Chapter 0:


Lost Horizon: Phantom Thief in Another World

In the serene village of Routh, located on the outskirts, a close-knit community thrived. With a population of around 150 individuals, the village consisted of 32 families, a typical size for such a settlement.

Routh relied on agriculture and the natural resources of the surrounding forest. Apart from occasional visits from traveling merchants, the only regular visitor was the tax collector.

Each day in Routh commenced at the break of dawn, with the villagers rising and resting in sync with the sun. Unlike the brightly lit streets of bustling cities, the residents of Routh lived by the natural light of the sun.

Lotte Claras, a fourteen-year-old girl, began her morning by fetching water from the nearby well.

Her task was completed when the water pot in her home was full. After her mother prepared breakfast, the family of four sat together to enjoy their meal.

Breakfast usually consisted of barley and oatmeal, accompanied by a simple salad and occasionally dried fruits. Following breakfast, Lotte and her mother set off to work in the fields near the forest, where they would also gather firewood.

Lotte's younger sister, Sheila, sometimes assisted their father in the forest, helping him gather and transport the firewood. On other occasions, she joined Lotte and their mother in the fields, lending a hand with various tasks.

At midday, the village bell rang, signaling a communal break. All the villagers would return to their homes and enjoy lunch with their families.

The lunch menu typically featured bread, and soup with meat from their father's hunting expeditions when he wasn't fulfilling his duties as a village patrol officer.

After lunch, the villagers resumed their respective tasks until the sky turned a vibrant shade of red, indicating the imminent sunset.

Dinner mirrored the midday meal, and the rest of the evening was spent engaging in family conversations and making the most of the fading candlelight in the kitchen. Lotte, sitting outside with her sister, often found herself lost in daydreams. As a fourteen-year-old, she pondered her life within the boundaries of Routh, envisioning herself perpetually immersed in the routines and traditions of the village.

As Lotte bathed under the moonlight, she noticed her sister pointing excitedly at the sky. "Look, Lotte! A shooting star!" Sheila exclaimed. Lotte followed her gaze and caught sight of the fleeting celestial phenomenon.

Filled with wonder, they decided to offer prayers to the goddess Lunar, expressing their wishes for their family's ongoing happiness and safety.

After concluding their prayers, the light from the shooting star vanished. Satisfied with their ritual, the sisters prepared for bed, eager to rest and gather strength for the activities that awaited them the next day.

Little did they know that a significant event was about to unfold, one that would forever shape the destiny of their family and the entire village of Routh.


In the vicinity of Routh, there existed a small beach hidden away by steep cliffs.

Shaped by the relentless force of coastal erosion, it remained unseen from above. Only the villagers of Routh were privy to its existence, while even Baron Klaus von Bones, the noble landowner of Routh, remained oblivious.

It was a well-kept secret within the village, known only to those who called Routh their home.

The people of Routh typically spent their time on the seventh day, known as the "Day of Rest," following the teachings of the Lunarian sect.

On this day, all the inhabitants of Moon Palace Kingdom were not obligated to work. It was a day of respite, a time for the villagers to unwind and rejuvenate their spirits.

The Lunarian sect revolved around the lunar goddess, the embodiment of the moon itself. In the Lunarian calendar, there were 360 days in a year, divided into four weeks per month.

This calendar system was based on the moon's rotational cycle within a month. Each week comprised seven days, each carrying its own symbolic meaning.

The week began with the "Day of Spirit," symbolizing the enthusiasm and passion with which people approached their first activities of the week. They would start the week with energy and determination, embracing new challenges and opportunities.

Next came the "Day of Struggle," representing the commitment to personal growth and overcoming obstacles. On this day, individuals displayed their determination to surpass limitations, pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones in pursuit of self-improvement.

Following the Day of Struggle, the "Day of Triumph" arrived, symbolizing the promise of success that lies beyond the combined efforts of spirit and struggle. It celebrated the achievements and victories attained through unwavering dedication and perseverance.

The fourth day of the week was the "Day of Harmony," emphasizing the importance of peace, understanding, and cooperation within the community. On this day, individuals engaged in activities that promoted unity, resolved conflicts, and fostered a sense of harmony amidst diversity. 

Next was the "Day of Sanctity," a day of reverence and introspection. It called for moments of meditation and prayer, expressing gratitude and seeking spiritual enlightenment. Individuals dedicated themselves to inner reflection and connected with the sacredness of life.

The "Day of Joy" followed, symbolizing the culmination of hard work and the attainment of desired outcomes. It was a day of celebration, where people shared their successes, expressed gratitude, and engaged in acts of kindness and generosity. It was a time of shared happiness and festive celebrations, both grand and small.

Finally, the seventh day, the "Day of Rest," arrived. After a week of fulfilling their responsibilities, people embraced the need for rest and rejuvenation before embarking on a new week. It was a day when individuals allowed themselves the luxury of relaxation, engaging in activities that brought them peace and solace.

Today is the seventh day. Lotte, Sheila, and the children from the village plan to go to the beach to play and go fishing. However, on their way, they stumble upon a mysterious man trapped in ropes and hanging from a tree.