Chapter 5:

Blue Battler

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

The knight covered in blue showed up. She actually looked pretty happy seeing Marvin here. “Did you get the magic parts for my customization?” She looked at him expectantly with her eyes sparkling.

“Yes, but I don’t think they will fix it enough for it to run, it looks like you’ve damaged the metal parts just as much as the magic ones.”

I could hardly keep up with the conversation. But I could tell before that Kobalta didn’t trust me. But maybe I could use my power to do something about it.

“Could I take a look at it? My crafting power could help.” I blurted out.

Everyone looked at me in disbelief, but Carine spoke up, “He has a strange ability, I saw him instantly make a spear but just holding a rock and a branch to save me.” Marvin gave me a weird look, “Could you show me an example of this power?”

I looked around for things I could use, there were many things broken from the attack. I picked up a part of a fence that broke off and a large piece of scrap metal from the bug. Different crafting recipes appeared. I guess another spear could work.

The metal formed a cone shape while the fence piece rounded into a cylinder. The two components came together creating a steel spear. Everyone looked surprised at the newly born weapon.

Marvin stroked his mustache, "Well we can give it a try at least, but we need enough iron.” “Well,” Árgyros added in with a smug grin, “but of course we can’t just give away ores.”

“It’s fine, I can pay for it,” Kobalta said, “I earn enough to pay for my repairs and customizations all the time.” She brought out a pouch with what I assume is this world’s currency and a lot of it.

After waiting about an hour everything was set up behind the brothers’ shop. Kobalta’s custom Stahl-Soldat, the Lazuli, was lying face down on a platform with its armor removed. Several parts were lying about on the ground. I looked around but there weren't any crafting recipes that would help.

Wait, I forgot about one of the most essential things to start with when crafting is involved in a game. A crafting table! But just then, I realized, I haven’t had anything to eat in the past 24 hours. My stomach rumbled loudly, “Can we take a little break for like 10 minutes or something, just so I can get something to eat.”

Kobalta gave a look that showed big disappointment. Carine walked up holding a basket, “Actually, I’ve been meaning to give you this” She opened it up showing a few loaves of bread inside. “Thanks,” I took the basket and started to walk off taking an ax with me, “I’m just going on a walk for a bit.”

I should go back to the forest; everyone knows the first thing you do in a game with crafting is cutting some trees. I stretch a bit to get my body ready. I swung with all my might, hitting the tree, bark flying off, leaving… only a cut on it. This was going to take a while.

Timber! It finally fell. I cut the log into sections and crafted them into planks. Now I can make a crafting table and go back.

It got really late by the time I was back. “Sorry I took so long.” Most of the villagers were standing around the bug-like machine, disassembling it with confused looks on their faces. “What’s going on?” I looked inside of what looked to be some sort of cockpit which had a strange creature inside.

Chrysós came up to me expecting I had some sort of answer, “Since you’re from another world do you have any idea what this is?” I looked at the creature again, it looked somewhere between a dog and a cow but nothing like anything from my world. For all I knew it was a creature from this world. I shook my head in response. I guess the simple answer if no one knew what it was is that it was some sort of alien. Well, I shouldn’t be too surprised if magic is real in this world.

I took the crafting table out of my inventory and placed it. Going by the designs on the blueprint, I copied how it looked and made a few improvements from my skills as a big model kit buff.

The work itself was just recycling broken parts, creating a bunch of parts, and crafting them together to finish it. Once the frame was done, the metal skeleton had its repaired armor that now used pieces of the mechanical bug placed back on.

I’m getting kind of excited that I could potentially make one of my own.

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