Chapter 1:


My Romance

The Presidential Suite floor.

The elevator opened.

A group of bodyguards and hotel employees escorted a good-looking man out.

The man had strong and cold features, and every part of his face was inexplicable perfection.

At a height of at least 1.86 meters, his stature and body proportion were better than that of a runway model!

He was wearing a tailormade, fitting suit, with a titanium cufflink that glistened splendidly under the chandelier.

The black suit encased his long legs as he strode elegantly and stopped before a room. A bodyguard then swiftly stepped forward to open the door.

The man entered the room, undid his tie and tossed it towards the wardrobe.

He was only two steps in when he felt an odd surge of warmth. Then, “click”—the door was locked from the outside.

He was a little caught by surprise and his brows were knitted. He reached for the knob and pulled it downwards.

It didn’t work.

The man’s expression darkened, and that was when his cell phone rang.

Caller ID: Yan Shaoqing.

He picked up and heard a cheeky male voice from the other end. “Second Bro, you’re back. We specially prepared a gift for you. Have you seen it? Do you like it?”

A hint of anger spread on his handsome face. He squinted and said coldly, “What are you doing?! Open the door.”

“Hehe, Second Bro, just focus on enjoying your beautiful woman. This time I found you one with a tip-top figure, looks, and everything you could think of. You’ll definitely be satisfied!”

With that, he hung up first.

When he tried to return the call, the other end was already not in service.


Mo Yesi stood outside the bathroom with a solemn look.

The sound of water could be heard from inside the bathroom. Someone was in there.

His lips were distorted at a strange, stiff angle. A moment later, he pushed the door open.

Thick clouds of mist escaped through the door. A woman was humming softly behind that white veil of water droplets, over and over again like a little kitten.

His feet were rooted.

As the mist dispersed, the scene became clearer to him.

There was a woman sitting in the bathroom.

She had a pretty face, her features exquisite, and her lips were a cherry blossom shade.

Her eyes were full of life and seemed to hold an entire galaxy—stunningly bright.

Even Mo Yesi, who was used to seeing belles and beauties all the time, was in awe for a moment.

This was the beautiful lady whom Yan Shaoqing and the rest gifted him?

She was beautiful indeed, but what a pity it was that even the most beautiful of women couldn’t spark his interest.

He watched for a short moment before speaking to her coldly, “Get out of there yourself. I’m giving you one minute to vanish from my room.”

The woman slowly looked up.

First she knitted her brows ever so slightly, then she looked at him. She reached her hand out.

When he did not respond to her, she grabbed his pants.

Mo Yesi froze as his muscles tensed up. He thought he might puke on the moment or feel an itch through his body. But even a while later, none of that happened.

Mo Yesi had the Anti-Women Disorder.

Besides his kin, no other woman could get close to him.

But in this moment he realized that he actually wasn’t repulsed by this woman.

His body wasn’t displaying any sort of unpleasant effects.

Mo Yesi lowered his head and looked at her. In the depths of his eyes were a hint of surprise.

Before he figured his thoughts out, the woman had already gotten off the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tiptoed slightly and gave him a peck on his cool lips.

She looked up at him with those wide, soulful eyes and said, “Help me.”

When Qiao Mianmian woke up, she was alone on the huge bed, but there was still the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

She sat up against the bed frame, and her mind was a blank for a good few seconds. Then, her memories came rushing back.

She went pale as she remembered what happened the previous night.

While she was still immersed in thought, the sound of water in the bathroom ceased.

Qiao Mianmian did not think much about it. She hopped off the bed despite the discomfort she felt and hurriedly put on her clothes, before turning to leave quietly.


Qiao Mianmian had only taken a few steps when the bathroom door opened.

Mo Yesi walked out of the bathroom.

He had a bath towel wrapped around him, but his toned chest and broad shoulders were well-exposed.

His head of wet hair gave him a casual look.

He swept a glance across the room and was stunned for a moment when he realized that the messy bed was now empty. Slightly confused, he walked towards the bed.

He gave Lu Rao a call and soon heard a lazy voice. “Ah Si, what got you taking the initiative to call me for a change?”

Mo Yesi ignored his teasing and went straight to the point. “There was a lady in my room last night.”

It went silent.

Then, he heard the man on the line cough as if he’d choked upon hearing the news. “W-What did you say? Ah Si, am I understanding you correctly? You and the woman... have done it?”

Mo Yesi simply acknowledged. “Mm.”

The man continued coughing and trying to catch his breath as if he’d just seen the sun rise in the West. “Heck! Haven’t you always detested women touching you? I remember a woman who accidentally touched you once, and you immediately went off to wash your hands 10 times over.”

Mo Yesi went quiet for a few moments before saying, “She’s different from the rest. My body doesn’t feel repulsed by her. In fact, I like it when she gets near me.”

The lady last night did not make him feel revolted at all.

Moreover, he even liked her faint fragrant scent.

He couldn’t help but want to get closer to her.

He called Lu Rao to understand just what was going on with him.

He’d never experienced anything like this.

“And...” Mo Yesi looked down at the messy bed and hesitated before saying, “I slept for six hours last night. I didn’t wake up in the middle, nor did I have that nightmare.”

Lu Rao was extremely surprised. “What’s going on here?”

Mo Yesi rubbed his temple and his voice went a little hoarse. “I wouldn’t be calling you if I knew. I’m wondering, has it got something to do with her?”

Lu Rao asked, “The woman who made you impure?”

Mo Yesi went quiet.

Lu Rao stopped his cheekiness and got serious. “If you want to know whether it’s got something to do with her, then that’s simple. Just have contact with her another time.”

Mo Yesi was still silent.

Lu Rao said, “Ah Si, I’m not kidding with you. If it’s really something about her, she might just be your savior.”


His world had been dark and gloomy for 20 years, he thought he’d long been used to it.

If he hadn’t felt warmth or seen light, he’d have continued getting used to this life.

But after experiencing the good, he was unwilling to return to the darkness.

If she really was his savior, then he had to have her, whatever it took.


Wei Zheng picked up the phone and heard a low, clear voice. “Find out who the woman in my room last night is. Now.”

“Yes, President Mo.”


My Romance