Chapter 11:

The World of Library and That Woman

Writing a Guidebook with You

What made that man turn into a purple half-octopus? Can another person become like that?

How do I acquire new magic skills or raise my skill level?

How to make someone fall for us?

When there is a difficult question, the answer might be only in the World of Library. But one needs to know the password to enter it.

When the sun rose on the Norma Ocean, people could see it through the tunnel under the huge rock arc. Therefore, people called the tunnel the Eye of Norma. But other than that, that place wasn’t considered important.

Kousuke had gone to his cabin and disrupted Arabella’s sleep. He also disrupted everybody’s sleep. Therefore, now everyone stood on the main deck as the ship was approaching the Eye of Norma. And they yawned at the same time.

“This place, weird. Me, always try to move to the left, but the ship always goes to that tunnel for some reason,” Scolastica commented, “ay.”

“That’s because there is something invisible on the left side. Just wait and see, Scolas Captain,” Kousuke said. He also muttered, “System. Assign 5 skill points to [Time Dilation].” Just in case she is there.

The ship became darker and darker as it entered the tunnel. When it was halfway to the other side, Kousuke raised his hand and said, “Stop here, Scolas Captain.”

Scolastica tilted her head and stopped the ship. “Why? There is nothing here.”

“Can we get closer to the rock wall?” Kousuke asked her.

Thus, she swung her hip, and the ship somehow became right beside the wall.

This ship always makes no sense!

Kousuke touched the wall and said, “Who cares about books? I just want to hit on a sexy librarian and listen to her review and spoiler about the book.”

The wall moved backward as if it became a sponge, and something slowly pushed it. Then a pit formed in front of it, so the water fell. And the ship was rotated toward the pit and began to descend.

“Hold onto something!” Kousuke shouted and grabbed the bulwark, the fencelike structure around the deck.

Thus, Mochita grabbed Adelina’s leg, and Adelina grabbed Scolastica’s waist. Scolastica then grabbed Zaracas’ body, and Zaracas grabbed the mainmast. He just woke up, so he lacked qi to hold his position with martial art. And because they panicked, they screamed together, “Aaaaaaaa!”

These dumbasses...

Arabella used [Stance Buff] magic skill, slid smoothly to the bulwark, and arrived beside Kousuke. “You should have warned us, my dumb fiance.”

She is ANGY!

Strangely, when the ship arrived at the lowest part of the waterfall, the ship tilted and landed smoothly. “Ay! Me, thought we were gonna die!”

Then the ship moved by itself through a tunnel in front of the waterfall. And soon after, the sunlight greeted them when they arrived at a very wide enclosed area surrounded by rocks. It was, like, right under a crater, but in the center of it, there was a town.

“Whoa...” Adelina walked to the bulwark and put her hand on her forehead horizontally to block the sunlight. She then gazed at a very tall tower in the middle of the town.

A tremendous amount of cubic, yellow rocks served as the land of the town. Those rocks were buried by soils and houses, and although those cubic rocks floated on the water, they didn’t sway at all. That, was miraculous.

Moreover, the building materials of the houses were stones, but they shone like gold or looked like sand.

“Unbelievable...” Arabella said. She also noticed that people stood on similar cubic rocks and those cubic rocks levitated people like a flying car.

“Ay! Those cubes look fun!” Scolastica pointed at people with no respect and commented.

But those people were busy reading books while they flew. And as their greeting, they made squares with their both index fingers and thumbs in front of their chests. Bookworms everywhere!

“I wonder if there are some manuals of strong martial arts,” Zaracas’ eyes were full of excitement, and he grinned as usual.

As their ship approached the shore, Kousuke walked to Arabella and tried to ease her worries. “Don’t worry, my lady. Those bookworms aren’t interested in tourism or monsters like adventurers. No one writes a guidebook but you.”

Arabella glanced at Kousuke, smiled, and said, “You care about me for once, my fiance.”

When didn’t I care about you??

“So, this is why my lady needs an adventuring license. Exploration?” a familiar voice greeted them. Felis Laurier, the chief of that adventurer guild, raised her chin and looked at Arabella from the shore.

Felis held her sheathed sword’s grip with her right hand and put her left hand on her waist. She still had that sharp-tongued demeanor.

Arabella thought of something and replied, “Ah, we meet again, Lady Felis.”

Felis bowed and raised her chin again. “So, what is a sniper? Trash?” She glanced at Kousuke sharply for a second.

“Hmm. It seems that a sniper is a bowman who can only shoot a metal ball once per hour. But the shot is dreadful, explosive, and very powerful. He killed a huge half-octopus monster with one shot,” Arabella said and put her index finger on her cheek.

“However, a sniper can’t fight like a knight or a mage. A sniper needs a cover, which is kinda trashy.”


Felis glanced down. She was thinking. “Hmm, one shot, one kill, huh? But can’t be solo. Okay, I understand.”

When Felis realized Mochita was stretching his front leg, she said, “But I apologize, my lady. This is a private library. You aren’t our member, so you can’t be here or share about this place. Who told you about this place, anyway?”

Kousuke moved his hand up and down and made a stupid grinning face.

“And who told you?” Felis asked.

Kousuke just smiled and moved his hand right and left around his mouth. He knew he was gonna be humiliated if he said anything to Felis, so he only used gestures and shut his mouth.

“As a knight from the Order of Abbado, I have to silence anyone who leaks about this place. Or anyone who covers their informant. Because this place is supposed to be private. So, Durant Deroulade, do you want to die?” Felis said as she unsheathed her sword.

“D-don’t worry, Lady Felis, we can’t meet him anyway,” Kousuke said suspiciously. Because even if I tell her, we can’t go to Japan!

There was a ruby stone attached around Felis’ sword rain guard near the hilt. That stone glistened as Felis chanted her magic skills. “[Charge]. [Weapon Buff], [Speed Booster], [Anti Gravity], [Nailing Thrust].”

Wait, wait, wait!

“If you are immune to almost everything but can be pushed down. Then what if I deform your tongue, so you can’t speak?” Felis held her sword with both hands and put the sword beside her right ear.

“Lady Felis, can we talk about this?” Arabella interrupted.

“I have to set an example, my lady,” Felis replied. “Fears do chain people.”

Kousuke raised his little finger and shook it to convince Felis. But Felis didn’t get it. This love-deprived wench is too inflexible!

Felis bent her knees and exhaled with her mouth. “Abbado’s Blessing,” as she said that, her ruby became brighter, and she vanished!

Ah. I knew it. Let’s give her a lesson. “[Time Dilation], [Stance Buff],” Kousuke said and raised his index and middle finger. Zaracas told me that he couldn’t understand some forms of Fingering Techniques after he transferred his qi to me at that time.

Now, let me repay what you did to me, my dear master.

“Ha-ah?!” Felis gasped and appeared out of nowhere right in front of Kousuke! But Kousuke had halted her sword with his index and middle finger like a chad.

“The Weeb Sect Fingering Technique. Third Form:” Kousuke said and tapped Felis’ shoulder with his hand. Then he grinned and said, “Deep Throw.”

“Kuagh!!!” Felis kneeled down and released her sword. Her pupils were dilated so wide, she was shocked, and she felt pain in her knees. Her hands were trembling.

And she also felt something itchy in her throat, so she raised her hands and tried to scrape her neck. But it was too late. She fainted with her mouth open, and her saliva was leaking everywhere from her mouth...

“Did you kill her?!” Arabella exclaimed.

“Nah. I just made her faint, my lady. It’s a martial art technique not to kill but to dominate,” Kousuke replied.

“HA HA HA! So that’s how you use it!” Zaracas grinned and tapped Kousuke’s shoulder. “Thanks, young man. Now I almost master everything!”

“Master, can you hold her in a cabin and convince her that we won’t ever spill the way to enter this place?”

“Sure. With the Fourth Form: Fan Nile, she will be submissive! HA HA HA!”