Chapter 0:

Wait? Did we just get kidnapped?

Escape Witch

Tokyo, March 12th, 2023:

 “Give me the hardest escape room you’ve got!” a cute girl grumbled. She was about 158 cm tall and had dark gold eyes, large breasts, and long magenta hair styled in twin tails. She wore an unbuttoned grey cardigan, a white dress shirt, a crimson skirt, thigh-high white socks, and pink sneakers. Her appearance and attire would suggest she was a high schooler; however, she was a 19-year-old detective with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police named Yuni Futagawa.

“I apologize ma’am, but our rooms are not suited for solo challengers,” the female attendant stated. 

“You can pair me up with whoever. I really don’t care. I just want to beat your so called "unbeatable" challenge so my boss will shut up about it,” Yuni grumbled.

 Her attitude was in a worse state than normal due to the death of her mentor and partner 3 weeks prior. It all began with the murder of the now former head of the second richest family in the world, Gozaemon Ginkawa. Yuni and her partner Reika, had determined a shadowy organization called Illumous was behind it, however, they underestimated how dangerous and powerful it truly was. Reika ended up captured and a task force was formed to rescue her. Yuni crafted the rescue plan; however, it was a complete failure, and she arrived too late to save Reika's life. This left Yuni depressed, as she blamed herself for not being able to save Reika, but it also strengthened her resolve to bring down Illumous. 

Her chief, Mutsumi Nakajima, had ordered her to take a few weeks off before returning to work, and floated the idea of escape rooms to prevent Yuni from losing her mental edge. The escape room she was at right now was advertised as "unbeatable" and Nakajima had been highly insistent on her attempting it before returning to work. However, due to her being by herself it appeared as though she would not even be allowed to attempt it. 

As Yuni began to glare, the attendant looked around for another person to join her.

“Ah you! With the silver hair would you like to attempt our most difficult challenge with this fine young lady?” the attendent asked.

The girl happily walked over. She wore a purple t-shirt, jean-shorts, and white sneakers.  She was slightly taller than Yuni, and had dark pink eyes, massive breasts, and medium length silver hair.

“Sure, I’ll do it. I’m the great and beautiful Gindini-chan Escape Witch extraordinaire. I’ll happily help you escape my little kohai," the girl smiled.

Yuni twitched in anger as she glared at Gindini-chan’s breasts. 

“Kohai!? How old are you anyway!?" Yuni glared

“I’m 18 and fresh out of high school. You can call me Senpai or big sis,” Gindini-chan proudly huffed.

“You’re younger than me dammit! How the hell do you have those massive watermelons!?”

“Wait! You’re older than me!? Wah! I’m sorry! I thought you were just a freshman highschooler.”

The two girls continued to banter until the attendant decided to step in.

“Now you’ll need to sign a waiver, since this challenge can be a bit overwhelming and intense.” 

The two girls signed the waivers and handed them back. Yuni’s signature was practically illegible, while Gindini-chan’s was surprisingly neat and easy to read. The attendant chuckled as she looked at Gindini-chan’s signature, and by extension her real name. She then placed the waivers in a drawer behind the desk and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

“Handcuffs! *Psh* That’s nothing for a skilled magician like me!” Gindini-chan boasted as she pulled out her phone. 

The attendant  immediately pulled out a plastic bin.

“We don’t allow any kind of filming or phones, so please deposit them in the bin before proceeding," she glared as she pointed to a "no cameras allowed" sign.

“Ehhh? But how am I supposed to get content!?” Gindini-chan whined.

After depositing their phones, the girls were handcuffed behind their backs.

“Wow! It’s like we’re being arrested!” Gindini-chan quipped.

“Keep pissing me off and I will arrest you,” Yuni thought. 

The attendant then gagged Gindini-chan with a piece of cloth.


“Hah! That’s what you get for spouting off non-Mmph!”

 Yuni was gagged before she could finish as Gindini-chan smirked at her. Sacks were then placed over the girls’ heads and the attendant began walking them to the escape room. They walked and walked and walked.

“Don’t worry, this is all part of the experience,” the attendant reassured them.

“How long are we gonna walk for!? I’ve heard us go through at least 5 doorways, and we went down at least one long flight of stairs. Is the building even that big?” Yuni began thinking to herself as she continued to walk.

 Eventually the girls were ordered to sit in chairs. Their ankles were handcuffed, and they were bound to the chairs with rope. The sacks were then removed from their heads allowing them to view their surroundings. They were in a small room with grey walls and flooring. There were no furnishings besides the chairs, no windows, and a single door. The attendant then pulled out her smartphone and took a picture of the two girls before making a call.

“Yes, it’s me. I’ve got her! She looks the same as in the photos and her signature confirms it. That’s right! As you can see in the photo, Madoka Ginkawa is completely unharmed. Yes, I wish to receive the 1 trillion-euro reward. When will you be here? 1 hour? Perfect, those two won’t be going anywhere. I’ll greet you at the front desk and guide you to Ginkawa from there,” the attendant stated as she exited the room and locked the door.

“Madoka Ginkawa!? That’s the granddaughter of Gozaemon Ginkawa! Don’t tell me she’s…” 

Yuni pondered as she turned to face Gindini-chan. Gindini-chan looked pale as a sheet and was beginning to sob. Yuni connected the dots.

“Wait, have we actually been kidnapped!? Dammit! How could I be so stupid!”

Yuni struggled and attempted to scream, but the gag muffled her cries, and the rope and handcuffs prevented her from moving an inch.

“Shit! I must get us out of this! Ginkawa or not, I can’t let this girl be taken by whoever those creeps were. I won’t allow anyone else to suffer or die! But how will we get out of here? I can’t move an inch, nor can I even finesse this gag off. I have lock picking tools in my badge holder, but that’s in my cardigan’s top left pocket. If I could reach it I could probably free us from the handcuffs, but I can’t. Dammit!”

“Mmph mm mmph! (Hahaha!)”

Yuni turned to face Gindini-chan. She was no longer crying and had a smug look in her eyes. Suddenly, the handcuffs binding her wrists unlocked and fell to the ground. Gindini-chan then slid out of the rope and freed her legs in an instant before pulling off her gag and standing in a cute pose.

“Well? Are you impressed? I told you handcuffs were nothing to me!” she smiriked.

“MMMPH!? (EHHH!?)”

59 minutes remained until the kidnappers would return.

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