Chapter 10:

On the Way to the Dragon Duel

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

“What? A dragon?” I’ve only been here for a few days and already I get the chance to fight a dragon. Dragons are almost always high-level monsters that no beginner could fight at a whim. However, I had the Craft-Knight, something that no one else (that I know of) had in this world. The fusion of knowledge of two worlds. I might be sounding a little too cocky, but I think I might have a chance.

I took the map from his hand, “Arrive there tonight,” the man turned and walked off, leaving everyone silent. I guess I should just prepare for now, it was still early in the day, so I had some time.

I got to work fixing the parts that were broken in the spar. It was nothing major but it’s best to be in top shape. The other Stahl-Soldat users got theirs ready to form a convoy to travel together. It will also be a good chance to pick up crafting materials, especially since I used a lot to make the Craft-Knight.

Ferro came up to me when he was done with his preparations, “I would’ve battled you after Kobaltla but you wouldn’t be skilled enough to use magic well.” That was true, I was still new to magic and hadn't practiced using magic in a Stahl-Soldat. I shook the wave of negativity off of me and tinkered with some mechanisms I crafted using guides Zelezo left. I got down to how some of the magic stuff works. Magic gems that amplify power, produce power, and transfer power. The joints nearly move similar to a person’s.

I think about what to do next… Weapons should be good. I don’t have too much extra metal, but I managed to craft a decently sized dagger big enough to be held by the Craft-Knight. It looked a bit small in comparison and not that sharp, but it was all I could make now.

Resting up is another good idea. I don’t have much else to do but get something to eat. Getting some food to bring along is another thing I should do.

Eventually the time came. Our convoy was Zelezo, Kobalta, Árgyros, Chrysós, and Ferro. We all set out on our Stahl-Soldats with Kobalta in front following the map. Our destination was located in a rocky, mountainous area, though not too far.

We followed a trail for about 2 kilometers until we were stopped by a group of horned people on Stahl-Soldats, a new model this time. This new model had many spikes and were equipped with tridents. “Stop right there! Get off your Stahl-Soldats and drop your possessions!” Ferro jumped forward with the ground cracking under him, “They’re a group of incubus bandits, be careful of magic attacks.” We were outnumbered by two but the Craft-Knight and the skills of Ferro and Kobalta should make up for that.

I took my massive dagger out of my inventory with it landing on the ground in front of me. I picked it up while the demons were laughing, “You had such a power to create something from nothing and it’s THAT short!?” Well it was as much material I had. The rest of the convoy and the demons already had their weapons out.

Ferro and Kobalta charged in with swords clashing against the closest demons. Zelezo shot his magma spell to interrupt their movement and melt their feet. The brothers teamed up by ganging up against them one at a time. I shot fireballs doing my best not to hit them directly. Even if they are demons trying to mug us, I don’t necessarily want to be directly responsible for killing a person.

I switched to close combat when my MP ran out. I diagonally cut across one mech’s torso, disabling it. The losing incubus fell onto the ground and ran off. The others were doing well. With the fast movements and large size of the Craft-Knight, I managed to disable the limbs of the enemy mechs. All that was left were two of them in disarmed (literally) Stahl-Soldats, I saw a possible opportunity for working parts. I raised my voice, “We’ll let you go if you all abandon your Stahl-Soldats!” The rest of the convoy was confused.

Kobalta sparked up in anger, “Why should we let thieves get away!?” I got where she was coming from here, but I’M the one fighting a dragon and I need to be in tip top shape. “How are we supposed to arrest them?” I asked. She sighed as if I was a stupid child. She got off her mech and threw a gem at the ground. A beam of light shot up, “The kingdom’s adventurer’s guild will take care of them, Zelezo, bind the ones who haven’t escaped,” “Roger, lady. Bind!” A few ropes of magic light came from his hand, latching onto the remaining incubus thieves. “I’ll stay here and catch up with you once I hand these guys over to officials.” Kobalta got back in Lazuli.

The rest of us started disassembling their Stahl-Soldats to their individual pieces and I put them all in my inventory.

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