Chapter 54:

Volume 3, Chapter 1: The Start of An Adventure

Heroes of the Past

Winter Break 2016 Week 3 FridayBookmark here

“Morning, Tess. Huh? Oh yeah, I already woke up. Sure, I’ll be fine with that. See you soon,” I said.Bookmark here

I knocked on Yukie’s door, hearing no response. She probably was downstairs already. Like I predicted, she sat at the table, staring at her tablet.Bookmark here

“Yukie, I’m heading out today. If you need anything, Dad’s in the garage,” I informed her.Bookmark here

“Ah, enjoy yourself, Yuki. I will test out the tools Uncle so graciously gave me,” Yukie nodded.Bookmark here

Tess arrived an hour later and I waved goodbye to Yukie. She waved from the front door, watching me enter Tess’ car. She made such a simple gesture so elegant. Truly, she was the epitome of a beautiful maiden.Bookmark here

“Tess, who’s joining us?” I inquired.Bookmark here

“Long, Lau, and Zhang are confirmed. Most likely Feng as well. Darryl and Shigetzu may join later if their schedules permit,” Tess replied, glancing at her dashboard.Bookmark here

“What are Shan and Ichaival doing?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Fel invited Darryl out somewhere. Shigetzu has a personal matter. I did not pry,” Tess answered.Bookmark here

“Must be hard to get everyone together. What about Jen and Kuan? I notice they aren’t around much,” I pointed out.Bookmark here

“It’s difficult considering everyone’s varying schedules. They are at the training facility on occasion. I will organize it so you are exposed to their powers eventually,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

“Are we going to Felicity’s house?” I questioned.Bookmark here

“No, we’ll meet up at Zhuyu’s house. The entrance is near where he lives,” Tess revealed.Bookmark here

“How convenient,” I remarked.Bookmark here

We finally arrived at Zhuyu’s house and Tess parked her car with precision. Her perfection at everything was getting to me. There must exist at least one weakness. I reached for the doorbell and stopped. Where did Tess go? She headed toward Zhuyu’s backyard without saying a word.Bookmark here

“Uh, Tess, I’m pretty sure the front door is right here,” I said.Bookmark here

“Sorry about the slight detour. I confirmed my suspicions,” Tess said, joining me again.Bookmark here

What was she talking about? Anything unexpected for me was normal for her. The front door opened before I even touched the doorbell. Deja vu. Did Zhuyu just stand by the window, waiting for his guests?Bookmark here

“Tomo and Tess. You took long enough,” Kyoi greeted me.Bookmark here

Zhuyu, En, and Shui all wore T-shirts and shorts inside, despite the cold weather. Zhuyu sat on the floor, head down, sweat dripping from his forehead. He gripped a bottle of water weakly. En sucked from an inhaler, coughing at times. His hair was drenched with sweat too. Shui tilted his bottle of water, draining it.Bookmark here

Did they just go for a run? But, they shouldn’t be this wiped out. They must have through a rigorous exercise regiment. Not just once, but several times, based on their haggard appearances.Bookmark here

“Oh, Tomo…. welcome,” Zhuyu said, coughing.Bookmark here

“Am I interrupting something?” I asked.Bookmark here

“No. Feng just… almost killed us,” Zhuyu wheezed.Bookmark here

Kyoi shook her head, feigning ignorance. Certainly something she would do. Tess sat down on the couch, ignoring their condition.Bookmark here

“What did she make you do?” I asked, distancing myself from Kyoi.Bookmark here

“Training. Simple stamina and strengthening drills,” Kyoi replied.Bookmark here

“Right, what does that exactly mean?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Nothing too bad. A four mile run and two hundred push-ups. And other things if they stopped at the wrong time or faltered,” Kyoi explained, a smile on her face.Bookmark here

The three men were disheartened, devoid of any strength. They were meek and defeated. Although, the circumstances made it hard not to.Bookmark here

“You make it sound so easy. It’s freaking hell,” Zhuyu retorted.Bookmark here

“I didn’t know it hurt so much. I’ll have to increase….,” Kyoi suggested, absolute joy in her voice.Bookmark here

“Forget I said anything. Zhang, you good?” Zhuyu asked, standing up.Bookmark here

“Water,” En begged.Bookmark here

Zhuyu tossed him a bottle of water from a nearby box. Wow, they were actually recovering. Shui coughed several times, wincing after standing up. Tess remained silent the entire time.Bookmark here

“Tess, when do you want to leave?” Zhuyu asked, finally standing up.Bookmark here

“I’ll give you ten minutes,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

“I appreciate that. Tomo, are you ready for today?” Zhuyu asked.Bookmark here

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about yourself?” I questioned.Bookmark here

“I’ll be fine. It’s just bad since I haven’t done anything in awhile. You guys need anything?” he replied, looking at En and Shui.Bookmark here

“I’m good,” Shui answered, grabbing another bottle of water.Bookmark here

“Nope,” En replied.Bookmark here

“I heard you met Tomo’s mother,” Kyoi suddenly brought up.Bookmark here

“Yeah, she left her wallet here and Tess was kind enough to drive me over so we could return it,” Zhuyu nodded.Bookmark here

“Why not just give it to Tess? I don’t see a need for you to tag along,” Kyoi stated, a faint smile developing.Bookmark here

“I needed help from Tess anyways, might as well tag along,” Zhuyu revealed.Bookmark here

“Did Tomo’s mother reveal any interesting details about her?” Kyoi asked, glancing at Tess and Zhuyu.Bookmark here

“She’ll accept monetary donations in exchange for secrets and information about her daughter,” Zhuyu phrased his answer with unnecessary words.Bookmark here

“Really? Thank you for the tip,” Kyoi responded.Bookmark here

“Yes, Tomo’s household is quite interesting,” Tess said.Bookmark here

I was thankful for Shui and En’s silence. They didn’t chime in and make it worse. Tess pulled out a folded piece of paper, handing it over to Zhuyu. Zhuyu unfolded the paper, glancing at it. He thanked Tess and headed upstairs.Bookmark here

“What did you give Zhuyu?” I asked, curious.Bookmark here

“Notes on a mathematical subject. He asked for my expertise on simplifying a concept,” Tess answered.Bookmark here

“Oh, I thought it might be something more….,” I said.Bookmark here

“Exciting? Sorry to disappoint you,” Tess said.Bookmark here

“I’m a bit disappointed Long didn’t ask me,” Kyoi joined the conversation.Bookmark here

“Kyoi, did you actually work out with them?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Who do you take me for, Tomo? Everything I requested of them, I did myself as well. Ask Lau and Zhang,” Kyoi replied.Bookmark here

“She’s right,” Shui confirmed.Bookmark here

“Yeah,” En backed her up as well.Bookmark here

Yeah, seemed like the norm for a person like her. Zhuyu finally returned, wearing his regular set of clothes. En and Shui left the living room, returning with their everyday clothes on as well.Bookmark here

“Anything else you want to do before leaving?” Tess asked, looking over at Zhuyu.Bookmark here

“No, we should be fine. Feng, can you think of anything?” Zhuyu glanced at Kyoi.Bookmark here

“Let’s head out,” Kyoi decided.Bookmark here

Tess led the way, but Zhuyu overtook her eventually. He kept his hands in his coat pockets, a serious expression on his face. After a five minute walk, we arrived at a small field. Across from the field was a police station and residential houses. To our right, there was a brick building with a parking lot.Bookmark here

“What’s that up there?” I inquired.Bookmark here

“It’s a community center. There’s a park there too, but that’s not our destination,” Zhuyu replied.Bookmark here

“Is the entrance in some random place?” I asked, looking around.Bookmark here

“It’s not,” Zhuyu answered, walking down onto the field.Bookmark here

A medium height metal link backstop was located further down the field. There was a faded baseball diamond near it. Numerous redrawn chalk lines and flattened grass filled that area.Bookmark here

“Do people use this field often?” I asked.Bookmark here

“High school frisbee teams usually practice here,” Zhuyu replied.Bookmark here

“Isn’t this a bad place for a portal? There’s a lot of people stopping by, not to mention the police station,” I remarked.Bookmark here

“There needs to be a certain, let’s call it “frequency” for now. At the enclosure, it has that “frequency”,” Tess explained.Bookmark here

“All I see is grass. Is there a hidden door around here like Felicity’s house?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Nope. Get ready, Tomo,” Zhuyu said as Tess tapped a wall with her golden key.Bookmark here

I felt a slight headache and closed my eyes. A high pitched sound worsened it. When I opened my eyes, we were in a small office. There was a mahogany desk in the center and a window in the back with its blinds pulled down. A beat up locker on the side, stamped with a law enforcement symbol, caught my eye.Bookmark here

“What is this place?” I asked, looking around.Bookmark here

“A branch of the dimension Feng, Long, and Zhang are affiliated with,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

“Looks pretty modern,” I observed.Bookmark here

“The others are preparing already. You were out for five minutes. Don’t worry, it takes time to adjust,” Tess revealed.Bookmark here

Was travel to other dimensions this draining? I followed Tess out of the room and into a large office space filled with cubicles. Someone walked past us with a sword strapped to their belt.Bookmark here

“Took you long enough,” Kyoi said, approaching us.Bookmark here

“Is this some kind of police station?” I asked, recalling the badge on their belt.Bookmark here

“Yes, it’s the Knight’s Mountain Office. A prime location for hunting and an excellent practice locale for you, Tomo,” Kyoi answered.Bookmark here

“Hunting? Wait, what are we talking about here?” I sought more details.Bookmark here

“Call them crazy spirits. They bind themselves to the wildlife or any potential visitors,” Kyoi explained.Bookmark here

“You’ll see what she means, Tomo. Let’s get some equipment for you. Tess and Kyoi can take you there. I’ll gather reports and figure out where to go,” Zhuyu said, appearing with En and Shui.Bookmark here

“Are we in the right room?” I asked once inside.Bookmark here

“Yes. Didn’t you hear what Long said?” Kyoi asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but this looks more like an armory than a locker room,” I remarked, glancing around.Bookmark here

“Did I ever say we were heading to a locker room?” Kyoi responded, pulling open a cabinet drawer.Bookmark here

“I mean, there are lockers everywhere. Showers too and benches to sit down on,” I pointed out.Bookmark here

“This is an all purpose room designed to cut down on space,” Tess explained.Bookmark here

Kyoi opened a locker, revealing even more weapons and equipment. She pulled out a gun, examining the weapon with great care.Bookmark here

“Tomo, how good are you with a gun?” Kyoi asked.Bookmark here

“I’ve never handled one before. Don’t tell me you were thinking of giving that to me?” I questioned.Bookmark here

“It was on my mind. But, that would be a bad idea. Tess, how about you?” Kyoi asked.Bookmark here

“I’ll take a shotgun,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

“Alright. They should be in those lockers over there,” Kyoi directed.Bookmark here

The Gatekeeper inspected the shotgun pump, selecting one from a nearby rack. She also selected five boxes of ammunition, pouring the bullets out onto a nearby bench.Bookmark here

“Tomo, here’s useful gear for you. I don’t know how effective it will be for stronger enemies, but overall, it should provide solid defense,” Kyoi said.Bookmark here

She handed me a normal looking sweater. I inspected the fabric and it felt ordinary.Bookmark here

“You’re thinking about how plain it is. Don’t be deceived. All the clothes here are woven with special materials, imbued with protection magic. Best to stick with simple clothes like this,” Kyoi said, noticing my confusion.Bookmark here

I changed into the sweater and Kyoi handed me a coat as well. Tess’ slung the shotgun over her left shoulder and strapped a belt full of ammunition over her right.Bookmark here

“How cold is it out there?” I asked, noticing the warm clothes Kyoi and Tess picked out.Bookmark here

“Pretty cold. My magic only protects us from the weather so much. It’s best to be prepared,” Kyoi replied, loading a magazine into her handgun.Bookmark here

We exited the room after selecting all of our equipment. Kyoi strapped a gun holster and hunting knife onto her belt. What kind of hunt required so much preparation? I shuddered, fearing the worst.Bookmark here

“Did you even give her anything?” Zhuyu exclaimed, after we met back up.Bookmark here

“Of course I did. She’s wearing this,” Kyoi responded, unzipping my coat and pointing at the sweater.Bookmark here

“I was expecting you to give her backup weapons. Although, at this point, that might be too much to ask for,” Zhuyu commented.Bookmark here

“Long, I insist you take this,” Kyoi demanded as we approached the exit.Bookmark here

She materialized one of her twin swords, tossing it over to him. Zhuyu glanced at the weapon and sighed. A golden dragon design wrapped around the scabbard. The others did mention Zhuyu using a sword before.Bookmark here

“Things will get dangerous. You’ll want this more than some inferior weapon,” Kyoi suggested.Bookmark here

“Fine, but there’s no need for me to use the blade,” Zhuyu agreed, strapping the weapon to his belt.Bookmark here

“Isn’t that nice? I thought you might put up more of a resistance,” Kyoi remarked, a more humane smile than usual on her face.Bookmark here

“Isn’t that Kyoi’s weapon, though?” I whispered to Tess.Bookmark here

“It will be best for you to discover that connection on your own. I can confirm, however, it was once Long’s weapon,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

“Let’s make sure we actually have everything first before heading out,” Zhuyu said.Bookmark here

We inspected our equipment one more time. Shui didn’t carry a weapon, but with his water powers, he could just construct one. En held a katana in his right hand, the weapon used against me in the mock battle. A few light snow flakes fell down on us once we exited. The road in front of us was blanketed in snow.Bookmark here

“We’ll head to the garage. Long, have you confirmed the location?” Kyoi directed, leading the way.Bookmark here

“Yeah, we can input it into the navigation system,” Zhuyu answered, waving a piece of paper in the air.Bookmark here

“Lau, you’ll drive. Tess, support Zhang as he takes control of the turret. I’ll go over logistics with Tomo. Long, you’ll back up Zhang,” Kyoi handed out orders.Bookmark here

After a brisk walk in the light flurries, we arrived at a large building, armed personnel guarding the front. They stood in front of a large hangar door, stern expressions on their faces.Bookmark here

“Commander Kyoi, it’s been a long time. We’ve been informed of the situation. The vehicle you requested has been prepared,” a guard greeted, giving a salute.Bookmark here

“Thank you for your troubles,” Kyoi said.Bookmark here

Kyoi pulled out an ID card upon arriving at a large door, stenciled with the number “00”. She slid her card and then placed her thumb on the scanner. The door opened with a hiss, revealing an armored vehicle inside. I saw a medium sized turret at the top, with a seat available for someone to man it. The vehicle was red and phoenixes drawn on the doors.Bookmark here

“Lau,” Kyoi shouted, tossing the keys over to him.Bookmark here

Shui bobbled them in his hands but regained control. I expected the interior to be cramped but found it quite spacious. The back seats were set up where everyone faced each other. I also noticed a sliding compartment on the vehicle roof.Bookmark here

Tess sat next to Shui in the front, turning on all the screens. Kyoi took out a tablet from a bag, scribbling on it with a stylus. Shui started the engine and I felt the vehicle bounce.Bookmark here

“Zhang, get ready. Long, I want you to outline what we’ll do once we’ve arrived. Tess, how’s it looking?” Kyoi asked, continuing her scribbling.Bookmark here

“Conditions appear fine at the moment. But, as expected, there are threats along the way. Lau, go ahead and drive,” Tess replied.Bookmark here

Shui nodded, pressing a button on the rearview mirror. Our vehicle platform descended, transporting us underground. Lau turned the wheel and stepped on the gas, traveling along a dimly lit road until arriving outdoors.Bookmark here

“Zhang, your turn,” Kyoi commanded.Bookmark here

En nodded, popping the roof compartment open. Cold wind blew in immediately. I felt sorry for him. Must suck having to handle the weapon in such bad weather.Bookmark here

“Zhang, catch,” Kyoi yelled.Bookmark here

She tossed an earpiece upward. He caught it, sticking the device into his right ear. Tess spoke into her headset and En nodded in response. Several blinking lights on the screens moved downward at a rapid pace.Bookmark here

“Enemies incoming. Zhang, follow my directions,” Tess ordered.Bookmark here

The turret rang out a minute later. I peered outside and saw spinning shells hurtling toward us. En shot them off course one by one, preventing a collision. Tess threw off her headset after the initial barrage of enemies, opening a window.Bookmark here

“Feng, hand me a sniper,” Tess commanded.Bookmark here

Kyoi nodded, pulling out a sniper rifle from a hidden compartment in the floor. The Gatekeeper fired. Seconds after her shot landed, a burst of flames enveloped the target. Damn, this was pretty intense and we weren’t even at our main objective yet.Bookmark here

Enemies surrounded us but everyone maintained a calm composure. Shui drove with confidence despite all the commotion. In fact, I actually respected them a little now.Bookmark here

Kyoi showed me a list of potential enemies on her tablet. Some of it included:Bookmark here

The terrain itself. Since snow covers the foliage, it is important to be careful. Tess will lead us through most of this. Vulture-like creatures with steel wings that reflect light. They are able to launch metal pins from their wings. Bandits who have taken up residence, preying on unsuspecting visitors.Bookmark here

“Tomo, I’ll give you a quick rundown on potential enemies,” Kyoi said, flicking through photos of them.Bookmark here

Zhuyu pounded on the rooftop and En returned back down. He shivered, brushing snow off his shoulders.Bookmark here

“How did it look?” Tess asked, shutting her window.Bookmark here

“Okay,” En replied.Bookmark here

“En, you good?” Zhuyu asked, concern on his face.Bookmark here

“Yeah, it’s pretty warm with these clothes,” En answered, closing the roof compartment.Bookmark here

“Tess, give us an estimated time of arrival,” Kyoi requested.Bookmark here

“Ten more minutes. Cut through here and it’ll decrease travel time, but we have to fight through more enemies,” Tess replied, pointing at her middle screen.Bookmark here

“We’ll go with that one then. Tomo needs an introduction to enemies,” Kyoi decided.Bookmark here

Shui took a sharp left turn and I almost collided into Zhuyu. Damn, this was reckless driving. Kyoi stared at her tablet the entire time, circling the screen. Five minutes later, Shui braked and glaneced back at Kyoi.Bookmark here

“Alright, let’s get hunting. Tess, you’ll be Tomo’s caretaker today so make sure to not fail her,” Kyoi jumped out of the vehicle with absolute glee.Bookmark here

“Tomo, I’ll leave the ones leaping down to you. Long, take the left. Zhang, cover my back. Shui, provide cover for us!” Kyoi barked out orders.Bookmark here

Bandits leaped down from the sky right at me. One aimed for my neck. I teleported behind him, plunging my blade into his back. He fell and I felt my hands tremble. I pulled the blade out, feeling my legs shake a little. Two bandits trapped me from the front and back.Bookmark here

Fine, I’ll clear you out by creating an icy surface. One slipped, falling face down. The other maintained his balance, rushing toward me. I shot icicles, pinning the one already on the ground.Bookmark here

“How dare you!” the standing bandit screamed.Bookmark here

Wait, I could use En’s power to repel! Damn, how did he do it? This was the trouble with copying other’s powers. Finally figuring it out, the bandit flew back a few feet away. I dashed forward, feigning an attack. The bandit fell for it, swinging their weapon downward. I teleported his weapon away and sent ice flying towards him, encasing his legs.Bookmark here

Time to check on the others. Tess finally slashed a wire and the red blinking light stopped flashing. She stood up and our eyes met. The bandit I just fought was ensnared by the Gatekeeper's chains. Right, gotta finish off enemies.Bookmark here

Kyoi and En moved in a synchronized pattern. Anyone approaching them was knocked back with rapid slashes. Kyoi slashed one person’s arm off, kicking her down to the ground. En switched over to his secondary weapon. He wrapped his thin wire around two opponents, shocking them with electricity. Kyoi finished off the last opponent, leaving a red gash across their chest.Bookmark here

Zhuyu’s combat was more defensive. He neutralized one opponent with his zero vector power. At least one of the bandits was susceptible to his power. The other one pulled out a charm. Zhuyu clicked his tongue and then raised his sword sheath.Bookmark here

The enemy pulled out a scimitar, taunting Zhuyu. The hero made his way behind the opponent in an instant. He delivered a blow to the bandit’s neck using the sword hilt. The bandit spun around, thrusting his scimitar forward. Zhuyu blocked with his sheath, spinning it upward, and struck the bandit’s chin. Zhuyu accelerated, stabbing the hilt into his enemy's stomach. Zhuyu then snatched the charm away. He knocked the enemy down, stomping on their neck.Bookmark here

Shui’s battle was uneventful. He encased all his opponents in ice. Rather cheap but I couldn’t complain. Best to not drag out battles too long, conserving energy for potential future ones.Bookmark here

“Who’s your leader?” Kyoi asked, grabbing one of the bandits.Bookmark here

“Leader? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the bandit replied, blood flowing out of his nose.Bookmark here

“Okay, no mercy for you then!” Kyoi decided.Bookmark here

Tess returned Kyoi's hunting knife. The older woman shook her head with pity. She slammed the bandit’s hand down onto the ground with a thud, plunging her knife through it. The bandit yelped out in pain, tears running down his eyes. Kyoi wiggled the knife, pushing it further in without any concern. A small pool of blood formed around the hand. Was no one going to stop her?Bookmark here

“Who’s the next of your friends to go through this?” Kyoi asked, surveying the fallen bandits.Bookmark here

“I’ll do it! You don’t scare me!” one of the bandits shouted out.Bookmark here

Kyoi nodded, leaving the fallen bandit there. She approached her next victim, pulling out her handgun. Placing the gun barrel near his kneecap, she raised her left hand.Bookmark here

“I will count down to three. What are the chances your knees or you will still be here?” Kyoi asked, a calm gaze on her face.Bookmark here

“Don’t.... mess with me. There’s no way a single bullet can blow off my legs. You’re bluffing,” the bandit said, fear creeping into their voice.Bookmark here

“Give up. You’re up against a paladin so I’m sure you know that means,” Zhuyu warned.Bookmark here

“A paladin? Dear god, what the hell kind of people are you?” the bandit asked, shaking at the word.Bookmark here

“Have you ever heard of how the kingdom was overthrown?” Zhuyu asked.Bookmark here

“I heard it was led by a paladin and two swordsman. Wait, you don’t mean....?” the bandit stammered.Bookmark here

“That makes things easier. Look, if you’re really just alone, then fine. But if you have a leader, then take us to them. It’s only a matter of time,” Zhuyu reasoned.Bookmark here

“Ah, why spoil the fun? With my magic, a single bullet can cause an explosion, right? It’s easier that way sometimes,” Kyoi complained, putting her gun away.Bookmark here

“Everyone’s already scared of you,” Zhuyu pointed out.Bookmark here

The bandit closed his eyes, trembling. He nudged one of his companions. The companion took out a device, handing it to Zhuyu.Bookmark here

“The information you need is on there. It’ll show you how to avoid the traps set around here. I swear that it’s all real,” the bandit revealed.Bookmark here

"We’re taking you with us. You’ll take the fall if something goes awry,” Tess decided.Bookmark here

She secured the bandit with chains, shoved him up front. Before leaving, Shui trapped everyone in a thin layer of ice, lining them all up. Would that be okay? Not all of them had magical protection, it worried me a little bit. Was it these kind of decisions that emphasized the difference between Lilith and the current group of heroes I followed?Bookmark here

“It won’t kill them,” Shui assured me, noticing my concerned look.Bookmark here

“Okay. This still seems kind of, I don’t know, bad,” I said, conflicted about how the situation was handled.Bookmark here

“You might be right, but it’s that kind of place. Can’t have enemies get back at us,” Shui revealed.Bookmark here

We finally arrived at a gate after a long trek. Kyoi pulled out her sword and a red glow appeared around her body. With one slice, the woman destroyed it. The bandit stared at the gate in disbelief.Bookmark here

“Lead the way,” Kyoi ordered.Bookmark here

The bandit led us up several staircases and we arrived at a gorgeous door. A crown was carved into it. Tess glared at the hostage.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong? I already told you everything you need to know,” the bandit stuttered.Bookmark here

“I’m surprised you’re still lying. Feng, assist me,” Tess requested.Bookmark here

Tess shoved the bandit over to the stair railing, dangling him over it. Hey, this was getting too out of hand now. We were three floors up so a fall from this height would kill.Bookmark here

“Where’s the boss?” Tess asked, letting the chain in her hand slip.Bookmark here

“They’re not here! This was standard protocol if anyone captured us. There’s a hidden passageway from here to the actual base. Please, don’t let me fall. I already told you everything I know,” the bandit blurted.Bookmark here

“We’ll compromise. I’ll tie you up here and if you are right, someone will come back for you. If not, then I’m afraid we’ll see how sturdy this railing is,” Tess decided, tying the end of her chain to the railing.Bookmark here

Kyoi kicked down the door. Tess pulled out her golden key and it pointed at a spot in the room. Kyoi punctured the indicated area, revealing a switch. She slapped it and the right wall of the room slid open, revealing a hidden door.Bookmark here

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