Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Yuri next door

Kirin was in that state between waking up and still sleeping. She tried to remain in dreamland; there was a comfortable warmth embracing her she didn’t want to part with.Bookmark here

It wasn’t only that. Her head was resting on the best pillow she ever had. So fluffy, she thought, getting closer to waking up. No, I don’t wanna wake up…Bookmark here

Kirin held on to the pillow. Then she realized instead of fluffy, it was bouncing. Boing?Bookmark here

The curiosity was too much so, she slowly opened her eyes… and found herself facing an ample and bare bosom. She blinked in confusion a couple of times. Then she flashed a dreamy smile and laid on them again. I must still be dreaming, she thought, getting as comfortable as she could.Bookmark here

“Ara ara,” said a sleepy voice.Bookmark here

Kirin opened her eyes again, now completely awake, and raised her head slowly. The bosom she was using as a pillow belonged to a gorgeous blond woman who was embracing her.Bookmark here

“Good morning, Knight-san,” she said in the same sleepy voice, a matching smile on her lips.Bookmark here

Kirin opened and closed her mouth several times, trying hard to say something. However, even though her mind was awakened, it wasn’t working properly.Bookmark here

Did I sleep with a strange woman? No, I’ve never done that… Besides, neither of us is naked… I think. At least I’m not.Bookmark here

But how did we end up like this?Bookmark here

“Ara? Did my Knight-san forget about her princess?”Bookmark here

Those words stir something in Kirin’s panicking mind. “Ah! The drunken woman from yesterday!”Bookmark here

“Yes.” She smiled but then pouted. “But I’m not the drunk woman. I have a cute name, and it’s Mari.”Bookmark here

“Right,” Kirin said distractedly. She was trying to remember what happened after she brought the woman to the apartment complex, wondering how they ended up in the same bed.Bookmark here

I left her at her front door, but then she realized she had forgotten her keys. I felt pity and invited her to my apartment, she remembered. I’m so weak to crying girls… But at least I know we didn’t sleep together.Bookmark here

Part of her was glad nothing had happened. She wasn’t the type of woman who would simply sleep with a stranger. However, there was a small part of her, the part that was still feeling the ample bosom, that regretted.Bookmark here

“Eh… good morning,” Kirin said. “C-could you please let me go? I need to get ready for work.”Bookmark here

It took a while, but Mari finally realized her arms were wrapped around the teacher. She flashed another dreamy smile. “Ara. Sorry for this. When my daughter has a bad dream, I sleep with her like this.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Kirin barely heard. As Mari spoke, the chest went up and down, and she was distracted by it. They’re so big… and beautiful…Bookmark here

Mari seemed to have noticed because she flashed a smile similar to a kid who found something to tease. Instead of releasing, she brought Kirin closer, pressing the teacher against her breasts.Bookmark here

“W-w-what are you doing?” Kirin became an alarming shade of red. She wanted to free herself, but at the same time, she didn’t want to. Those breasts were too comfortable.Bookmark here

“You seem to enjoy them so much I couldn’t help it,” Mari said in a mischievous voice.Bookmark here

“I, I, I!” She was too flustered to form a coherent sentence. “I need to get ready for work!” she managed to shout despite the bliss and embarrassment.Bookmark here

“Ara, no fun,” Mari pouted. Despite that, she let go of Kirin.Bookmark here

Still flustered, Kirin got out of bed as fast as she could. Though she tried to focus enough to figure out what to do next, she was distracted by Mari, who was stretching and yawning, the sheet sliding off her, exposing her bare bosom again.Bookmark here

To the teacher’s luck, her stomach growled, and she went to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out a premade meal, but before she could turn on the microwave, Mari appeared behind her.Bookmark here

“That’s not your breakfast, is it?”Bookmark here

“Y-yeah… W-why?” Kirin stopped out of reflex.Bookmark here

“You can’t eat that. You need a healthy meal to start the day!” Mari sounded like a mother lecturing her kid after catching them eating snacks before dinner.Bookmark here

Kirin once again, barely heard. She was having trouble looking Mari in the eyes. Those breasts seemed to be calling her. “I… I normally cook, but today I have to go early to school… It’s the festival today.”Bookmark here

Mari beamed. “A school festival? It’s been ages since I went to one! They were so fun!”Bookmark here

“Y-you’re invited to come… It’s open to the public,” Kirin said, though she had no idea why.Bookmark here

“Really? Yay! Since today is an important day, let me make something for you.”Bookmark here

“Y-you don’t have to…”Bookmark here

“I know, but it’s my way to say thanks to my Knight-san for helping me yesterday and for inviting me.”Bookmark here

Kirin blushed, but before she could say anything else, Mari picked up the apron and put it. The sight of the woman wearing nothing but red underwear and the apron, rendered her speechless.Bookmark here

“T-thanks,” she said after she recovered, blushing even more, when Mari smiled at her, her heart thumping faster.Bookmark here

“You’re welcome.”
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