Chapter 13:

Am I Getting NTRed and Third-Wheeled??

Writing a Guidebook with You

Who the fuck is this guy?

Kousuke wiped off the puke on his lips. He was relieved that the puke didn’t make his tuxedo or drag bag dirty. Observing the blond man in his 20s who held Arabella, there was something sharp stabbing his heart. I don’t like this.

That blonde wore a white hooded robe, a golden necklace with a golden cross pendant, and a blue shawl over them. Probably he was the Pope or something.

“Oh. Thanks, sir,” Arabella gazed at the man and smiled at him.

This fucker... go away!

That man replied to Arabella with a smile. His blue eyes reflected Arabella’s gaze. Their poses hadn’t changed for a while, so he held her arm and waist. And she gave away her weight to him, and it was like, they had a moment.

“Cut! CUT!” Kousuke made an “x” with his arms and ran toward them. He pushed away the man like a jealous man: he hit the man.

The man raised his hands and smiled. “Pardon me, sir. Your lady’s beauty is truly astonishing.”

“Is that so?” Arabella brushed her hair and put her hand on her chin like a shy maiden.

Arabella Dekever is shy?? How is that possible??

“Who the fuck are you, BEGGAR?” Kousuke gazed at the man sharply.

The man bowed, made a square with his fingers, and said, “Rauf Abbado, the Duke of Light.”

The most powerful duke in the World of Library?

Fuck! What had I done?! I was rude!

Arabella covered her mouth with her hand. “Oh my. A RICH gentleman. I’m very pleased to meet you, Sir Rauf.” Kousuke heard Arabella chuckle, but he wasn’t sure about it.

“My name is Arabella Dekever, the daughter of Lord Dekever from the City of Barberella.” She curtsied gracefully and smiled at Rauf. It wasn’t like when she introduced herself to Kousuke at all!

“And I’m her FIANCE, Durant Deroulade.” Kousuke covered Arabella and blocked Rauf’s sight.

“A fiance. Yes,” Arabella said succinctly.

Why did she assert that??

Rauf chuckled, covering his mouth with his fist. “Don't worry, Sir Durant. As a bishop, I live like a monk.”

“But you have a d*ck,” Kousuke said.

Rauf raised his shoulders, shrugging off the fact. “That’s a gift from God. I have to keep it.”

I fucking knew it! A ruse!

Then, there was a loud sigh. A blond man with red eyes walked out from a narrow street near them.

He wore a crimson suit but didn’t put his arms in his crimson jacket, so he just put the jacket over his white shirt and crimson vest. He also wore a white tie and crimson trousers. Therefore, his clothing was surprisingly modern.

The man jolted when he noticed them. He said, “Bow down to a duke, you peasants.” He also raised his chin and moved his index finger up and down.

“Hal Abbado, the Duke of Weight, my twin brother,” Rauf interrupted, “they are also nobles.”

Hal Abbado? Isn’t he supposed to be dead?

Ah, right, I’m reincarnated to the period before the game story begins. Something must have happened to him before that.

“Rauf, outsiders are just peasants on our land.”

“Brother. There is no harm to be humble.” Rauf looked displeased.

“Hah! You, bending the rules? You? Then why don’t we stop the Ritual of Sacrifice?”

“We won’t threaten our citizens by being humble. But the Ritual of Sacrifice must be done.”

Hal pierced Rauf with his gaze. “Rauf. Every single life is precious before God. Don’t throw ‘One for All’ bullshit onto my face! Do you think our knights are weaklings?!”

When Hal extended his arm, Rauf gritted his teeth and kneeled down. But Rauf didn’t seem to do that at his own will.

It seems that’s the miracle of the Duke of Weight, and the reason this town can float with cubes and shine like gold. On the other hand, Rauf is the reason this place can look invisible from the outside.

But what is the Ritual of Sacrifice? Doesn't this place only have that event boss?

“We are INDEED weaklings! Brother, do you forget why our parents died?! We COULDN’T kill that damned monster!”

Hal was stunned. He sighed and turned around. “Losers! Cowards!” He then walked away. Rauf was able to stand after that.

“Please don’t mind my brother. I apologize for the ruckus.” Rauf wiped off the dirt on his knees. “Since Lady Felis seems to give Sir Durant and Lady Arabella permission, what do you need, my lord and my lady?”

“We would like to meet the Saintess of Knowledge. Can we visit Her Holiness?” Arabella asked.

“We would like to ask some questions. We are curious COUPLE,” Kousuke added to avoid any suspicion, while he warned Rauf.

Rauf chuckled again. “Her Holiness won’t be happy with my presence. But I can show the way.”

Kousuke and Arabella nodded. Then they walked into the cylinder tower in the middle of the town.

Inside the tower, there was a big wooden, but golden cube near the tower entrance. Rauf opened the cube door and let Kousuke and Arabella go inside first. Then he closed the door and said, “Bring us to the Great Library.”

Isn’t this a fucking elevator??

The cube smoothly went up and was opened by itself when they arrived at the highest floor of the tower, the Great Library. Rauf smiled and bowed. Then he went down to the first floor.

There was a curved staircase beside the entrance of that room, and the cube didn’t go back to that floor. So we have to go down on foot after this?? Damn it!

The Great Library was a very wide dome with a glass ceiling. It was like a star observatory. They were racks of parchment rolls and codices along the wall. Some tables, big cubic storage chests, stools, and books were scattered everywhere on the floor. And in the middle of the room, there was a big, round carpet and a short woman in her 20s.

When that woman noticed there was a guest, she raised her head and looked excited. But when she realized the guests were Kousuke and Arabella, she looked disappointed and back to her book.

She had purple eyes and a chest-length silver haircut. Her clothing was simple: she wore a crimson cross tie, a white shirt, and a long purple skirt. She was lying face down and reading a book over a pillow, looking grumpy.

For some reason, a saintess seemed to be always cute and childlike.

Kousuke whispered to Arabella, “Let me handle this, my lady. Just like Saintess Scolastica, we cannot ask Saintess Flavia to do something for money. We need something else.”

“Saintess Flavia. May we read some books here?” Kousuke asked.

Without looking at him, Flavia Maazel replied, “Except the chained ones, you may...”

“Do we have some BL books? My fiancee likes that kind of thing.” When Kousuke said that, Arabella kicked his leg. “Ouch!”

Flavia looked at Arabella and her pupils were dilated for a moment. But when she noticed Kousuke, she didn’t look energetic again. “The BL books are over there...” She directed her hand and also said, “Don’t disturb my reading... and don’t do something funny here...”

I wish I can do something funny with my fiancee, but I can’t!

“Let’s read, my lady.” Kousuke winked at Arabella and walked to a rack. It’s not surprising there were some BL books among a million books in the World of Library.

A moment later, Hal arrived at the Great Library. Surprisingly, he looked bashful and held a bouquet of purple tulips. He brushed his hair and walked in.

“Hal!” Flavia’s face was brimming with light. She stood up and dashed to Hal, while she was holding her book on her chest. She stood on her toes, raised her chin because she was shorter than Hal, and exclaimed, “Hal, you suck! You are late!!!”

“Ugh, yeah, sorry, Your Holiness,” Hal responded. “That florist peasant was too busy reading a book, so he forgot to stock tulips. Therefore I, a duke, have to walk around the town to find these flowers.”

Ah... so this guy acts cocky when he is shy. And why didn’t she treat us like him?? Discrimination!

Flavia giggled and said, “Why so formal? Just call me Flavia! It’s okay! I told you so!!”

Hal kissed her forehead. “I’m a duke. It’s my duty to behave like that.”


She grabbed Hal’s hand and dashed back to her usual reading spot. “Read this, Hal! Happy reading!” They sat and leaned their backs on a big cube chest. Hal put the tulips in an empty vase, took off his jacket, and held Flavia’s waist.

Flipping the pages, Flavia pointed at some lines on the book and looked at Hal with a smile. Hal also smiled at her, but sometimes he looked sad when she looked away.

It was, like, he wanted to freeze their time. But he couldn’t.