Chapter 75:

Unlicensed Treatment

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

Over the course of thirty minutes, they were able to break down the puzzle. Though no joy came from this as they quickly realized that this was just the first part of the task. They still had to cast the spell. Which was its own headache altogether.

“So… from what we have. The pixie needs to give its divine power in exchange for the curse to be lifted.” Bryson said.

“Yes. But we need a channel and someone to aid in channelling it.” Florence said, looking down at some newly drawn notes, “I’ve figured out the channeling process, but we still need a channel.”

“I have no idea what that is supposed to even be.” The pixie said.

“If we do figure it out, will you be alright with losing your divinity?” Bryson asked.

“Honestly, divine pixies are pretty low in regards to the other divine beings hierarchy that the only real difference from a normal one is some extra divine magic. So, I’m not losing much. Besides Afa would made sure something happens to me no matter what.” The pixie said before thinking for a moment, “But still why did Hallow make it so that I could help you so easily?”

“We’ll figure that out later.”

Lila Frost entered the room with a few glasses of iced water, “Viola apparently promised to stay back unless you can’t figure it out before father returns.”

Bryson gritted his teeth as he heard. He definitely didn’t blame her for thinking like that, he had been trying his very best not to think about the other option the entire time. It almost felt like Viola knew and was giving him a way out if she did it. It only made him feel even more guilty.

“I don’t think I’ll be allowed to escape either way. So no matter what I’m staying here until this is over.” The pixie said as if noticing Bryson’s troubled look.

Bryson tried to ignore the implications of those words and asked, “Okay, what is the channel supposed to be?”

“It’s something rained down and divine within a frozen pool.” Florence said.

“There’s nothing that I know of that fits that.” The pixie said shaking her head.

Bryson thought. He has to give us a chance to break the curse, so it can’t be somewhere far away. It has to be easy for us to procure. That message for me, it says that I have to make my own choices right? So is there something I have to do? Wait…

“Wait… am I the channel?” Bryson said.

“What?” The pixie asked.

“I fell from the sky and evidently not exactly human. I have some weird powers and some sort of god made me. Also I’m a Coldwater.” Bryson said.

“From the sky as in rained down and Coldwater for frozen pool. You might be the channel.” Florence said uneasily.

“Yeah. So let’s start then. Are you ready?” Bryson said to the pixie.

The pixie shrugged, “No real choice either way.”

Seeing Florence look hesitant, he asked her,” What’s the matter?”

“This could hurt you. It’s a strange spell. I’m also not accustomed to spell manipulation.”

“I’m fine with it.”


“But you’re worried that you might mess up?” Bryson asked cutting her off.

“…Yes. I don’t know what the consequence will be if I do.” Florence said, her eyes had a look of panic in them, panic that Bryson had never seen before.

“Marsh.” Bryson said sternly, “I trust you.”

“We could always get an actual doctor or high-level mage to do this spell.” She offered.

“How many of them would want to take the risk of injuring me when they could take the pixie instead?”

“I don’t want to risk it.”

“Everyone praises your abilities; you were good enough to assist with the head doctors and you’re good enough to figure everything out about this. You can do this.”

“What if I can’t?”

“I believe you can. Just do what you do best and save my sister.” Bryson said.

Florence looked down at her gloved hands for a moment before giving a deep inhale and exhale. Her face of uncertainty turned into an emotionless mask once more, “Please be seated.”

“Pixie please ready yourself.” Florence instructed the pixie who moved her way over Sable.

Bryson gave her a nod and sat himself on a chair next to Sable’s bed.

“Are you sure about this?” Lila whispered to Bryson alarmed, “What if it goes wrong?”

“It won’t.” Bryson said calmly, “Though, do cross your fingers and keep watch.”

Lila gave Bryson a pat of assurance before stepping back and out of the room. Florence then handed Bryson a sheet of paper.

“Cast this spell.” She instructed.

Bryson read through the spell in his head as he poured magic into it. He felt his eyes glow once more. A moment later he felt as if a string was tethered between the pixie and himself.

Looking over he could almost see an invisible link being tied around them. Glancing over to Florence, he saw her starting to manipulate a red magic circle before her. As the contents within the circle began to be shifted around, Bryson felt another connection made with Sable.

Then a wave of unease hit him. His instincts told him danger, told him to run. As he was about to get up from his seat, he realized that this was unfounded fear. It was something to do with the curse, some sort of defence mechanism. As long as Florence was successful, he would be fine. He had to believe.

Primrose had taught him similar things in the past. Magic that causes irrational fear. Bryson took a deep breath and remained calm. He could see Florence working in the corner of his eye.

The magic circle looked to have multiplied and now there were three circles that floated before her. Bryson noticed some of the symbols reminded him of what was on Viola and Gareth’s old chemistry book. Bryson sure was glad he didn’t have to deal with that.

Looking over to the pixie he saw that she remained expressionless. Sable however, was different story. She began to twist and turn, eyes still closed and unconscious. A few seconds later her body began to rise from the bed, blanket dropping to the side.

As Bryson watched Sable float up, he looked back to Florence, who had her own issues. She was fiddling with the magic circles at a frantic pace. Two of the magic circles began to lose their form. The pixie’s wings somehow increased in speed. Bryson’s instincts screamed at him to run, but he held firm. Pieces of the circle began to separate and dissolve into the air, contents within the circles drifted away.

Florence quickly rotated the two circles around a bit, moving parts in and out of the circles. Then, in one smooth motion, she smashed the two circles into one another. This desperate act seemed to have worked as the two circles now merged together. New patterns appearing as it knitted itself together. The pixie who remained silent with her eyes closed breathed out a sigh of relief.

Florence’s eyes darted around as her head remained in one spot. That familiar wild look was in her eye. After about a minute of her trying to maintain the control, she stopped. Her arms out, palms exposed in front of the two circles that slowly spun in place. She stared straight past the two circles, red eyes smouldering.

She then snapped her head over to the circle on her right, closing her hand the red magic circle turned white before disappearing with a small hum. She repeated the same motion with her left hand, that circle followed suite with the first one.

Immediately upon the second circle disappearing, Bryson felt the unease and fear in him vanish. Sable gently floated back onto the bed. The pixie looked physically drained and as her wings flapped slower and slower until they stopped and she plummeted down back on the bed.

Bryson quickly got up from his seat and caught her in his hands.

“Thanks, I can’t move anymore.” She said relieved.

“Is it done?” Bryson asked looking over to Florence who moved over to check Sable’s breathing.

After a minute of checking her pulse, complexion, and eye movement Florence looked up and nodded.

Bryson breathed out a huge sigh of relief. The feeling was short-lived as noise outside the door caught their attention.

“Duke Coldwater! You’re back!” Lila called out loudly.

“Move.” A deep voice boomed back. It was Bryson’s father, Duke Alexander Coldwater.

Bryson frantically looked around for an exit. As he thought about using the window to escape the door slammed open and out barged in his father with his mother, Phillip, the priest, and following behind them, several of the medical team. Lila poked her head through the door eyes apologetic.

“What happened?” His voice low and dangerous.

“Uhh… Sable’s good now.” Bryson said robotically, standing stock still before his father.

Duke Coldwater narrowed his eyes at Bryson who did his best not to cringe away. Slowly he drifted his gaze towards Sable.

“Check her.” He commanded, and from behind him scurried the priest that had diagnosed Sable this afternoon.

The priest moved past Florence and chanted some type of spell. After completing the chant, he took a moment to process the result. Eyes closed he furrowed in confusion.

“The curse has been lifted. By Afa how?” He said not quite believing it.

Duke Coldwater gaze then returned back to Bryson.

“Bryson dear, please explain.” Duchess Coldwater said sweetly. But even then, Bryson could hear the accusatory tone in her voice.

Bryson internally took a moment to try and think of a good excuse until his mother spoke again. He really wanted to tell them the truth, that it was all because of some rampant gods, drunk on power. But he knew he couldn’t, that would draw the ire of them too much. Who knows what would happen, or even if they would believe it. More than that, he was afraid how they would see him, Afa sent him to them after all.

“We would like to know what that pixie is doing there.”

Bryson looked down and saw that in his hands was still the pixie who did her best to mimic a statue.

“Oh.” Bryson said, “Well, you see.” Bryson paused.

“Yes.” Duchess Coldwater asked pointedly.

“Marsh managed to figure out a way to dispel the curse.” Bryson said moving the pixie into just one hand as he pointed towards Florence. Who blinked at him in disbelief.

Duke Coldwater looked over toward Florence, wordlessly asking her a question with a stare. Florence stared back, unsure what to say.

“Marsh used the information gathered by the doctors and the priest and was able to figure out a possible solution.” Bryson said as his mind quickly worked for an answer.

“Why didn’t she inform anyone else?” His mother asked.

“She asked me, and I was told that neither of you was available. So I had her test out her theory with Miss Primrose. They worked on the spell together.” As Bryson said this, Viola and Primrose also gathered in the room. In Bryson’s peripheral Bryson saw the pixie move her hands and Primrose seemed momentarily distracted with something.

“You managed to figure out a cure.” Duchess Coldwater said sounding impressed. Florence nodded her head in response and Duchess Coldwater continued her praise, “Incredible. You saved my daughter, thank Afa for the miracle. I thank you on behalf of all of my family. You will be awarded well.” She said as she approached Florence and clasped her hands.

“It was nothing Duchess.” Florence answered monotone.

“Where did you get the pixie?” Duke Coldwater asked.

“That was my doing Duke Coldwater.” Primrose said politely stepping forward.

“I managed to figure out a way to bring out the pixie. I lured her over and she agreed to work with us to help Sable.” Primrose said bowing her head.

“Why was I never informed?” Duke Coldwater asked, voiced dangerously low. As panic entered Primrose’s eyes, Bryson did one of the dumbest things in his entire life.

“Because I asked her not to. I wanted to test the theory out first.” Bryson blurted out.

The room went into an eerie silence. Once more Duke Coldwater’s cold gaze fell upon Bryson. The pixie looked up nervously towards him as she noticed the hand she sat on began to shake.

“I recommended it.” Viola blurted out suddenly. Suddenly all eyes fell onto her.

“I noticed the duress the pixie was in, so I decided that it would be better if we were more discrete, to gain its trust. It gave up its divine power to save Sable.” She said.

Duke Coldwater wordlessly glared at Viola, then at everyone else in the room before settling on his wife. She simply gave a small nod to him and he turned back to one of the doctors.

“Check my daughter. Everyone else leave. We’ll deal with this tomorrow. Bryson, Viola. Good work on thinking for yourselves. We’ll talk.” He said as he marched out, Duchess Coldwater flashed them all a beautiful smile before following him out.

“Uh, I apologize, but would everyone please exit, Lady Sable needs her space.” The doctor said to them.

As Bryson exited out with the pixie still in his hand. Still not completely sure what just happened.