Chapter 70:


Elyon - Gods among us

Two days after Orniskem's victory over the forces of Ares on the planet Mars, the Greek god of war was in Lel, walking on the gigantic stone bridge that linked the dimensional entrance to the planet, with the huge castle where Elyon resided.

The castle was gigantic, at first sight its roof could not be seen, as it was much higher than any mountain that existed on another planet, considering that Lel was the largest planet in all existing universes.

It was a gloomy palace, rectangular in its main wall, while on the sides, two walls, also rectangular, extended endlessly across the horizon.

The main door, where two columns of gold and silver rose on either side of a gigantic cedar door with gold, silver, lapis lazuli, and precious gem clasps, was guarded by two malakim wielding their flaming swords.

The sky was cloudy and dark, although the stars could be seen. Above the castle, a perpetual half-moon was illuminated. The planet had seven satellites, and these were always arranged in such a way that only one moon was visible in the shape of said half-moon.

Ares walked nervously on the stone bridge. Each column of it had the image of two sculpted winged sphinxes. The bridge connected to the main courtyard of Lel, where two enormous sphinxes with the faces of women stood. These sphinxes seemed alive and their eyes followed everyone who crossed the bridge.

When the god of war set foot in the main courtyard, the two malakim raised their swords, crossing them to close the entrance to the god so that he could not enter.

—Lady Anath has no business with you— they said.

—Do not hinder me!— Ares shouted as he lifted both malakim with his two hands and beheaded them. The god's eyes were filled with rage, and saliva emanated from his panting mouth, as if he were a rabid dog.

To the god's surprise, there was no warning, no alarm signal. Nothing.

Ares calmly threw the heads of the two angels and opened the main door. But, surprisingly, right behind the door was Anath standing.Her pink eyes and hair, along with her two enormous horns that emanated from her forehead, were enough to intimidate anyone. In addition, the goddess wore a golden armor with a horrific face on her belly, a face that looked like the face of a demon. She also wore a cape and a purple dress that covered the goddess's body. The most curious thing is that, on her right side, she had what seemed to be a sheathed oriental sword.

Ares, upon seeing her, could not help but jump. The goddess had left her throne just to see him, and justly, he had killed the two guards outside. Anath did not need alarms or security, since she saw everything in Lel. Was this perhaps her rumored omnipresence ability?

—Ares, Ares, do you dare to show your filthy face after the defeat you had?— Anath asked with a hint of annoyance.

—Of course I came back! Your Hikaptha was defective. I could not perform a proper assimilation, and I ended up being humiliated by a disgusting tannin and that bitch of my sister— Ares shouted furiously.

—Well, are you going to blame me for your own weakness? The Hikaptha worked well, but no one thought that the Olympian god of war was so pathetic and weak— Anath replied with a grim look.

Ares gritted his teeth furiously.

—I know you were healed in Pallas, and Athena let you escape. You spoke too much in front of her, and yet, you dare to place your disgusting presence in front of me— the goddess replied.

At that moment, two women appeared behind Anath.

The first was the goddess Baalat, whom Tania had seen in her dreams. The goddess wore a peculiar golden crown with a sun drawn on the top, and two feathers behind it. In addition, she wore a golden breastplate, which covered her stomach and breasts, and was dressed in a long white dress. Baalat's face was finally visible. She had a beautiful, but intimidating white face, with blue eyes, which shone like pearls; and both her mouth and eyes were painted red. Her hair was blonde and shone golden.

The second goddess was very white, and her hair was purple. At the top of her head was a crescent moon, giving an appearance of having horns. In addition, she had beautiful, but intimidating red eyes. Her armor left very little to the imagination, as it only covered her nipples with golden details. She also wore a tiny golden thong, which covered her erogenous parts very little. She wore golden sandals and gauntlets with golden cloths, covering some parts of her legs and arms.

Of the three goddesses, Baalat was the tallest, followed by Anath. The third goddess was the shortest of all, but also the most beautiful.

—Baalat, Astarte, refrain from intervening— Anath said without even turning to look at them.

—We know, sister. We have only come to watch the show— Baalat said.

Meanwhile, Astarte only laughed discreetly.

—I think you underestimate me— Ares said. —To tell the truth, I doubt that you are as strong as you claim to be. You were nothing more than a shit kingdom a few years ago; it's impossible that you have become so strong...—

But at that moment, something interrupted him. His right arm was flying in front of him, as if it had been cut off by a sword. Horrified, and still the arm floating in the air from the impact, he looked at Anath, but she was completely still, just in the same relaxed position she had taken. Her sword was still sheathed.

Ares' arm fell to the ground, while the god fell to his knees in agony.

—Watch your words, god of war. You're not in a position to argue with me— Anath replied, still with her annoyed look.

Ares got up again, although his arm did not adhere to him, he realized that he had lost a huge amount of ichor in that blow. His face crumpled, and he gave a defiant look to the ruling goddess of Lel.

—Do you think your space-time techniques will intimidate me? Witch!— Ares asked furiously.

—Space-Time? It was just a simple cut made with my sword Mikazuki— Anath replied.

Ares made his dark wings appear, and also raised his sword Phobos with his left hand, which had not been destroyed in the previous fight.

—With one touch of this sword, you will lose!— Ares shouted and threw himself at the goddess.

Anath did not move a single millimeter, and still, Ares fell to the ground cut into multiple pieces.

—I am surrounded by incompetents who can't even fulfill a single order, and that goes for you too, sister Baalat— Anath said as she stepped over Ares' dismembered body and crushed his skull with her foot.

—I didn't consider it important to destroy that little town called Ibiza, to risk the reputation of our kingdom, sister Anath— Baalat replied.

—Bah, it doesn't matter. We just have to catch some flies that escaped, but this time, I will do it personally— Anath replied, turning to her sisters and walking towards them.

—You? But we need you to lead Lel, now that Our Father is indisposed— Astarte said surprised.

—You can do it without me, right?— Anath asked her sister with a smile.

—Me? Well, I guess— Astarte replied with a worried look.

—Good, I leave everything in your hands. In the meantime, call a malak to clean up that shit at the entrance of the palace, and by the way to disinfect my boot— Anath said as she walked away, disappearing from her sisters' sight.

—Yes, sister— both goddesses said bowing.

—Vinland, eh?— Anath said as she was sitting again on her throne, and a malak was serving a flaming chalice to her golden cup.

The goddess tasted it, and at that moment made a face of horror, throwing her cup on the floor.

—Fool, that's too hot— Anath shouted while she had her tongue out, and her face had turned red.

—I apologize, my lady! I will bring you another colder one— the malak replied nervously and ran out of there.

Anath crossed her legs in her seat and made a bored face.

—I never thought that ruling the cosmos would be so tedious; well, at least I'll have some fun killing those girls. And in Vinland, I don't have to worry about our reputation, since it's a lawless land— Anath thought as she looked at the golden cup on the floor, from which the boiling chalice she had thrown was emanating.

At that, Anath smiled wickedly.

—The game begins— she said.

At that, the malak again brought her a clean golden cup with boiling chalice. The goddess took it again and drank, and again threw it on the floor.

—That's too cold, idiot!— Anath yelled at her malak.