Chapter 8:

Better Start Building

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

“I’m gonna use this ore to make a REAL robot!” I shouted to the group. We managed to get a ton of different metals from the melted ore slime. “What do you mean?” Árgyros asked me with suspicion. “I’m gonna create a Stahl-Soldat beyond anything you’ve seen before!” I guided them to where I built the prototype. Well, I say ‘prototype’ but it was more of a mold or something like that. It didn’t actually run but was just made to outline the shape.

I kept it hidden under a large tarp made of leaves by the brothers’ workshop. “This is what I’m building.” I unveiled the fake robot leaving everyone there in shock of how big it was, 5 meters, double than that of a Halberd. “Kid, how do ya plan on building something that big?” I shot a smug look, “We use the metal that we got from the mine and slime and maybe another one of those mechanical bugs attacks then we’d get even more metal. With this, the Craft-Knight, stomping even 10 of those bugs would be no sweat!”

That last part seemed to inspire Zelezo at least. He and I started preparing our share of the metal, specifically crafting a bunch of steel using iron with the furnace, while Zelezo handled the parts with the magic materials. His workshop was better tailored to Stahl-Soldats. Recreating the parts from the original plans with steel was the easy task.

Once again this felt just like putting together a robot model kit. Though I definitely couldn’t lift the pieces myself, so Zelezo used his Halberd to lift them. It was getting pretty late, so we decided to be done for the night. “Kid, do ya need a room?” I nodded, “Yeah I don’t want to sleep in the stables again.” Zelezo made a hearty laugh, “Just go to Platina’s place, she always has extra medical beds.” Definitely should have asked him earlier. I accepted his advice feeling a bit annoyed.

My stomach grumbles, making me realize that I haven’t eaten in a while. I remembered I got some apples from the trees I cut down. Taking a bite of one just shows me again that this world isn’t as advanced as mine. The apple tastes terrible, the apples you get at a grocery store have modern farming methods like gene editing and stuff. I force myself to eat as much of it as I can.

I do miss things like this from my world, of course there are other things I miss too like video games, anime, all the model kits I’ve built now left in my forgotten apartment. I hate the idea that eventually it will all get thrown out since I’m not able to pay rent. I didn’t have too much else, I loathed my job as a convenience store cashier, I didn’t really keep in touch with my family much, and I had no aspirations. I guess now that I’m in a new world I have at least some kind of purpose.

I shook my thoughts away as I stumbled to the village’s hospice. A wave of slumber came over me as I opened the door, and without saying anything I walked over to one of the beds and fell onto it, not caring about my position.

Waking up, after not even dreaming, I felt groggy as my eyes opened. I pushed myself up and turned my head. I saw a green blob against the white blur of the building’s walls and curtains. I rubbed my eyes to correct them.

“Oh, good morning, Akio.” Carine’s sweet voice woke me up completely which kind of embarrassed me. I looked away to hide my blush, “G’morning…” “Were you working late last night?”

I gave a yawn, “Yeah, working on an improved model of a Stahl-Soldat. It’s going to be controlled from the inside.” She seemed surprised and even a bit interested, “You know, I’ve actually wanted to try driving one, but it seems physically intense.”

“It’s really not too much, I was a complete bum in my world, but I picked up on it pretty fast. Plus, the new versions I’m making are going to be much easier to pilot.” I looked outside, it was pretty late in the morning. I guess the first thing I should do is find something to eat. I still have more apples, but I really don’t like them, and my stomach doesn’t feel the best after eating one last night.

Maybe I should just ask Platina, but I’ll feel bad constantly receiving things for free. I walked over to her desk, “Hey, just asking, could I get something to eat?” She turned in her chair with her long, shiny hair swinging and a caring smile, “Yes, I have some things I usually keep for patients. Lots of food that’s very healthy.” At least it’s something, healthy food isn’t always the tastiest but getting something from the village will still most likely taste better than stuff from the wild. 

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