Chapter 1:

Chapter: Luna


Chapter: Luna


< Wednesday Afternoon >

I didn't think that getting revenge on my bullies would not be so fulfilling.

Now I'm wondering what's the point of revenge when it's not fulfilling on my side.

Although I got to see one of my bullies releasing depressive atmosphere throughout the classroom every day, I didn't imagine I would get bored at experiencing such moment even though I got my revenge.

Yes, the reason why my revenge is not fulfilling is because in the long run, your satisfaction will die.

Thinking about this for days I managed to think of something that might change few things on my revenge.

I need a spectator.

An audience.

Excluding myself, there are no other spectator on my revenge, simply because I do it secretly.

I have no spectator other than myself, and in my next revenge I need someone who would validate my revenge.

That's what I plan on doing.

Right now, I'm planning on executing my 4th revenge on my 4th bully tomorrow.

And I already have someone in my mind who could possibly become my spectator.

The probability of this person becoming my spectator still depends, and if it doesn't work, then I will be the only person left who knows what will happen tomorrow morning.


< Thursday Morning >

I'm now at the front of our classroom.

Good thing that our classrooms here at the school doesn't use any lock. Meaning I can get in without any problems.

I'm the only person inside the classroom right now.

Now, I'll start writing some nonsense in the blackboard.

One thing I also want to say is that how lucky I am that our blackboard has a curtain, because this works well in my plan.

[ Someone told me a student of this class extorted money from his fellow student. ]

This is what I've written on the blackboard.

Doesn't seem like a revenge to be honest.

Well, it doesn't really matter.

With the tiny chalk in my hand, I swallowed it. Leaving no trace of chalk anywhere in the classroom.

I brought the chalk myself. There are no chalks that are left behind in the classroom because the teacher brings their own chalk.

They would have a hard time trying to find who brought the chalk and who wrote something in the blackboard.

There's no way they going to blame the teacher, right?

Well, I guess if my plan worked, they are going to be suspicious of the teacher too.

Finally covering the blackboard with the curtain, this marks the end of my morning prank.


Half an hour has passed.

Everyone is here, including my 4th bully.


"Good morning class.", a morning greeting by our homeroom teacher.

"Good morning, ma'am!", the whole class greeted back.

Let's see how he will react to this one.

The teacher raised the curtain immediately after the greeting.

"What's this?!", the teacher asked.

The class went silent and focused on what's written on the blackboard.

No one answered.

I couldn't see how Robert reacted. All I know he suddenly move his head after reading what's written on the blackboard.

Didn't think this would be such a dumb prank, I couldn't even see his reaction from my position. The only one who can see his reaction is the teacher.

"So, anyone would be willing to tell me who did this?", the teacher asked again.

After a minute of silence our teacher finally breaks it.

The whole class is in confusion, not including me of course. No one answered the second question of our teacher, and we all remained silent.

Surprisingly the teacher didn't ask anymore, but instead she erase the whole writing in the blackboard.

"Okay, good morning again class.", she said.

The teacher started writing a set of numbers in the blackboard.

"The topic today is sequence.", she added.

Looks like she's not going to continue what was the prank is about earlier.

That was underwhelming feedback from everyone, I guess.


50 minutes has passed.

"Now, who got in here first?", the teacher suddenly asked.


I thought she was going to let the prank slide.

Then, let's play along.

I raise my hand.

"It was me.", I said.

"Who can confirm this?", the teacher asked.

"I can confirm it ma'am.", Luna answered.

"Then this can only mean that you are the one who did this Septo, or you could've seen the one who wrote in the blackboard earlier.", the teacher said while looking to me.


I didn't expect she would accuse me easily.

“I would like to say that I didn’t do it but since I can’t prove it that would mean it is easy to say that I might be one of the people who wrote that.”

“But that would be unfair right now, that’s why I would like to ask if you saw anyone writing on the board?”, she said.

“No one.”, I immediately answered.

“So, no one?”, the teacher asked everyone.

The whole class nodded their head.

"I hate doing this because this is going to consume a lot of time. I was going to let this slide, but I noticed one important thing about the writing.", the teacher said.

"The chalk's color is orange. I believe that I'm the only one who uses a colored orange chalk in this class. Did any of you stole one of my chalks?" she added.

We shake our head once again.

"I know, because I always count the chalk that I'm bringing. The fact that the color of the chalk is orange, just maybe a coincidence or maybe someone indeed stole one of my chalks."

She counts the number of chalks? Now that is something new to me.

She paused for a minute.

"Then, to the one who is the culprit of this prank, I will give you a week to think about this. It's up to you to think if it would be beneficial or not to talk to me.", she said while looking to the whole class.

"Enough with that, see you tomorrow class."

After saying that, she exited the classroom.

As you would expect, the class became rowdy a second after our teacher exited. All of them are getting restless after what happened a minute ago.

If they got suspicious of each other that would be funny, which is probably happening right now but it's difficult to know.

All I can see is that everyone is asking each other what just happened, everyone is at loss.

I could count this feedback as good enough.

I'm quite interested on how our teacher is trying to make me think that if surrendering myself would be beneficial or not. It could be she wants to know how I managed to get her orange-colored chalk, or maybe the reason why I wrote those in the blackboard.

But as my initial plan, I'm only planning on meeting my observer for this revenge, and our teacher is not the one whom I need to meet.

I'm expecting the observer is going to approach me anytime soon, all I need is wait, then I'll proceed on my next plan.


< Thursday Afternoon >

I'm currently outside the room. I'm near the grasses and trees on the school, basically I'm outside of the building.

It's lunch time, and this is where I usually spend my lunch time, eating and sitting at the wooden bench.

"Why are you doing this?", Luna said.

"Now that's an interesting question, isn't it?", I said.

"Are you satisfied now?"

"Not entirely, but because you're here I believe I can say that this is going to be a fulfilling revenge."

"A revenge you say?"

"I did say it was revenge."

"Don't tell me you are the reason why Maia transferred to another school?"

"I did, but I'm surprise it took you a long time to confront me."

"I would be lying if I said I didn't get suspicious of you a year ago."

"I see. I guess I was suspicious a year ago."

"Who wouldn't be suspicious when two of your classmates suddenly acts differently from their usual self. "

"You're blaming me for those?"

"That time I was not, but I was getting suspicious after something happened to Zee. Because I believe if someone is going to get revenge on Zee it would be someone who resents him, and the first things comes to my mind is you."

"I do resent him if you are asking me."

"Also, the first person who suddenly changed in the classroom last year is Leo. Both Leo and Zee bullied you four years ago."

"Well yeah, that's right, they both bullied me in the past."

"Now, this year, both Maia and Robert, the other two of your bullies. I can only believe that you are indeed the reason why these things happened."

I nod my head.

"I was indeed the reason for attacking them."

"But that was in the past? And I believe they stopped doing it years ago..."

"Yeah? I mean you're quite right about that."

"Then why? I believe you did much more damage than what they did to you."

"It's not a matter of damage. I simply want to know if it's satisfying to get revenge, especially they are a perfect example because they are my bullies. It was a real unpleasant experience, getting bullied without being able to fight back."

"But I didn't know revenge would only last a matter of time to give you happiness. What did I get? Boredom and temporary happiness.", I continued.

I paused for few seconds.

"Totally not worth it.", I added.

"You do know what's going on with our class right now, right? It's getting darker and darker. We already lost two of our classmates, and the other one became a disconnected to the whole class. Now you are going to attack another one, I can't imagine what's going to happen these coming days."

"It's no use thinking what's going to happen in the future. I'm going to do the same thing to Robert as I did to the other three, expect that."

"You deserved punishment from hell."



"I guess I do.", I chuckled.

"Someone should tell the hell how corrupted you are."

"Then try."

"You can't take a joke?"

"I can, and that's not even funny. I thought you're going to do it?"

"I never said I was going to do it."

"There are only two of us here who knew about what I did. It could only mean that either you or I are the only one who are going to go to hell."

"No way you're telling me to go to hell, I can't do that."

"I can help you with that."


I grab the side of her neck with my left hand, and I point my right hand on the right side of her neck.

"I can kill you then it would not be a problem."

"No way you are thinking of killing me, right?"

I pressed my right hand more deeply to her neck, making my fingernail getting buried in her neck.

She is breathing heavily.

I can see her getting scared and is about to cry.

"Stop please...", she said silently.

I released both of my hands on her neck.

She turned her back and immediately walked away.


A small part of me hates Luna, but not as the same as my four bullies.

After the short meeting with Luna, I resumed eating my lunch.


The class is still confused about the writings on the blackboard, they are most probably curious about what's happening. But I don't have any intention on sharing it with anyone, only to Luna.

Speaking of Luna, she looks like she's sleeping, or just resting her head and thinking about earlier.

I guess she will not approach me anytime soon.

Before I proceed with the next plan, I need everyone to calm themselves first and forgot about the writings.

It might be impossible to make them forgot about it. But them not talking about the writings would be enough, I guess.

Well, it's time to spend the rest of the day the same as always.


"Septo.", a girl called me.

"Oh Luna, what's up?", I replied.

"Meet me up at the abandoned shop 5 hours from now."

This is unexpected.

"Should I ask why?"

"Save it for later."

"Fine, I will go."

She then proceeds on walking straight on front of me.

I can say I don't have any idea why she would meet up with me at night, and it's on the abandoned shop.

I don't really know Luna that much, I guess this is the better time to know her.


< Thursday Evening >

I can see the concrete chair and the person I should meet up tonight.

There are two concrete chairs in here, just two concrete chairs in an open field beside the road.

To why we are calling this the abandoned shop, because not too long ago there is shop stand in here. As you might guess, it's already gone, leaving the concrete chairs behind.

Luna is sitting on one of the chairs, and I also did the same but on the other chair.

"So, what's the reason for this?", I asked Luna.

"This one."

She suddenly stands up and punched me in the face, which send me flying out of the chair to the open field of grasses.

"That's not nice..."

I said as I bring myself back to the chair.

"That's my payback for earlier."

"You did much worser than that."

"You threatened my life, how would my punch compare to that?"

"If we are going to talk about the damage inflicted, what you did is much worse. So, are you done? don't tell me you're going to suddenly punch me again?"

"No worries, that's the only punch I'm going to do."

"Thanks, I guess. Now, what are you planning that you even decided to set up a meeting place this late of night?"

"I keep thinking earlier, to why you sound like you would kill me for real."

Oh that...

"And you still decided to meet up with me?"

"I guess I was just shocked earlier and didn't thought you would threaten me."

"Is there any reason to that?", she added.

"Not that much of a reason, but you should have an idea to why I did that."

"Because I learned that you were the culprit?"

"Not at all, that's not the reason."

"If it's not then I don't know what is."

"If it's the only thing you want to ask about me tonight, you're just going to waste your time. Think for yourself why I did that."

"Think for myself huh..."

"Even if you arrived at the answer, it's not even important, and it's probably the last time that I would threaten you so don't worry."

"I see... Then I'll proceed to ask for the other thing."

"And what's it?"

"I want to know what you are planning."


"You refused so fast."

"Even without you knowing what I'm planning, you already know that I'm the culprit. It should be enough, and my plan will also be revealed to everyone when the day comes. With your position, you're the only one who knew about me."

"Makes sense, but I think I would be able to help you."

"For what reason you are helping me?"

"I know about your motive."

"I also know about my motive."

"I know about your plan."

"I also know about my plan."

"That's a dumb response Septo."

"I think it was funny."

"Not in the least bit."

"It's simple, I don't trust you, and I can't trust you."

"I need you to trust me."

"I know you are aware that this is our second time of having a conversation."

"And it's not enough to trust me you are saying?"

"Easy as that, and I'm sure both of us don't trust each other."

"Just let me help you, okay?"

"I'm not as good as you think, and I'm not honest as you think."

"I know, you attacked all four of them fully knowing how it would end up affecting their lives."

"Then you think I can be good to you? Don't even think I can't do those things to you."

"That would be the worst possible case."

"Your role is to be the one who know the identity of the culprit, what is the culprit's motive, and how did the culprit attack the victim."

I paused and looked at her.

"Think about it, sounds familiar, isn't it?" I added.

"I mean..."

"There's just one big different thing, because instead of being a victim, I am now the culprit."

"That's why I can't help you?"

"You were never supposed to."


She sounded disappointed as she said that.

"Do you need other things?"

"That's all, I'm just glad I managed to punch your face so hard that is sends you flying."

"Okay if that's all, I'm going home." I spoke.

Our house is from the same way and it's not rare that we see each other at day or at night.

But right now, we decided to walk side by side, without talking and looking at each other, just like two persons who just happened to walk beside each other.


< Friday Afternoon >

I have a picture of Robert extorting a student, just now I placed it somewhere in the classroom.

It’s an old picture I took, and I plan on using it now.


The class just ended and everyone except the two people who is in cleaning duty is going to be left behind.

Those two people are Luna and Robert.

A very favorable situation for me.

Let’s see how this goes.


After a few minutes I go back to the classroom to get my notebook below my desk.

It was my plan on leaving the classroom and going back after a few minutes.

I looked at Luna.

She is showing a shocked face while looking at me.

Robert also looked at me but immediately continue cleaning.

I can see Luna holding the picture that I hide earlier in the class, her reaction is priceless.

Now, what is she planning to do with the picture in her hand…

I exited the classroom before she tries to do something.

With this, I don’t know what she is planning to do. She is either planning on showing the picture to Robert, or she is going to directly ask me what the picture is about.

I’ll go and wait how will she respond to this.


< Monday Afternoon >

It’s been three days since the plan, and she is not showing any signs of confronting me about the picture.

I will wait until the end of class and if she doesn’t do anything I’ll proceed to another plan.


The class just ended.

I guess anytime now she will be talking to me, or maybe not.

She probably has an idea who might be the reason why there is such a picture at the classroom that time.



“Tell me about it.”

“Let’s talk about it outside.”

We walked out of the school.

“So actually, I did something.”, she said.

“And what does it have to do with me?”

“I burned the picture.”


“You burned what?”

“I said I burned the picture of Robert.”

That’s the least thing I expected her to do.

“For what reason?”

“It’s dangerous.”

Well, this must mean she doesn’t plan on helping me.

“That makes sense.”

“Here catch this.”

She throwed a small pouch.

“What’s this?”, I asked.

“The ash.”

I opened it and it is full of ashes.

“Of the picture?”


“What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing really, just showing the proof that I really did burn the picture.”

“I can’t say I understand the use of this.”

“There is no use for that ash, it’s for the sake of showing it to you.”


There’s no way I can understand this person…

Knowing how small the picture is, I am surprised how much ashes it can produce.

“Are you sure you really burned the picture?”, I asked.

“What’s with the question?”

“This pouch is full of ashes, a single picture wouldn’t produce this much.”

“Well yeah a single picture wouldn’t produce that much, but many pictures would do.”

“I guess you burned a lot of pictures.”

I throwed the pouch back to her.

“Still, I didn’t know you have this kind of picture. That was unfortunate I already burned it.”

“I have multiple copies.”, I said.

“I see, so burning it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Unfortunately. I just want to see what would happen if I showed the picture to you.”

“A pouch of ashes is the result.”

I stayed quiet after that.

The silence continued until we both go our own way.


< Tuesday Morning >

Remembering what happened yesterday, the way Luna gave me a pouch of burned ashes makes me questioned her motives. Especially how the pouch is full of ashes, I know for sure that a single piece of picture is not enough to produce such number of ashes.

It could be she is lying that she burned the picture, because I can’t even confirm if she really did burn the picture of Robert, those ashes won’t prove anything.

“Here.”, said by Luna while handing something.

A picture.

The very same picture I gave to her.

Not saying anything she walked away like nothing happened, not explaining why she gave me a copy of the same picture, knowing that she also said that she burned the picture.

This checks out.

She did lie about burning the picture, but I don’t see any reason of giving the picture back to me.

To think she handed it to me while there is still a class ongoing, doesn’t make any sense and is too risky.

Even her reason for lying and saying she burned the picture and giving me back the picture, I can’t picture out the reason for doing that.

She probably once again planned something.

I did think of the consequences of sharing the picture to someone, but Luna is important for this revenge. Although after seeing her moves after acquiring the picture, makes me think she might be a wall to my revenge.

It’s a very bad move to even show it to her, which I didn’t think too much about.


Morning class just ended, and I’m still thinking of Luna’s motive for lying about the picture and giving it back to me.

Yep, can’t think of any ideas other than she probably showed the picture to another person before giving it back to me.

Well, I can’t say for sure, but it would be bad if that’s the case.

Since I don’t have any plan to do anything right now, it’s probably good to just wait on how she will move.



Oh, I should have expected the unexpected.

Robert just approached me while I’m eating lunch.

So, this is what Luna did.

Instead of responding back I just stared at him.

“What is this for?”, he showed the very same picture of him extorting a student.

Another copy…

I should have known, how dangerous Luna can be.

I took the picture on his hand and tore it apart.

Robert looking confused to why I did that stared at me.

I didn’t say anything back, and this situation made him tense.

Instead of him saying something about me ripping the picture apart, he just walked away.

Did she said something about me being the culprit of the picture? Or it could be Robert already knew that I am the one who wrote the writings on the board?

Could be both, but one thing for sure Luna is the one who handed the picture to Robert.

This also proves that she has multiple copies of the picture.

Could be bad if she had another copy to spare and gave it to another person other than Robert and me. If this is how it goes my revenge could probably go in the wrong way this time.

I need to talk with Luna.


Afternoon class just ended.

Still, what an eventful morning, first Luna gave the picture back, second Robert approached me with a picture on his hand.

I might need to do something anytime soon.


Here she is.

“That was sooner that I’ve imagined.”

“Let’s talk while walking.”, she said.

Not responding to what she said, she immediately broke the silence.

“I actually gave another picture to another person.”

“Robert.”, I answered.

“No, another one.”

As expected, there is another person who received the picture.

“Then it must be our teacher.”

“That’s right.”, she immediately answered.

This might become problematic.

If she did this, she might be planning on stopping me from getting revenge to Robert.

I’ve been careless.

Instead of responding I stayed quiet the whole time while we are walking.


< Wednesday Morning >

Knowing Luna said that she also gave a picture to our teacher, directly asking our teacher might be a good thing.

Therefore, I plan on talking with our teacher this afternoon.

I can’t just let her do anything she wants.


< Wednesday Afternoon >

I just finished eating lunch, and now I’m in the front of the teacher’s faculty room.

I knock and open the door, and I found my target.

“Good morning, ma’am Jana.”, I greeted her.

“It’s afternoon already.”, she answered back.

Well yeah, my bad.

“Oh”, I chuckled.

“So, what’s is it? You need something?”

“Actually, I found out about this picture when cleaning in the room.”

I handed out the picture.

“What’s this?”

“I don’t know much about it.”

“Isn’t this Robert?”

“Yes, it looks like he is doing something.”

From her response, this is probably the first time she sees this picture.

“I can see that, but where did you find this?”, she asked.

“From the classroom while I was cleaning. Is this the first time you see this ma’am?”

“Yes, I don’t know anything about this picture, but I do remember someone writing on the board and saying Robert is extorting money from a student.”

“I do remember that one too.”

“Are you the culprit?”

Again, with the sudden question.

“Definitely not ma’am.”

“I do remember saying that the culprit must go to me after a week.”

“I remember that too.”

“You are the first person who talked to me about this.”

This must be mean that Luna is lying about giving the picture to ma’am Jana.

I might be in a bad position now.

“I am not sure of what you are trying to say ma’am, I just found out about this picture. I was also hesitant of talking about this picture because I might be in a bad position after learning about this picture.

“You might be thinking a lot about this, you are not in danger just by sharing this to me.”

Yes, because I was actually the reason why this picture exists in the first place.

“If that’s the case then it must be a good thing that I talked to you about this ma’am.”

“I might talk to Robert about this, but rest assured I’m not going to talk about you giving the picture to me.”

This works the best, but I can’t be too sure.

“I appreciate your help ma’am.”

She nodded and I walked my way out of the room.

Now that Jana is part of this, the problem might become bigger than I thought. But now I am sure that Luna is lying most of the time whenever she is talking to me.


< Thursday Afternoon >

Class is about to start, and things might become messy. It’s been a day after my conversation with ma’am Jana, and I don’t know what she is planning to do.

Just after thinking about that ma’am Jana arrived, and he is with…


He is with Robert?

What is happening?

“Silence class.”, she said.

“Lend us your ears first and listen to what Robert is about to say.”, she added.

The class became silent and is all focused on the front.

I found myself staring at Robert and ma’am Jana.

Robert bowed and said, “Sorry everyone.”.

“It’s true that I extorted money from a student in the past, but I’ve regret it, and I stop doing it after the student transferred to other schools. I am deeply ashamed of my actions in the past, and I can’t stress enough on how much damage I have inflicted to my victims. I am not looking for everyone’s forgiveness, but I just want to say that I’ve been a bad student and a bad person.”

After saying such a long message, he said sorry again and he goes back to his seat.

Everyone not sure on what to feel, remained silent throughout the class.


This must be the biggest upset I have ever experienced.

I failed my revenge.

This is the worst possible way ending for Robert, and I can’t believe he apologized to everyone.

This simply means that Robert will be able to continue his school days without having too much problem, because apologizing to everyone gives the idea of forgiving and being sorry to what his done in the past. His regrets will be felt, and no one will attack him for being a bully in the past in a way that it will ruin his school life.

In this case, instead of everyone attacking Robert for being a bully, because he apologized everyone will be trying to forgive him.

I’m not saying that it’s the absolute ending, but I’m saying there’s a huge chance for that to happen. And it is the total opposite of my plan of ruining his school life.

I am not smart with this, and I believed I just lose my chance on getting revenge on my bully.

A bad way to end my day.

“Septo!”, a small faint voice coming from the back.

I don’t know what to feel about this.


Knowing it’s Luna calling out to me, I never intended to respond to her knowing that she is the reason for everything.

“What now?”, she asked.

This question triggered something in my brain that made me glare at her face with full of hatred.

Her smile faded away.

With the bitter feel of losing the whole day, I continued walking and leaving her behind.


< Tuesday Afternoon >

One week has passed.

I’ve been doing the same thing.

Sitting, and cooling off outside the classroom.

Once again, the same person is sitting beside me.

“What are you trying to do?”, I asked Luna.

“I’m trying to help you.”

This is not the type of helping I wanted to hear.

“You are the reason why I failed.”

“I know, I’m preventing you from attacking Robert.”

“You are supposed to do nothing, that’s what you’ve been doing. Why do something now?”

“I can’t let you do that.”

“You don’t make any sense.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“You won’t let me get my revenge, but you just let me experience that?”

“What do you expect me to do?”

“I don’t expect anything. I just want you to know that I don’t like you.”

“I can see that.”, she laughs awkwardly.

“Sorry”, she added.

Can’t feel anything about that “Sorry”.

I just want her to shut up and stayed silent the whole time.


: Luna

Not once, not twice, but many times I’ve seen Septo getting bullied.

Four years ago, that is…

I am in a position where I can see him getting bullied, and he can see me watching him getting bullied.

I can see why he hates me.

He sees me as a person who just watches him getting bullied and not helping him. For many times, I didn’t do anything.

I wouldn’t want to put myself in the danger, that’s why I’ve been looking from a place where one could tell that I am a spectator.

This must be the reason why threatens to kill me.


< Thursday Afternoon >

Months have passed.

Nothing changed, but I can see Robert’s school life is healing. It’s been a rough start after his public apology, but gradually people start talking to him once again. It didn’t take too long for him to go back to his past school days.

Good for him.

I’m still stuck in here, thinking about my loss.

And as usual I’m ignoring Luna, but it’s time to talk to her again.

“So, what is your next plan?”, I asked her.

She looked at me.

Then she hugged me.

“What are you doing?”

Knowing I don’t like what she’s doing, she immediately stopped hugging me.

“Just surprised, never thought you would talk again.”, she smiled awkwardly.

I didn’t say anything other than that.

Then she finally answered me.

“Friends… I want to be friends with you.”

Well, this works fine.


“How about it?”, she asked.

“Okay.”, I answered.

“Yes!”, she let out a small celebration.

“I guess we will be friends for a long time.”, she said.

She took my right hand and shake hands with it.

“Yeah probably.”

“Absolutely.”, she enthusiastically said it.

I guess we are at this point of time…

Can’t say I am motivated.

I’m pretty sure she knew that I absolutely hate her.

“Wow…”, Robert approached us.

The person I least wanted to see is here.

“What are the two culprits doing together this time?”, he added.

“Oh Robert! We were just having conversation. Isn’t it nice seeing us getting along?”, Luna responded.

I stayed silent, but my eyes were fixed to the two persons talking to each other.

“Getting along huh?”, Robert replies. “Well, I am surprised, I never thought I would see you two being this close.”

“People can change.”, Luna said.

Robert chuckles. “Hahaha, that would be interesting, seeing the two of you changing. Right, Septo?”

Knowing he is trying to target me I didn’t respond to it.

With those ominous words, Robert turns and walks away.

“Hahahaha”, Luna laughs awkwardly. “What an encounter.”

“That is the person you tried to help.”

“You know that I am trying to help you, not Robert.”

Because that’s what you think.

And now I just want to stay quiet.

I lost my mood to talk with this person.

“You became a statue again.”, she said.

This marks my failure and the end of 10th grade.