kin being defeated like this— Freyr said, shaking his head.

—Waiting purr the best or worst in this situation is of little relevance now. Let's defeat Esus and bring his head to Lel to show them how meowghty the gods of Yggdrasil are— Freyja said, mimicking a cat.

—Seriously, Freyja, nobody can understand you when you talk like that. You're not a cat, and you know it— Tyr angrily rebuked her.

—Don't mess with my little sister, Tyr— Freyr said, annoyed.

—Make me, abnormal— Tyr retorted.

—By my father, those two siblings are a pair of weirdos— Thor thought as he asked them to keep silent and face Esus.

The four nordic gods looked different as they were carrying their respective totemas.

Thor held his legendary hammer Mjolnir in his right hand. He wore a golden helmet with white wings, a golden armor that seemed to generate static energy, and a large bear-skin cape hung from his shoulders. He wore a belt called Megingjord, which was as white as a diamond and had the image of a goat on its buckle. Finally, his boots were also golden, and on his right hand, the one holding the legendary hammer, he wore a golden glove called Jarngreipr. On his chest, he displayed the rune 'þ'.

Freyr, on the other hand, carried a helmet that resembled the head of a giant golden boar. His body had taken on a larger form as his armor was big and intricate, with two boar tusks protruding from the bottom of his neck. He wore a furry loincloth similar to his boots, which also ended in pig hooves. Overall, the god resembled a giant golden boar. He wielded a curious sword that resembled the horn of an antelope. On his chest, he displayed the rune 'ᚠ'.

Freyja had the graceful appearance of a beautiful Valkyrie, wearing a golden diadem with two enormous golden wings and the symbol of a flame at its center. Her hair appeared whiter than before, and she had two cat ears emerging from it. She wore a golden breastplate with two white breast protectors. She carried a short blue skirt and a blue cape, along with tall-heeled boots. She carefully held a huge golden spear with two prongs on her side, giving the impression of being similar to a trident. She also wore a long blue cape on her back. Like her brother, she displayed the rune 'ᚠ' on her chest.

Finally, Tyr wore a red chainmail like the night sky of a burning city. His helmet covered his eyes completely and had long mesh protectors for his neck, along with slight horns on it. He wore a red cape reminiscent of a Roman general, and he carried a red sword that seemed to drip as if made of blood. On the buckle of his belt, he displayed the rune 'ᛏ'.

At that moment, Esus struck Modi and Magni with his sword-shaped hand, causing them to fall to the ground unconscious. Thor, instead of being outraged by his sons' defeat, completely ignored them and smiled with excitement.

—Now it's our turn to fight, mosshead— the god of thunder shouted at the Celtic Annunaki.

Esus turned around and smiled.

—My friends— he said, —I didn't expect you to come so soon at my Asgard destruction festival, and to think that all this could have been avoided with a simple kiss on my feet— the Annunaki mentioned with an evil grin.

—That bastard isn't even wearing his totema— Tyr said, looking at the powerful Celtic god.

—What's the matter? Won't you put on your totema, Esus?— Thor asked.

—I don't need it to fight garbage like you— the Celtic god replied.

—And we cannot fight against you if you don't wear it— Thor responded.

The other three gods nodded.

—This is incredible. Despite witnessing my absolute superiority over you, you believe I need it. How amusing!— Esus laughed.

Esus, still smiling, opened his arms and said, —Make me wear it—

—It will be a battle without honor— Tyr responded. —But if this coward doesn't stop destroying our home, I will have to commit such an offense to defend my land— the Norse god of war said.

—Will purr fight him, Tyr?— Freyja asked.

—Of course— Tyr replied with a grimace of displeasure.

—Impressive, and you will fight in single combat. Norse stupidity never ceases to amaze me—Esus replied amusedly.

—A coward who cannot understand the honor of a warrior has no right to speak— Tyr shouted as he lunged at Esus with his unsheathed red sword.

Esus's smile quickly faded as Tyr easily severed his right arm.

—Being an Annunaki, Katteres, or Igigi is irrelevant in the face of us, the Æsir gods— the Norse god of war said as he elegantly landed on the ground and sheathed his fearsome red sword.
—Now, put on your totema, or I will be forced to kill you dishonorably—

The Annunaki's arm reattached itself to his body as he ground his teeth in anger. He quickly calmed down and smiled.

—Very well, if you insist on dying, I shall grant your wish— he said.

Esus pulled out a medallion from his robe, depicting a man seated on a throne, and a light enveloped his body. The wicker giants turned to look at their lord at that moment, as did the deer-headed Malakim who were still fighting, and they all kneeled on the ground.

Giant mistletoe trees began to emerge from the ground of Asgard, and in perfect synchrony, they formed a spiral around the majestic god. The skies opened up, and rays of light covered the mighty Annunaki.

Esus didn't look very different; he had only added a sun-shaped crown, intricate earrings in his ears, and wore golden bracers and greaves. Rays of light emanated from his head like a radiant star. In his right hand, the god wielded an axe with a red gem in the center of the blade, while the handle was made of mistletoe branches.

—Much better— Tyr said and lunged at him again.

But with a mere flick of his finger, Esus sent mistletoe leaves flying from the trees, cruelly impaling the Norse god of war. Tyr fell to the ground incapacitated.

—I am a Earth god— Esus said. —I control plants, trees, and nature. And right now, I can control all the land as if it were my fingertips—

Esus moved his finger again, and branches grew in front of Freyr, taking the form of a wooden spear that impaled him.

Then, with a horizontal finger movement, mistletoe leaves swirled around Freyja, creating a poisonous gas that caused the goddess to choke and lose consciousness.

With a downward movement of his finger, a gigantic wooden column appeared right above Thor, attempting to crush him. The god struggled to withstand the column, narrowly avoiding being crushed.

—Is this the best... you have, you filthy Annunaki?— Thor bellowed as he continued to resist the wooden column with difficulty.

—Controlling trees, is that the great power of the Celtic Annunaki? My father would have severed your head in seconds— the Norse god of thunder mocked Esus.

The Celtic god did not react; he simply moved his finger horizontally, and mistletoe swords materialized next to Thor, viciously cutting him. But the god continued to lift the gigantic wooden column.

—You'll need more than this to defeat us— Thor said, laughing.

At that moment, the Odin's son began to increase his power, and his body was surrounded by thunder, darkening the entire sky in an electrical storm.

—The Æsir always surpass ourselves in power!— Thor bellowed at the top of his lungs.

In that moment, Thor managed to hold the column with one hand, while with his right hand, he grabbed Mjolnir and struck the column, causing it to explode into pieces in a sea of electrical sparks.

The god of thunder rose to his feet and pointed his powerful hammer at the Celtic god.

—Now it's your turn, Esus!— Thor shouted as he threw his hammer like a discus.

Esus tried to stop the attack using rapidly growing mistletoe branches that he conjured with a finger movement, but Mjolnir effortlessly destroyed those defenses. Upon colliding with the Celtic god, a gigantic electrical explosion illuminated the sky for a few seconds.

The magical hammer returned to Thor's hand, while Esus had his face twisted, and a little blood had escaped from his mouth.

The Annunaki became furious and this time swung his axe through the air. The mistletoe trees started emanating grotesque heads from their branches, and from their mouths, solar energy spheres emerged, traveling to the top of Esus's improvised forest, creating a gigantic fireball.

Boillsgeachd na grèine— Esus chanted, and the enormous energy ball moved toward Thor at an extraordinary speed, preventing the god from avoiding the attack. A massive explosion left Thor unconscious.

—Is it my turn again, then?— Freyr said as he re-entered the battle, fully healed from his wounds thanks to his reserve of ichor.

The Nordic god of light began to glow like a sun and shouted, —Gullinbursti framganga!
Freyr then launched himself like a comet towards the Celtic Annunaki.

The attack was so swift that Esus couldn't stop it, and the sound of his ribs and spine breaking could be heard. Freyr took his antelope-horn-shaped sword and drove it into Esus.

The Celtic Annunaki, furious, generated multiple mistletoe branches that lashed out at Freyr like whips, sending him flying and crashing into a mountain, instantly destroying it.

—That purrother of meowne is a disgrace— Freyja said as she joined the battle. She had torn her neck open to prevent the poisonous gas from entering her lungs.

The goddess, emerging from the toxic cloud and with her neck healed, leaped towards Esus and began moving with feline-like agility. Esus tried to use spears made of mistletoe to trap her, but they proved useless as she easily evaded them.

—A cat never loses her purrey— the goddess said, while Esus grew desperate.

Finally, the goddess plunged her spear into the chest of the god. Esus used his axe to attack Freyja, but she swiftly withdrew her spear from Esus's chest and elegantly evaded the attack once again.

—Hurry up and die quickly, Freyja, so I can fight again— Tyr said, who had already recovered from his wounds.

—And then it's my turn— Thor shouted, as he was already regaining his strength.

Esus was surprised. These gods, despite being in a disadvantageous situation, continued to enjoy the battle, and worst of all, it seemed like they were winning.

The Celtic god could no longer tolerate this and shouted, —Latha na grèine!

Esus created a gigantic solar shockwave that emanated from the trees, throwing Freyja and the other gods out of his sight. The attack nearly destroyed all of Asgard, killing his own straw men who were still attacking the surviving Valkyries. It was the most powerful technique of the Annunaki.

—It's all over— Esus said, and he began to laugh when suddenly his laughter was interrupted.

Among the rubble, he heard Thor complaining about having to rebuild all of Asgard, hating manual labor. Freyja told him that Asgard wasn't even where she lived, and Tyr said he didn't have a hand, so he was incapacitated.

The four Norse gods emerged from the debris, badly wounded, their ichor no longer healing their injuries, but they continued to smile as if they were enjoying the fight.

—Well, it will be my turn for the final blow— Tyr said.

—Nah, it'll be mine— Thor responded.

—What a purrity, I guess I won't get to fight again— Freyja said.

—But you did great, little sister— Freyr replied.

Tyr then pointed his sword at Esus and made a cut through the air, generating a blood-red sickle that pierced the Annunaki's body.

—The more blood is shed on the battlefield, the stronger the blade of my sword Tyrfing becomes— the god of war commented.

Esus realized in horror that his ichor was no longer healing him.

—Cursed beings, I'll kill you all!— Esus shouted, using his most powerful technique once again, screaming, —Latha na grèine!

The gods positioned themselves in a defensive stance, but they were still sent flying.
Asgard lay in ruins. Esus was concerned as he looked around for any survivors. Then, Thor appeared right in front of him, severely injured. He had lost his left arm and was covered in blood, but the god was smiling. He firmly held his hammer, Mjolnir.

—I told you that someone as weak as you would never defeat us— Thor threatened.

Esus attempted to use a shield of mistletoe, but Thor shouted, —Bregda upp Thunraz!

A massive lightning bolt struck Esus while Thor simultaneously struck him with his hammer. A gigantic explosion blinded all the survivors in Asgard.

As the light dissipated, Esus lay unconscious in a massive crater in the middle of Asgard. Thor had delivered the final blow to the Celtic Annunaki and prevented Lel from ruling the kingdom by using him as a puppet.

The god of thunder then collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness.