Chapter 3:

Now ~ Something About Us ~

About You

I'm not sure what kind of label you would put on this kind of relationship now. I don't think of us as dating, or boyfriend and girlfriend since we don't see each other often. But what if you already think of me that way, despite all the changes in our busy lives? What if it already goes without saying where we stand and I'm just overthinking? We're more than just friends at this point, right? We're like... two people who share mutual feelings of love for each other. But these strong feelings come with lots of fears as well. As much as I love you, I get scared. A lot.Bookmark here

What if this doesn't last?Bookmark here

What if this is just what you call "young love?"Bookmark here

What if you stop loving me?Bookmark here

What if I stop loving you?Bookmark here

What if we get tired of each other?Bookmark here

Oddly specific, but what will my Mom think of me when I try to introduce you to her and I say "don't hate me Mom, but I love this guy."Bookmark here

What will the future hold?Bookmark here

Do we have a future together?Bookmark here

Am I getting ahead of myself?Bookmark here

Our relationship may be in a strange place with a little bit of uncertainty on my end, but considering the time we've spent together, I think what we have is more than just a passing fancy.Bookmark here

Now here's another question: Do I believe in high school sweethearts?Bookmark here

Well, they're certainly not unheard of and I hope that's what you and I can become someday.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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~ Dedicated to my senpai, or "sanpai" as I liked to call him back then.Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
Ine Airlcana
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