Chapter 4:

Gold and Silver

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

We strolled into the shop, there were many weapons, armor, and tools on display. “Carine, why does this village have two metalworking shops?” “Zelezo works with the Stahl-Soldats while Árgyros and Chrysós’s shop is more general.”

I picked up an iron bar from a display. A bunch of crafting recipes came up, I’ll have to look into them more when I can actually have my own. I don’t have any money, though I don’t yet know what they use as currency in this world.

“Welcome!” two excited voices shouted out. Two young men jumped out from the back room, catching me off-guard. One had golden hair and eyes and the other had silver. Their clothes also matched their respective colors.

“Yeah, it’s… nice to meet you,” I managed to say out loud. They were as eccentric as they were flashy. I didn’t really know what to say.

By some strange way of fate or something, we hear a large crash outside. I look out the window to only see big dust clouds blocking my vision. The silver-haired brother pointed us to the back door, “This is our opportunity! We can finally use our Halberds in a real battle!” The brothers seemed to be kind of excited that the village is getting attacked.

We exited out the back of the building, seeing three Stahl-Soldats up, two partially covered by a tarp. “Whatever-your-name-is! You can use this red one!” “Yeah, my name's Akio by the way! Just how do I even use this?”

A smug grin shone on the golden-eyed brother’s face. “You climb onto the back of it, put your hands into the control module, and boom you’re in control!” That was kind of vague but turning around I could see something that looked like a giant bug so I don’t really have much else of a choice.

I heaved the tarp off of it and positioned myself onto its back. I put my hands into a soft slot that felt like gloves. I could feel warmth from some kind of engine starting up. I shifted my weight back and pushed myself up, the Halberd was now standing on its own. I could see through the face on a screen made of some kind of crystal. These Stahl-Soldats are very advanced for how medieval this world looks.

The dust cleared and right ahead was a giant, metal, stag beetle looking machine. It definitely didn’t look like anything I’ve seen in my world, this world, or anything in real life. Maybe in a game or anime sure but nothing real.

“KID!” a boisterous voice roared, “I’m here to fight too!” Zelezo showed up with his Halberd too! The bug robot was big but I think we have a chance with 4 of us.

Árgyros rushed in with a gold blur and slashed with a naginata. The slash did little to deter it. It countered by pushing back with its mandibles, breaking the Halberd’s arm. Zelezo unsheathed some sort of staff with an orb at the end. “We should try burning it with this, Magma Masher!” A large wave of lava came pouring out onto the bug slightly melting its head. The spell evaporating by the time it hit the ground.

It’s damaged now but regular attacks aren’t doing too much to it. The brothers charge in from the back and grab its legs, lifting it from the back. Zelezo and I go in with some punches, but it barely gets a dent in it.

“You fools! You need to use more magic than that!” An older man floating in the air landed. He pointed his staff at the mechanical bug, “Defense Breaker!” A blue wave shone out of the staff and onto the bug, “There! Now attack!” Considering the name of the spell, it probably lowered its defense.

The four of us made a coordinated ramming attack from each direction, smashing into it. The mech broke down and smoke was flowing out of it.

Just who is this old guy? The man lowered himself to the ground and grumbled, “People these days just have no respect for support magic.” I got off of the Halberd and ran towards him, “Thanks for helping but who are you?” Zelezo came forward and answered “He’s Marvin, he’s a mage from the kingdom’s capital. Let me guess, you’re here to see your dear grandniece, right?” “Yes, I heard her Stahl-Soldat broke down and was worried something happened, especially since you people barely protected this village from whatever that was.”

The brothers ran up to the broken down remains of the mech. “We could probably use all this metal!” I looked back at Marvin, “Who is your grandniece?” “Ah yes, Kobalta, she’s a knight” Oh, her. I did see a bit of a blue tint in the old man’s mustache.

And speak of the devil here she is. 

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