Chapter 3:



Secure. What do you know about secure? Is it something or somewhere that is safe or peaceful? Or is it just a camouflage to deceive or hide something? If we look closely, there is no one safe nor you can trust in this world. Even your own partner. Especially here in Tokyo-310 where everything is controlled by the system. All of the security forces here, either the police or the army are just eyes for the system. No one really acts for crime and violence because it is the safest city in Neo-Nippon. At least that is what they think…..


I saw that girl floating and she looked at me and said “Vice versa.” Who is she? And why she suddenly appeared and knew that we’re here. Does she even know us? Is she a cop or what? How can she beat all of them because, I’ve never seen anything like that before. There are a lot of questions in my head. I’m confused and feel suspicious, did she really want to help us or… After that she came down and looked at me. When I looked at her, I thought she’s about the same age as me. She’s a little shorter than me and wears a helmet.

Kaito suddenly got out of the car. He seems confused and angry. When those hunter droids were chasing us, my biggest guess was that It must’ve been Izumi sensei’s doing. because this city is so safe and secure and there cannot be any malfunction. There has never been a problem like this in this city. I believe it must be he is the one who has sent them to kill me, knowing that I know the truth. To be honest, I’m really scared and confused. How can I explain it to Kaito, especially if he knows the truth?

“What? What is that? What just happened? Why did they suddenly appear out of nowhere and chase us? My car almost got hit by those droids. This has never happened before! Well thanks to that girl, we survived that attack.”

Then the girl came down and walked towards us. She removed her helmet. When I look at her, she is  so beautiful. She has blue eyes and long bright-red hair. She has a slim body and her large, expressive red-color eyes. Her lips, painted in a soft shade of coral, hold a perpetually ready smile in... 

“Are you ok Vice-kun?” The girl speaks to me. 

“Wait... what, who? What are you talking about? Who are you talking to?”

“Of course, I’m talking to you, Vice-kun.”

"Oh, you mean me?" Wait, why is she calling me Vice? 

“Uhh… My name is Hirata, not Vice.”

“Well, you should thank first that I’ve saved you. Well, it’s alright I’m Eiko Asami.”

“What? Well, thank you for saving us.”

“Who are you exactly?” Kaito asked.

“Ah… your Misaki’s brother, right?”

“Yes, why..?”

“I'm Misaki-san's acquaintance. Misaki sent me to help both of you, and she wants to meet both of you immediately. I’ll explain everything later at the lab. Come on, let's hurry.”

After that we get back into the car and continue our way to her sister’s lab. At the car, I asked Kaito about her, but he said that he didn’t know anything about her. Her sister didn’t tell him anything before. He said that it was the first time he met that girl. When I look at her, I feel strange because it seems that I’ve seen her before but where? when? But from her look, I think she’s not a threat, for now.

From what I see, in my opinion I assume that Misaki-san may know what really happened to me because she must have sent her to help us. Maybe she knew what happened to me that night. I hope I can really trust Misaki-san. Then, at the moment on our way to the lab. I saw that girl following us from behind with her device on her foot that makes her float before. After a few minutes we finally arrived.

Misaki-san had been working here for 5 years. This AI research lab where she worked is a well-known place by many scientists and engineers. Because this research lab also helped create H.A.N.S. They also created other useful AI systems like the AI navigation system on a car, AI house assistant, AI security system and many more. The building itself is cylindrical and it’s really big. It is the first time I visit this place. I never got the chance to visit this place. When we arrived, the lab was heavily guarded. There are cameras and hunter droids and a lot of security guards. Finally we arrived at the entrance, but before we get into the lab we must verify your ID and scan your fingerprints.

When we come in, I see there are a lot of scientists who work there. It is a large lab. It is so large that they even have a fifth floor. We asked the girl who came with us where Misaki-san was. She told us that Misaki-san is on the 4th floor in the testing lab. From what I know and heard from Kaito about her. Thus far I think that she had already known Misaki for a long time. Because he is called Misaki not by his surname. So, she must be close with Misaki-san. But why did Misaki never tell Kaito or me about it?

Strange, But I think I should be cautious right now because in this lab there are so many scientists. Izumi sensei might be hiding and pretending and try to keep an eye on me. He already sent those hunter droids to kill me. I hope Misaki-san is not involved with Izumi sensei. I still can’t tell anyone since Izumi sensei killed my father. I felt doubtful and lack of trust right now, even my best friend. Because since that night everything happened so quickly, and I can’t believe it. Well not only because of that but it’s also because of H.A.N.S.

When we arrived on the fifth floor, we then went to the testing lab. But before we enter that room, we see someone yelling. After that we finally met Misaki-san. She has short purple hair and green eyes like Kaito. Kaito and I are still taller than Misaki-san. Well 5 years ago she was still taller than us.

“Welcome both of you.” “You already met Asami right?”

At that moment I’m a bit surprised that he called her by her first name. So, it is true that she had known her for a long time.

“Yes.” We both answered.

“Well, I realize that both of you are in trouble, so I sent her to help you.”

“Wait nee-san, why didn't you tell me anything about her to me.” “I didn’t know you had an acquaintance like her.”

“Calm down first Kaito-kun.” “I’ll explain it to you.”

“But first I want to introduce you to my supervising professor who has helped me with my research.”

I wonder who or what kind of person she will introduce to us.

“Who is it nee-san?”

“Well, actually you already knew him.” “He also worked as a teacher.”

Wait, did she say a teacher, could it be…! No it can’t be, I hope it’s not him.

“Why hello there Hirata-kun, It’s been a while. How are you? Are you alright? I heard that you had an accident. I see that they replaced your right arm and your left eye, you seem like a cyborg ha… ha… ha…”

I’m so surprised when I see that person with my own eyes. Why? I don’t believe why he’s here. He must have watched me all the time… Izumi Sensei?

“Why hello there Hirata-kun, It’s been a while. How are you? are you alright? I heard that you had an accident. I see that they replaced your right arm and your left eye, you seem like a cyborg ha… ha… ha…”

“You must be surprised right? Izumi sensei is my special supervisor, he and I have been partners for a couple months to work on a special project that will be released next month!”

No… No…! This is not true, He….after what he did…! What is he doing here? Did he watch me all this time? Is he trying to target Misaki or Kaito this time or is it me? No… I won’t let him take another life again, I won’t let him repeat the same thing I must tell them right now before it’s too late. Izumi…!!!

“You…!!! My dad…!!!”

“What is it, Izumi, are you alright? Is your head ok?”

“I’m ALRIGHT…Misaki-san, He… you... you murdered my father!”

“Wait what…? what are you talking about Hirata-kun, Is something wrong with you? I’m not a murderer!”

“What are you talking about Hirata? Is your head alright? you must’ve been confused because they replaced your arm and eye.”

“I’m fine KAITO!”

“No…! you must need a rest, your memories must be messed up because of that. Don’t you remember that your father died when you’re 7 years old?

What…? What did he just say? 7 years old?

“No my father is… Ugh, my head…!”




That voice is coming from my head…! Arggh…! It hurts so much…! "SOMEONE STOP THAT VOICE!!!!”