Chapter 0:

Tension between nations

Someday I'll be an Innkeeper

The massive war between the nations has just recently come to an end. The war, now known as the Desolation War, brings about an uneasy peace. It took many twists and turns that led to the conflict but it is agreed that the main issue fueling it was the heavy taxation the Kingdom of Gilden bestowed onto the people. Mainly the people of the northern nation of Svenic. The whole world was swallowed in war each out to gain lands and political power. The war finally ended when the Kingdom of Gilden allied with the southern nation Capirese and crushed the Svenic army.Bookmark here

The nation of Svenic was once a proud nation of warriors. Composed of many tribal people they came together and battled the south long ago. The southern nations feared the tribal barbarians with their amazing strength and hearty vitality. Svenic is a harsh country that has no room for the weak, the air is thin and the ground is frozen solid. The Svenic people had to grow large lungs and big hands to dig up the earth. They needed keen senses to hunt so they grew sharp eyes, sensitive noses and extraordinary hearing. Their country was prosperous for many generations. The people loved their country, never wanting to leave, the majority stayed within Svenic. Hunting, fishing, growing crops, the country was so large they never had enough people to inhabit the entire nation. Everything changed when the winters grew much colder and lasted for far longer. Svenic became a much harsher home that needed to adapt quickly. The majority of the nation was isolated from the south and they would now need to open trade to secure goods. Gold was discovered in Svenic's southern areas and so the south leased bought and stole land in exchange for food and supplies for everyday life. The housing of the workers and short supplies created inns in towns and along busy roadways. Svenicans had become a barter nation, trading goods for services and vice versa. In time the desperate Svenicans began trading more of themselves for less, leading to high taxes and fewer offspring.Bookmark here

The Kingdom of Gilden emphasizes the good of the nation above all personal desires. The small fertile nation gave birth to a booming population. The kingdom is known for its patriotic citizens, its wide range of ideals, inventions, food, and trade. Above all else it is known for its gold and its love of wealth, it is also better known as the gold kingdom. The families with the largest land would naturally have the most gold. Leading to influence in the birth of the gold kingdom where one king would rule all the families in the country. All gold bars, ores, and coin would be seized and brought to be protected by the royal house. The noble families would rule the country provinces with the emphasis on duty to ones king and nation above all else. Fertile land insured that country had sustainable food and lead to many people pursuing the path of scholars and inventors. The small roaring nation soon needed to expand its borders and Svenic's shortfalls where the solution to it's growing problems. The exploiting of the north soon lead to conflict and through perseverance, loyalty and diplomacy, Gilden emerged the victor. The country doubled in size seizing Svenic's fertile southern lands rich with gold, wildlife and produce. They now turn to strengthening their navy to dominate the seas and trade that Capirese prides itself on.Bookmark here

There is no exaggeration when travelers say that ninety percent of the population of Capirese lives on the ocean. The power of the free nations of Capirese comes from the naval powerhouse it is. Merchant trade ships, fishing vessels, sea pirates, resupply stations, the military fleets and the isle transit ships, the Capiresians live and die on the sea. The country consists of different land masses all connected through sea trade routes. They all fall under one banner more for convenience than loyalty. All the southern nations and isles value freedom above all else. Although they have a freedom to choose most worship the same religion of Iliya whether through coincidence or irony. The goddess Iliya favors lucky fortune, family, wine and holds sway over the seas. The affluent church never asks for money, but luck holds value in the southern seas and the sailors there are always gracious when fortune comes their way. A ship is all you need to live in the freedom nations and it can be your work, home, social connections, leisure, and life. Iliya has blessed the southern seas with plentiful riches that only needs dedication, hard work and  a little luck. On the mainlands the southern united nations, Sun, came to an agreement with the Gilden Kingdom to secure trade and new inventions, seeing little value in allying with Svenic. After the war the Sun took lands leading up to the Shreeman river, the largest river in the country that flows from Svenics glacial mountains down the heart of the land leading out to eastern sea. In the Sun's eyes they had just secured the greatest spoil of the Desolation war, a river trade route right across the heart of the land. An unused asset of the Svenic people that was more a hindrance to cross than anything. Iliya's luck was on their side as always.Bookmark here

After the war Svenic was allowed to keep its northern most lands, as they were to harsh and barren to be of any value. The south did not want to deal with the broken nation's people and left a somewhat function government behind. They had gotten what they wanted and now was the time to focus on their own countries and occupy the newly obtained real estate. The gold kingdom had nearly doubled in size and urged it people to move north and procure the land for the benefit of the kingdom. Having a similar idea the southern united nations now began to develop the Shreeman trade route to import and export goods around the continent. The bruised Svenic nation now had the impossible task of recovering the country. A task that would cost them many lives, dreams, cultures, and the soul that made them once great warriors.
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