Chapter 1:



It can’t be…

Did he just…


No… It can’t be

Why? Why? Why?



2062, we live in a dome city where every person, society is set, watched, by one thing. An Intelligent system. The sunny day and the dark bright sky. This is Neo-Nippon today. Where people can have what they want. People can live safely and peacefully. No more war, violence, or crime. The system controls and manages everything. Not even a single person can escape from the system.


Tuesday, It’s cloudy today. I just woke up in the morning as usual. Checking up my phone if there are any messages. The system controls the weather. Even this city and all the people in it are already set by the system. After all, this is Tokyo-310.

Tokyo-310 is one of the most advanced cyber cities in the world. It is famous for the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that manages and protects every person in the city. Even some countries are jealous because of how advanced our AI is. It’s made by several famous and smartest scientists in Japan. One of the scientists is My high school teacher. Even now I am still amazed by him because of the AI he made. The AI itself is Hyper Artificial Neuron System, or abbreviated as H.A.N.S. It is an AI that is made by the workings of the human nervous system. So, this AI works accordingly and as fast as the nervous system, even better. It controls everything like the weather, communication and even the society itself.

I Just graduated from high school yesterday. But yesterday I forgot to say goodbye to Izumi Sensei, because yesterday he still had work in his lab. so, he didn’t come to the graduation yesterday. He is my close acquaintance in high school. So, this morning I went to high school to meet him and say goodbye. By the way he is the one who I mentioned before, the one of the scientists who made H.A.N.S, so I also want to talk and ask a few questions about H.A.N.S with him for a while.

After I woke up, I had breakfast. “Good morning Hirata, I made you breakfast,” “Thanks dad.” “Well, it’s 9 am, I better get going or I’ll be late.” “Okay dad.” My dad just left. I live with my dad in this small apartment. It’s been 5 years since I lived with my dad. My mom died 5 years ago because of an accident. My dad is an office worker, he’s 45 years old. He works at a telecommunications company. Even though the telecommunications in this city are run by AI, it still needs people to manage and connect between people outside Tokyo-310, especially between Neo-prefecture in Neo-Nippon.

After having breakfast, I’m getting ready to go. My high school is near my apartment, so it's just a 5-minute walk from my apartment. My high school is Neoto Gakuen which is a famous high school in Tokyo-310. It is also famous because Yuuji Izumi Sensei, one of the scientists who made H.A.N.S teach there.





Every student, teachers, parents, even graduates like me who enrolled in this high school is listed in this high school's database. Every School in Tokyo-310 has its own database which is run by H.A.N.S. It Also prevents any suspicious people from getting in. This school has 3 floors. Izumi Sensei is in the teacher room on the 2nd floor.

“Good afternoon, Izumi Sensei.”

“Ah… Hirata-kun.” “Sorry I didn’t come to your graduation yesterday.”

“That’s okay sensei I know you're busy in your lab.”

“Congratulations on your graduation Hirata, oh and happy birthday.”

“Ah… Thank you sensei. I even forgot that today is my birthday.”

I even forgot that today is my birthday. Well, it’s not the first time I forgot, and it seems my dad also forgot. I don’t mind it at all because dad has forgotten a lot of things before. He even forgot the start time of his working hours. I bet he forgot his lunch because I saw it on the table this morning.

“What is this sensei?”

He gives me a small device and It looks like a watch

“It’s a device that will help you find something.”

“What?” “Something? Am I losing something sensei?”

“Well, you’ll figure it out later.”

“Is this another riddle sensei?”

“Don’t ask me… ha ha ha!”

“Yeah, funny sensei. ha ha ha…” It’s not funny at all.

I appreciate sensei’s present, but I don’t get it. He made this for me but, It doesn’t even turn on. Is this another riddle or joke from Sensei? He used to prank me with every gift that I got from him. Well, I hope it’s not broken.

“It’s not broken, trust me.”

“It will turn on when you need it”

“Uhm… Well, if you say so.”

I put the given watch into my pocket.

“Ah yes Hirata-kun, you said you want to talk to me”

“Oh… yes sensei I’m still curious about that H.A.N.S that you’ve created.”

“Well not only me who created that. There also my friends who created that”

“But if you want to know something about it, I’ll tell you a little bit ha ha ha.”

Izumi Sensei told me a lot about H.A.N.S. Izumi Sensei is a famous scientist in Tokyo-310. He is a professor and he created H.A.N.S. But he decided to be a teacher because he thinks that he needs to know more about people, especially young people like us who are still studying. I think he’s quite tall for a teacher. He always uses his glasses everywhere he goes, and I think he’s around 30 years old. Izumi sensei has taught us a lot about AI when he teaches at school. I think he is quite close to me compared to other students. Maybe it’s because he knows my mom. Izumi sensei first met my mom 5 years ago. They're not close but familiar, that's what I remember.

“So, is that enough Hirata?”

“Yes, thank you for telling me sensei, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem at all.”

“Oh… if you want my help for applying to the Neoto University you can call me. It is the best university in Tokyo-310.”

“Ok, I’ll contact you if I need.”

“After this, where do you want to go?”

“I think I’ll just go back to my apartment for today.”

“Oh no, I’m late.” “I have to order groceries for dinner tonight.”

“Gotta go sensei!”

“Oh… okay then, be careful on the way”

“Yes, and Thank you very much, sensei.”

“Your welcome.”


“Huh… I hope I didn’t tell him too much, ha ha ha!”

“Soon this all ends Hirose Hirata, for both of us.”


I just got home from school at 2 pm. Sensei really talks a lot. After I get back to the apartment, I order groceries from my phone. Just a few minutes later it came. A delivery droid just delivered my order. I then cook dinner. You just put and mix your ingredients and then let the cooker do its thing. After it’s done, I'm just waiting for dad to come home to eat together.

The time shows 5 o’clock and dad should return from work now, so he’s going to be here at 5.30.

It’s 5.30 and he’s not home yet. Well, I think he may be late or there’s a problem with his job. Sometimes he comes home at 6 so maybe I just need to wait a little longer.

6 pm. I was reading some articles on my phone, and dad still hasn’t come home yet. It’s strange he never comes home this late. Does he have overtime work? Maybe I should call him.

“The number you are calling cannot be reached at the moment please try again later.”

“Why dad isn't answering?”

After I called him 3 times he still didn't answer. Then I tried calling the telecommunications office where my dad works.



I then press 5.

“Hello good evening, how can I help you?”

A woman answered.

“Yes, Hello I’m uh… I want to ask something.”

“Is my dad still at the office?”

“Ahh, it’s you Hirata-kun.”

Every number we call, our name always appears on their phone. It’s one of the systems that was created by H.A.N.S. But, the service lady already recognized me before. It's because I used to call if dad came back late from work. But this time dad is very late. Ever since my mom died, I have always worried about him. Because he is the only family I have. I still cannot forget what happened to my mom. It was a disaster. Because of that I always look after my dad and take care of him. I don’t want to lose him too.

“He’s still here, he still has some work to do.”

“Okay then, thank you for the information.”

“You're welcome.”

Well, I guess dad will work overtime today. He rarely ever tells me about overtime work. Sometimes he works overtime if there are unpredictable tasks or other technical difficulties that he must do. So he must’ve stayed at the office for the rest of the night and he will be back tomorrow. I guess I’ll be alone tonight.



The next day, It’s a bit cloudy and dark. I woke up and did my activities as usual, making my own food, checking the software update on every AI home appliance and gadgets such as my TV, the fridge, stove, oven, etc. I also check software updates on my AI portable computer. I checked all of them because I haven’t done it for a while. Then, cleaning up my apartment. After that I spend the rest of my time watching TV. Usually I used to hangout with my best friend but he's not here now.

It’s a heavy rain and It is 5 pm already. Dad should be done with his work for today. I feel so bored after watching movies on my TV. After all, there's not much going on today.

Half a minute passed and dad hadn't come back yet. If he had overtime work the day before, he should be back earlier. I wonder, does he have other overtime work to do? Because this has never happened before. I then tried to call dad’s office. but it says “Busy”. Something doesn’t feel right, this never happened before. I have to pick him myself. I hope he is still at the office. I get my clothes and Izumi sensei’s watch that he has given to me, just in case.


I grabbed my car, started the engine, and rushed to my dad’s office building. In the car I tracked my dad’s location. But I see that dad's location is still in the telecommunications office. Dad’s office is about 10 km from my apartment which is located in Shibuya. I must hurry, I have a bad feeling about this. I hope he’s alright.

Every day dad goes to work by train, so he never uses a car. He never likes to use a personal vehicle to go to work, he says that it’s too fancy and a waste of time. So, he just lets it sit in the apartment and lets me use it and take care of it. After exiting the highway, I then arrive at Shibuya and go straight to the office. After that I park and get out of the car and look for my dad. I then asked the security and he said that he saw my father talking with a man in that alley across the street after getting out of the office. He’s been talking with that man for 30 minutes.

I ran to see my dad. I wonder who is the man he is talking to? Why has it taken him so long?


That's dad! I've got to hurry! Then, at the alley then I see…


What??? What just happened?


I saw dad and he was stabbed by someone in the chest and he is bleeding.


“Dad! Are you alright?”

“I forgot to give you a happy birthday.”

“It doesn’t matter dad, you hurt.” “Stay with me!”

“Ugh…” “There’s no time.” “I want you to… find it…trust in yourself…”

“Wait dad!” “I don’t understand?”

“I…. love…you… Hirata… you are… ahh…”

“Wait, open your eyes, dad! DAD!! DAD!! OPEN YOUR EYES DAD!!” No… don’t leave me dad…!”

My dad just closed his eyes for the last time. “Why? Why? Why?” “Don’t do this to me dad, c’mon.” “Come back! you are my only,,,” I cried…

Why? How could I miss this! Why didn't the system work or alert me before? Who even did this to him!

“How unfortunate that you came here Hirata-kun”

Who is that? Suddenly there’s a voice behind me… Wait, this voice is familiar!

“You should’ve waited for your dad, and be a good son.”

“I know that voice! but, is it…?” I look up behind and…


It can’t be…

Did he just…

No… It can’t be true

“I…Izumi sensei…?”

Why? Why? Why?


I saw Izumi sensei holding a necro knife in his right hand.

“No… I can’t believe this…”

“WHY!? Please don’t say you did this sensei.”

“No… why?” “You… my dad…”

“You’re too late Hirata-kun.” It is your fate. I soon realize that you’re no longer useful for my plans. It was fun talking to you this whole time. But truly, I’m really sorry. I’m sorry to act good, kind, care for you, and become friends with you.In fact, you are a useful pawn for my plan.Well, it is painful but, yes… this is the REAL me. No more playing, no more hiding, no more fake! between us.”

“W… what? i… is it really you sen-sei?”

"Really? You think this is a joke? you really didn't see what I’ve just done to your dad?"

"Just look into my face!" He grabbed my face.

Yes, It is sensei.... but why... why... WHY???

“I’m sick of hiding and pretending all this time. I’m tired of playing “sensei” this whole time. It’s just a waste of my time to be honest. But after all, it is all part of my plan.”

“Oh… by the way I have to take back what I have given to you.”

“He grabbed my pocket.”

“I'll take this again.”

No... he just gave me that. Why?

“It's just a token of gratitude from me.”

He pushed me over.

“Farewell, Hirata-kun...”

“Kill and burn him.”


“What?” I look behind.

Is there someone? Where? A hunter droid? No it’s an android?”


“Ahh… my arm!!!”

My right arm got shot, it really hurts.

“Urgghh… I can’t feel my arm!”


Why did she even try to kill me? Android is not supposed to kill!

“No… No…” “I… I have to run.”


She shoots me again, but I manage to avoid it. I then ran back to my car.

“Huh… Huh… Huh…”

“I will kill you and I won’t forgive you SENSEI!! YOU…! YOU…! AARRGGHH!!”


“C’mon I can…. reach… it….” I tried to reach the driver’s seat.

I then start the engine and…