Chapter 7:

Museum of Mummies Part 1: A limited exhibition

Escape Witch

Yuni reached the museum and saw Madoka waiting anxiously next to Emeri's motorcycle and ran up to her.

“Yuni!? Wait did you actually run all the way here?” Madoka gasped.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I don’t have any motor licenses so I can’t drive anything," Yuni sheepishly chuckled.

“Well, I don’t either so I can’t criticize you for that.”

Serika and Mochi then pulled up in a squad car.

“Dammit! How the hell did she get here first!? Damn traffic!” Serika growled as she exited the car with Mochi.

“Hey, it’s the mean celery stick and she’s got a loli with her,” Madoka exclaimed.

"I am Assistant Commissioner Mochika Myouchi, and I am 21 years old,” Mochi stated.

“Wait you two were coming!? Why didn’t you say so!? I could’ve hitched a ride,” Yuni growled.

“We didn’t tell you because we didn’t WANT you to come, this is our case scram!”Serika growled.

Mochi sighed and decided it was best to explain the case to Yuni before Serika made things worse.

“At least nine women have been abducted in the vicinity of the museum. The head of the kidnapping ring you encountered two nights ago, Sayuri Benise, has also been spotted in the museum over the past few days. We believe this museum is a front for her kidnapping ring and our mission is to bust them.”

“After you screwed up last time thanks in no small part to our dumbass chief, we decided to come here and bust the ring before you screw up again," Serika grumbled as she walked up to Madoka.

“Who got kidnapped? Describe em," she growled.

“My friend Rolly Polly, she’s about the same height as me, has massive breasts like me, and wears a crimson helmet that covers her entire head and face,” Madoka stated.

“What about UNDER the helmet!?

“Um, really beautiful.”

“Anything else!? Like what she was wearing!?”

“Um, a black tank top, black skintight pants, red sneakers; oh, and this leather jacket I found lying on the ground,” Madoka stated as she held up a black leather jacket while Serika seethed with anger.

“If it’s in your hand then obviously, SHE ISN’T WEARING IT YOU IDIOT!”

“Calm down asshole! Madoka where did you find it?” Yuni asked.

Madoka then ran into the museum with the three detectives following closely behind her.

She stopped when she reached an area labeled “staff only.”

“It was right here! When we got separated, I looked around and found it here."

“It looks like she truly was kidnapped, I bet she’s still here somewhere in the back. Serika! Take the girl to a safe place and secure the exit. I’ll take Futagawa and explore the back, we’ll contact you if anything comes up and vice versa,” Mochi stated.

“Wait why are you taking that dumbass with you!?” Serika groaned.

“So we don’t risk her letting them slip through the front.”

Yuni and Mochi ran off before Serika could protest any further.

“I’m gonna wait by the murdered mummy exhibit,” Madoka said as she ran off.

“Hey, get back here you little shit!”


Serika grumbled as she stood with Madoka in front of a mummified woman holding a knife.

The info graphic claimed it was a woman that died in a small hidden room of a pyramid thousands of years ago.

"I bet she flunked the sphinx's quiz game and got mummified on the spot," Madoka quipped.

"You can't be serious; they didn't have THAT game show back then. It’s possible she might have wrapped herself up and committed suicide, the knife that killed her was found in her hands." Serika explained.

"No way! It’s a locked room, that means she was murdered, and they found a way to make it look like suicide I thought you were the detective here!"

"Her arms might have been bandaged, but they weren't immobilized, plus the info graphic claims the sealed room existed before she died, meaning she was most likely trapped or imprisoned there assuming the damn thing is accurate.”

"You'd get mummified if you said that to the Sphinx," Madoka jibed.

“Like hell I’d ever get mummified you piece of shit! Your dumbass on the other hand would be mummified on the first question."

"I'm not that dumb!"

“Yes you are! Wait!? Why the hell are we even talking about this!? Get your ass out of here so I can do my job.”

"Why do you hate Yuni so much?"

"Because  Sensei touted her as some genius, despite being nowhere near as smart as she was. I've hated that twintailed bitch long before that, but Sensei taking her under her wing only made it worse. Then when Sensei somehow got captured, that bitch was appointed to lead the rescue operation by our dumbass chief. She insisted she’d save her yet failed horrifically and Sensei was murdered. Then the stupid chief gave her paid time off to recover instead of firing her on the spot. If Sensei hadn’t met that idiot, she’d still be alive today,” Serika stated.

"No way! Your Sensei met Yuni because she wanted to. And Yuni is a genius! Your just jealous because you weren’t as smart!”

“ME jealous!? That little bitch was suddenly her new best friend, even though I offered to help Sensei after she saved my life.”

“You were saved?”

“She just gave me some new clothes and stuff to help me get back on my feet, nothing like saving you two idiots from kidnappers.”

“Wait did all your clothes get ripped?”

“None of your business dumbass! Well, guess idiots of a feather flock together. No wonder you two get along so well. Now go back to your mansion so I don’t have to babysit you.”

“Ladies, could you please keep your voices down? You’re scaring away the guests.”

The two girls turned to see a middle-aged security guard approaching them.

“If you continue to make a disturbance, I’ll have to escort you from the premises.”

“I’m a cop you idiot!” Serika yelled as she shoved her badge in the annoyed guard’s face.

“Follow me you two.”


The two girls begrudgingly obeyed as the guard escorted them to the back.

“Hey! I thought you were kicking us out," Serika growled.

“I am, it just causes less of a disturbance if you go out the back. Now then could you please leave the establishment; the door is open,” the guard said as he motioned for the girls to walk out the exit door.

Serika ordered Madoka to go first as she followed behind. Madoka tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

"Open the door, and don't even think of messing with me!"

"But its locked!"

"Don't mess with me bitch! The guard just said-Mmph!" 

Serika’s eyes widened as a rag was placed over her face. She desperately tried to pull it off, but lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Madoka stared in horror at the security guard holding the chloroform rag. She then realized the guard was Moribe, the man who aided Sayuri in kidnapping her and Madoka two nights ago.

Moribe then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Serika.

"On your knees, hands across your chest like a mummy or she gets it!” he ordered.

Madoka had no choice but to comply. As mean as Serika was, Madoka would not allow her to die because of her. Moribe sheathed his gun and began bounding Madoka’s arms and legs with duct tape. He gagged her before bounding Serika’s arms and legs. He then retrieved a cart and placed the girls on it before wheeling it down the hallway.