Chapter 52:

Tannit vs Sekhmet

Elyon - Gods among us

The weather around Mars returned to normal, the temperature began to drop again, and the tremors ceased. Tania stood tall, emanating a calm red aura that radiated from her body, while Ana looked at her, still kneeling on the ground, with a surprised expression.

—I never thought a girl like you could hurt me— Sekhmet said as she walked towards the two goddesses, displaying her fiery claw.

The goddess had eyes blazing like flames, although they could only be seen behind the eerie lion mask she wore.

—Wait, Sekhmet! Morrigan is mine!— Ishtar shouted from atop one of the ruined buildings. The goddess was accompanied by her assistant, Ninshubur.

—I just want to kill this bitch who hurt me— Sekhmet said with a hoarse and rage-filled voice.

Tania stared directly into Sekhmet's eyes, while Ana stood up and summoned her sword, Dyrnwyn.

—Can you handle her on your own?— Ana asked Tania.

—I hope so. That's the Egyptian goddess I've told you about— Tania nervously replied.

—That!? That lunatic was the one who inspired you to become the lioness goddess you are now!?— Ana asked, bewildered.

Tania stared intently at Sekhmet without answering her friend by her side, just as she displayed her fiery claw.

—If you have time to chat, Morrigan, I suggest you invest it better by fighting me. Or do you want me to come down and face both of you?— Ishtar shouted.

—Tania, I can only wish you good luck. I apologize for not being able to do anything to prevent this confrontation— Ana said to Tania, and leaped towards Ishtar. In mid-air, she raised her sword and struck the handle of Ishtar's scythe sword. The earth trembled for a moment.

—You've done enough for me, Ana, and I'll repay you someday— Tania thought with a smile.

Sekhmet made a swift motion with her fiery claw towards the ground, and four lines of fire appeared in front of her, resembling laser beams. They quickly moved towards Ana, who, as they approached, deflected them with her own fiery claw. The shots flew outward, exploding loudly upon colliding with various obstacles.

—I see you don't remember me, Master Sekhmet. Is there something wrong with you?— Tania asked, puzzled.

The Egyptian lioness goddess repeated the motion, but this time, multiple times, creating dozens of fire rays. Tania gracefully evaded some of them, while deflecting others just as she had done with the previous volley.

—Answer me, Master Sekhmet! What's wrong with you?— Tania shouted in desperation at the Egyptian goddess.

Sekhmet set her entire body ablaze and lunged towards Tania with both hands in the form of flaming claws. The Punic goddess jumped, avoiding the attack, while the Egyptian goddess struck the ground where Tania had been standing moments ago, causing the earth to split into multiple pieces.

—I have nothing to say to you, little girl— Sekhmet replied. The Egyptian goddess withdrew her clawed hand from the ground she had just destroyed, while Tania landed several steps in front of the formidable Egyptian goddess.

—Do you not remember me?— Tania anxiously shouted at the Egyptian goddess. —I'm Tannit, the young Punic goddess you met in Carthage and visited in the Land of Manu!—

—Oh, I remember now. Yes, you're the girl who used to visit us. How small the multiverse is—Sekhmet said as she looked at the Punic goddess. Although her face couldn't be seen, Tania felt that she was smiling.

—Yes! That's me!— shouted Tania with a huge smile.

—Master Sekhmet, I learned to fight with fire, and I owe it all to you. I know you would never join Ares' army, so why don't we join forces?— continued the flame-haired goddess with a wide smile and glassy eyes.

Sekhmet began to laugh.

—Do you know me? I remember telling you to find another role model, a more positive one—said the Egyptian goddess.

—What do you mean?— Tania asked.

—Tannit, I am not a goddess of war; I am a goddess of genocide. I exterminate humans, annihilate civilizations, and drink their blood. I enjoy the smell of sulfur and the putrid corpses of people. It's true that I never joined Ares because of his convictions or a desire to return to my homeland— said the goddess, her voice filled with unease and anxiety.

Tania looked at her with uncertainty on her face.

—I joined him to enjoy killing once again— said the terrible Egyptian goddess, laughing.

The Punic goddess bit her lip, filled with anger.

—When I went to Carthage, I enjoyed seeing the corpses of people who were being treated but were going to die. In fact, I couldn't restrain myself and killed several humans on that trip. I tortured them slowly and then devoured them. It was exhilarating!— continued the Egyptian goddess, sensually caressing her body, clearly showing her excitement for human suffering.

—Shut up, demon! You are not Sekhmet! She would never do such a thing!— shouted Tania furiously.

—I was expelled from the Land of Manu long before the massacre that happened there, that's why I am still alive. You were just a child, you didn't understand anything about the world— said Sekhmet, laughing.

Furious, Tania leaped towards Sekhmet with her fiery claw ignited and struck the Egyptian goddess with all her might, but she stopped her attack.

—I underestimated you, little girl. Now you will see me fight for real— said Sekhmet.

The divine energy of Sekhmet began to increase absurdly, enough to startle Tania with the enormous power emanating from the goddess.

Sekhmet threw Tania far away. While the goddess was still being propelled, the Egyptian goddess appeared above her and drove her claw into Tania's abdomen, slamming her to the ground. She then began to strike her numerous times and lifted her up by the neck, blood flowing from the wounds caused by the goddess's nails.

Sekhmet opened her mouth, and her mask did the same.

Senef Taw!— shouted the Egyptian goddess, and from her mouth emerged a gigantic red beam that struck Tania directly. The blast was so powerful that it momentarily darkened the sky.

Tania, propelled by the blast, collided with the dimensional wall, spitting blood. The goddess fell face-first onto the ground, creating a massive hole.

Sekhmet was not yet satisfied. She lifted Tania and began to strike her multiple times with her claws all over her body. Then, she grabbed Tania's face and dragged her along the ground as the Egyptian goddess ran. When she came to a stop, she lifted Tania and tore off her face with a powerful bite. Upon finishing, Sekhmet beheaded Tania and threw the rest of her body to the ground, causing her head to explode with her fiery power.

—I adore this!— shouted Sekhmet as she mutilated herself with her claws, filled with pleasure.

But her celebration was short-lived, as Tania stood up and her head rejoined her body, and her wounds healed rapidly.

—I'm sorry, Master, but I have surpassed you— said Tania calmly as her body appeared as if nothing had happened.

Sekhmet intensified her power even further, causing a massive tremor throughout Mars. The sky turned red, and the scorching heat was felt once again across the planet. The goddess screamed again: —Senef Taw!

The Egyptian goddess unleashed the massive red beam she had previously shot from her mouth, but unbeknownst to her, her own body split in half, as well as her blast.

Helep: Telet Mardykhor— said Tania, who was standing right behind the Egyptian goddess with her head bowed, exuding a touch of melancholy. However, her physical appearance had drastically changed.

The fire emanating from the goddess had formed a kind of armor around her, with prominent shoulder pads, and her claws were much larger. Her boots now resembled lion claws as well, and a huge fire scorpion's tail emerged from her lower back. In addition, her hair stood up and flickered with fire, as if she were a furnace. Two flaming bat wings peeked out from her back.

The goddess Tania turned to face Sekhmet as she healed her wounds by reuniting herself. —Do you know the manticores, Sekhmet?— asked the Punic goddess, maintaining her melancholic expression.

Sekhmet rose angrily while taking deep breaths.

—They are formidable creatures that inhabit Persia. They have the appearance of lions with human faces and long venomous tails. In my battles in North Africa, some Libyan Malakim used them, and I decided to imitate that appearance. Under this transformation, my speed and strength grow exponentially— continued Tania as she walked toward the Egyptian goddess.

Pat Mewet!— Sekhmet shouted, and she turned crimson red, as if she were made of blood, and attacked Tania hundreds of times. However, Tania evaded the attacks of the Egyptian goddess without any interest. And at that moment, the sound of a vehicle speeding could be heard.

Without warning, Tania had once again split Sekhmet in half, with her wings raised like blades. The goddess calmly murmured: —Rahafu Sharshi

—I haven't used this power since I invaded Rome long ago. I didn't feel capable of harnessing the voices of these children in my mind. But I must fight for them, Sekhmet, for humanity, which you mock and disdain. I must fight to stop genocides like you, no matter how much I respected you before— said Tania, turning to face the Egyptian goddess.

—This can't be happening! You are just a Moon, and I am a Sun, the daughter of the mighty Ra!— Sekhmet screamed furiously.

—And I am the daughter of Elyon, but my power has nothing to do with my blood. I am a goddess who has chosen to accept her mistakes and move forward on her own— said Tania calmly as she watched Sekhmet hurl herself towards her.

The Punic goddess then said, —Resha Rebal Alym

Tania moved her fire tail and impaled it into Sekhmet's left arm, with which she had attempted to attack her. The Egyptian goddess's arm turned red and began to burn as if it were fire, bubbling like boiling oil.

—What have you done to me?— Sekhmet screamed furiously.

—It's the venom of the manticore. Your arm will burn terribly until it becomes immobilized. While this effect lasts, you won't be able to heal it, and even if you tear it apart and destroy it, you won't be able to regenerate it. And if you do nothing, the venom will spread to your heart, and you will burn alive, agonizing in pain— continued Tania calmly as she watched Sekhmet jump away from her.

Desperate, the Egyptian goddess unleashed several bursts of attacks with her still healthy right hand. The rays were evaded by Tania, who maintained a melancholic expression.

Shimushu— said Tania and unleashed several fire blasts that mercilessly struck the Egyptian lioness goddess.

Sekhmet struggled to rise and began to laugh.

—The more power you accumulate, the faster time will advance. Haven't you noticed that you have already made your team spend more than three hours?— said Sekhmet, laughing hysterically.

—That's true, but I only use my maximum power for milliseconds. Time advances rapidly during that brief moment, but it's enough to defeat you— responded Tania emotionlessly.

—Then I will use all my power and kill your friend who is fighting over there!— shouted Sekhmet in desperation.

The Egyptian goddess flew away from the battlefield to attack Ana, who was still fighting Ishtar in the distance. But before she could do anything, she was once again split in half, this time with a vertical cut from her head to her pelvis. Tania had cut the Egyptian goddess with one of her high-speed flights.

—I won't let you escape from here, Sekhmet— said Tania without turning to look at her.

Sekhmet began to growl in anger, but then she calmed down and started laughing.

—Well, then I will show you my true power, Tannit— she said, flying towards the sky near the dimensional wall.

—Only a few Egyptian gods can use this technique: 'Iaret Aten', the solar circle of the royal cobra. The power of this technique is immense and can easily destroy galaxies— said Sekhmet as she raised the index finger of her right hand towards the sky.

At that moment, a massive fireball started to grow. It was a flaming circle radiating light like a small sun. Its dimensions were gigantic, as it could be seen spanning approximately one kilometer in diameter. Around the circle of fire, a cobra made of flames revolved.

Tania watched the attack without showing any emotion.

—Soon, I will wipe that look of indifference from your face and replace it with one filled with horror. It's a shame that this planet will disappear with this technique, but you left me no choice— said Sekhmet.

The Egyptian goddess lowered her arm at full speed, pointing at Tania, and the gigantic fireball began to descend rapidly.

—Master Sekhmet, this battle has been the most painful in my entire life. I always admired you, always wanted to be like you, but I never truly knew you. And yet, I can't help but feel some appreciation for who you are, even though you are a repugnant being. I hope that if you are reborn, it will be as a being of goodness and kindness who loves life and the multiverse we live in— said Tania, and a tear rolled down her cheek. The goddess wiped her face, raised her two clasped hands towards the sky.

Esh Kela - Safar: Beth-resh— Tania said, and a fireball formed between her fists. The goddess lowered her arms and shot the small fireball towards the gigantic solar sphere, which with its heat and energy had already begun to destroy the planet's surface.

—You're insane, Sekhmet! How could you unleash that monstrous attack?— shouted a furious Ishtar in the distance.

The malakim begged Sekhmet for mercy, but she ignored them as she continued using her energy to push the giant fireball towards the ground.

The fireball created by Tania collided with Sekhmet's massive sphere. Both fireballs struggled against each other, creating red thunder that destroyed everything around them, while Mars began to tremble. Both spheres had become immobile, trying to pass through each other but unable to do so.

Tania watched the collision of the spheres and closed her eyes.

—Goodbye, Master Sekhmet. Thank you for everything— she said, and at that moment, the goddess opened her eyes fiercely and roared.

The small sphere created by Tania began to grow enormously, engulfing Sekhmet's attack. The Egyptian goddess tried to prevent this by injecting her power into her attack, but to no avail. Horror showed on her face.

Tania's fire sphere completely absorbed Sekhmet's attack and traveled at high speed towards the Egyptian goddess, who tried to defend herself with her right arm, the only one she could use. But Tania's attack was devastating, exploding in a thunderous manner, shattering the evil Egyptian goddess into pieces.

Mars shook, the mountains vanished, and the ground cracked. The sky emitted such a bright light that everyone was blinded for a moment. The explosion dissipated, leaving behind a gigantic column of smoke that obscured the Martian sky. Sekhmet had been completely destroyed by Tania's attack.

Three and a half hours remained.