Chapter 72:

Orniskem vs Asgard

Elyon - Gods among us

—My name is Modi, the wrath— said Thor's blonde son while pointing at the members of Orniskem with his enormous axe.

—And mine is Magni, the great— commented the second son of Thor, also lifting the axe almost parallel to his brother.

Both gods had almost identical armor, and if it weren't for their hair color and differences in facial hair, they would be identical.

—My name is Menrva, and these two girls are Tania and Ana. The three of us will be your opponents— exclaimed the Etruscan goddess as the sky darkened and started to thunder.

—A Jupiter. We'll see if you're worthy of your element, Menrva— Heimdal calmly commented, as he firmly grasped the handle of his sword embedded in the ground and closed his eyes.

—Alright, whenever you're ready— Tania said to Modi, who was the Asgardian god in front of her.

—We'll check the results of our training today— Ana said, pointing her sword at Magni.

Ful-kompna vǫrn— Heimdal shouted, at the same time that Modi and Magni launched themselves with their axes in a show of attack against the goddesses. However, both Tania and Ana, evaded the attacks of both gods. At the same time, Tania buried her fire claw in Modi's abdomen, and Ana cut off Magni's arm with her sword. Both gods fell to the ground with the momentum they carried from their attacks.

Menrva, for her part, took her electric spear and threw it at Heimdal. The spear stuck into a kind of invisible barrier that covered the god, and at that moment, time froze. A huge shockwave emerged from the shield protecting Heimdal, and it hit the Etruscan goddess; she felt as if her bones and internal organs were exploding from the inside. Menrva was thrown out by the attack and fell to the ground. Her spear was repeled and fell next to her as well.

—My technique is the perfect defense, Menrva. Any attack that my shield receives, will be countered with a shock wave that is impossible to avoid— Heimdal calmly mentioned while continuing to not move an inch.

—They're stronger than Father said— Modi commented as he got up and his wounds healed.

—It'll be interesting— Magni responded, at the same time as his arm reintegrated into his body.

—Are you okay, Menrva?— Ana shouted at the Etruscan goddess who lay on the ground in a pool of blood.

Rodrigo, Epona, Anpiel and Susanoo got into attack position to fight as well, but they were stopped by Menrva's voice.

—If this were my limit, my master Athena wouldn't have made me team leader— the goddess said as, to everyone's astonishment, she disappeared leaving static electricity where she was.
But immediately, an electrical explosion hit Heimdal's barrier, and a spark that emanated from this phenomenon fell like a thunderbolt to the ground, causing a huge crater. Menrva was in the middle of this hole all bloodied, blood coming out of her mouth, eyes, and various wounds on her body. However, she was still smiling.

—My defense cannot be pierced even by teleportation— Heimdal calmly commented.

—I figured, but it was worth doing the experiment— Menrva still agitatedly responded.

Modi and Magni stood side by side, and both raised their axes in unison. At the same time, they made an attack movement with them shouting: —Tvíburabylgja—. This caused a huge sonic wave that traveled to Tania and Ana, who quickly, got into defensive position. Ana, in addition to that, invoked her shield Dubán.

The attack made them fly and they fell next to Menrva, who was already getting up.

—No point underestimating them, they're fighting to kill— Menrva said panting.

—Menrva, your wounds aren't healing!— Ana shouted in horror.

—It's because that attack from Heimdal is absurdly powerful. I don't think even Ares would have had such power, or my former anunnaki, Tinia— Menrva answered staying up laboriously, but still with a smile.

—Do you want us to help you with that guy?— Tania asked.

—No, I think we should stop playing and use our power to the fullest. Our mission is to get to Vinland as soon as possible, remember?— Menrva said as she staggered towards Heimdal's barrier.

—Okay, let's give it our best— Ana said to Tania while she fist-bumped the goddess.

—Gladly, friend— Tania replied, and with her fist wrapped in flames, she fist-bumped Ana in a sign of friendship.

—Well, I think the previous attack wasn't enough, but this time we'll do it with our maximum power— Modi shouted.

—Yes, soon you will know about the immense power of Thor's sons— Magni shouted smiling, as both of them raised their axes again.

Tvíburabylgja— The sons of Thor shouted again, as they made the gigantic sonic blizzard, which was destroying everything in front of it. However, in an instant, the shock wave disappeared, leaving only a dust cloud. Surprised, the two gods, as the cloud dissipated, only saw Tania with her right hand raised. The goddess had entered her manticore mode.

—That's impossible! How did she stop our best technique with her bare hand?— Modi shouted surprised.

At that moment, behind the Punic goddess, Ana walked calmly holding her gigantic sword Gram with both hands.

—That sword... is that Gram? The weapon that the hero Sigurd used to kill the dragon Fafnir!— Magni shouted surprised seeing Ana with that weapon.

—Of course, and with this same sword I will split you both in two— Ana defiantly replied.

—We can't let that girl carry a weapon from our world, we have to take it away from her no matter what!— Modi shouted furiously.

—Well, try it— Tania responded to the threat. —But I remind you that, to do so, you must defeat me as well—.

—I propose a deal— Ana commented, —The sword will be kept by the winning team, agreed?—.

—Don't try to be clever, witch— Modi shouted furiously.

Meanwhile, Menrva stood in front of an immovable Heimdal. The goddess, despite her wounds, kept smiling.

—Let me see if I understand your technique. No matter what, or how I attack; even if it was my strongest technique or a simple spark, that shock wave will be just as powerful, right?— Menrva defiantly asked as she continued to breathe deeply.

—No matter how much you question the technique, the third time the shock wave hits you, that will be your end— the white Nordic god replied.

At that moment, Heimdal made a gesture of annoyance.

—There is something strange about her thoughts, I can't read them clearly— the god said to himself.

—Are you starting to worry finally? Menrva asked sarcastically. —Well, that means my plan will work. By the way, I thought you were incapable of feeling emotions. What a surprise!—.

Heimdal returned to his serious expression, as if nothing had happened.

—It's impossible to stop my shock wave with a shield, especially since I freeze time when I do it. When the shock wave hits you, you won't even be able to get into defense mode— the Nordic god replied.
—Well, we'll see about that— said Menrva as she created a small spark with her finger and slowly threw it towards Heimdal's shield.

But, just before the spark touched the shield, the goddess spread her arms and shouted: —Malena Caperi—. At that moment, a circular and semi-transparent shield was drawn in front of her.

The spark collided with the Nordic god's shield, and as he predicted, time stopped and a shock wave erupted. It traveled towards Menrva quickly, and when it hit the shield the goddess had placed, it shattered it and hit the Etruscan goddess. But the shards of the shield created by Menrva floated in the air, and traveled in unison to Heimdal's shield, hitting it and destroying it at the same time, while they passed through the body of the Nordic god. At the same time, Menrva was hit by the shock wave.

However, the attack of the Etruscan goddess caused a huge damage in Heimdal, destroying his armor and breaking all his bones and internal organs. Even his eyes and teeth grotesquely exploded at the attack. While Menrva easily endured the shock wave attack.

At that same moment, Tania launched herself at Modi in her manticore form shouting: —Rahafu Sharshi—. The goddess split the god in half from head to crotch.

For her part Ana, using the sword Gram, similarly split Magni shouting: —Súil Balor—.

Heimdal, along with Modi and Magni, fell to the ground defeated, while the three goddesses remained standing in the battlefield.

—How could you defeat my barrier?— Heimdal asked. —Why couldn't I hear your plan clearly?—.

—I understood that you were listening to my thoughts, so I locked my mind in a distortion and made you hear what I was thinking in a confused way— Menrva answered as she walked towards Heimdal and offered him her hand to help him up.

Heimdal accepted the courtesy and stood up with the help of the Etruscan goddess.

—'Malena Caperi' is not a shield, it's a mirror. I simply reflected your attack in full. Since it was so powerful, I couldn't reflect all of it, so part of it still hit me, but the rest was strong enough to defeat you. Your ichor is lower than mine— Menrva replied, smiling at Heimdal.

—So, did we pass the test?— Ana asked Modi, as she saw how he was laboriously recovering and trying to get up along with Magni.

—And my friend will keep the sword, right?— Tania asked Magni while offering him her hand, although the god still had trouble reassembling his body from the attack.

—She is worthy of Gram, much to my chagrin— Modi replied with one knee on the ground.

—You are stronger than our father had said— Magni finally responded when his body had come together, but he was still on the ground.

—Yes, without a doubt, you are as strong as Thor and the others at this moment— Heimdal replied, already standing.

Rodrigo, Epona, Anpiel and Susanoo quickly joined the victorious goddesses, but everyone was surprised when they saw Menrva fall to the ground completely exhausted and bloody, with her wounds still open.

—Quick!— Epona shouted to Anpiel. —Give her ambrosia!—.

Anpiel was about to give her some when a hand stopped him. It was a red-haired girl in a Valkyrie armor, but in her other hand she did not carry a spear, but a horn of mead.

—We know that there is not enough ambrosia in Pallas, but we have plenty that we mix with our mead. Quick! Drink all of you to recover from your wounds— the woman urged, while the Valkyries who were in the battlefield, approached the gods with horns of mead.

—Thank you, excuse me, what is your name?— Anpiel asked as the goddess released the angel's arm.

—I am Thrúd, also a daughter of the mighty Thor. Congratulations on your victory, Orniskem— the goddess replied with a smile.

—Give me some mead too, sister— Modi ordered Thrúd, still crawling on the ground. At that, to the surprise of the members of Orniskem, the goddess kicked her brother sending him flying far away.

—You two are a disgrace to the family! It's no wonder that our father chose me as his heir— the woman said.

Thrúd did not look like a beautiful goddess, in fact, she looked quite robust and unfeminine. She did not have makeup on her face and her hair was completely disheveled. If she were a human woman, she would surely look like a barmaid in some tavern. However, her green eyes were quite pretty, although small.

—As I was saying, my father Thor instructed me that, in case you passed the test, you would be invited to the banquet hall Valhalla to talk about details regarding Vinland— the daughter of Thor commented.

After Menrva, Heimdal and the sons of Thor drank mead, the white god stood up and turned around.

—Won't you join us, Heimdal?— Thrúd asked.

—No, my duty is to watch and protect this land, I can't waste my time at parties— the Nordic god answered and once again got into a vigilance position, with his sword on the ground and his gaze lost on the horizon.

—We will be happy to join in your festivities— Menrva commented, while signaling the rest of the Orniskem team to come closer.

—They just attacked us, they won't do it again, will they?— Epona asked puzzled.

—Are you implying there will be a second test?— Ana asked.

—I doubt it— Menrva commented, —I think that Heimdal is the strongest in this world, and even though he didn't fight with all his power, he is still above the other Nordic gods I feel around—.
Rodrigo and company nodded.

—Alright, my teammates have also decided to join the banquet. Could you show us the way, Thrúd?— the Etruscan goddess asked Thor's daughter.

—Certainly— Thrúd replied, and she signaled the Valkyries to head to the grand palace of Valhalla.

The sons of Thor, along with the Valkyries, flew north of the Bifrost Bridge. Menrva followed them, and behind her, Rodrigo, Tania, Ana, Epona, Anpiel, and Susanoo were also flying.

Rodrigo was amazed by all the architecture of Asgard, although many buildings looked destroyed. The gigantic golden buildings that rose throughout the area were impressive: while a slightly greenish blue sky crowned the scenery.

—Surprised, Rodrigo?— Epona asked the young man as she saw him awestruck, looking at the enormous city whose boundaries seemed to have no end.

—This doesn't compare to the city of Turtuxa, it's not even a shadow. Even though I can see there was a war in this place, all those enormous golden temples, those fountains, those gardens, those colossal statues, those circuses. It's like being in another world— Rodrigo commented excitedly.

—We are literally in another world. But Avalon is much more beautiful— Epona replied with a proud look.

—Avalon is a ranch full of horses and swamps, Rui. Don't listen to her— Ana commented as she joined the conversation.

—Tell me, Rui, wouldn't you like to see an underground city with enormous bridges, waterfalls springing from the walls, and buildings made of rock; all ornamented with precious stones and lights?— Ana said, taking Rodrigo by the arm.

—Yes, the sunrises must be beautiful there— Epona replied, taking Rodrigo by the other arm.

—Girls, please, we already know that your kingdoms were beautiful. What does that matter?— Tania commented as she flew over them.

—You say that just because Lel is a dump— Epona replied mockingly.

—I won't deny it, Lel is creepy— Tania responded without the spirit to join the conversation.

—What is Lel like?— Rodrigo asked.

—It's a huge castle that's always at night. There are two monstrous sphinxes on a bridge, and well, I don't think there's much to see. Literally instead of a city, the whole kingdom is inside a castle always in shadow— Ana commented.

—There are thousands of cities inside the castle rooms— Tania mentioned. —But they all look the same, a square and grayish architecture—.

—Nobody goes there for tourism, it's all bureaucracy— Epona added.

—Man, my kingdom is not very nice either— Menrva mentioned as she flew alongside Tania and tried to join the conversation.

—What kingdom is that of Man?— Rodrigo asked intrigued.

—It's the kingdom Rasenna, or as it's called today, Etruscan. Like Ana's kingdom, it's a kingdom built under the ground. Inside, there are various corridors with many architectures in the Greek style. We're also not used to seeing the sunlight or anything like that— explained the Etruscan goddess.

—My kingdom is then the most beautiful of all— commented Susanoo, excited.

—That's true, I've never seen your kingdom, what's its name?— Ana asked, intrigued.

—Takama-no-hara, and it's a very beautiful kingdom, full of mountains, temples, baths, waterfalls, lakes, rice fields; all surrounded by a mystical mist— Susanoo proudly explained.

—It sounds very similar to Olympus— replied Menrva.

—I don't know Olympus, Menrva-san, so I couldn't comment— Susanoo responded.

—Well, what do you think about this?— Menrva excitedly asked. —When we finish this mission, let's go sightseeing to other lands, and meet other people and cultures, starting with ours, wouldn't you like that?— the goddess asked, her excitement apparent.

—I... can't go back to my kingdom— Ana said, looking down.

—Me neither; my brothers probably don't want to see me— Epona added, sounding sad.

—Oh, I'm sorry, girls— said Menrva with a look of sadness.

—Besides, I doubt we can go around the world with Lel on our heels— added Tania.

—That's true, I hadn't thought about it— Menrva admitted, looking a little sad.

—And by the way, Miss Menrva, what's your story? Why were you with Ares?— Anpiel asked, intrigued, and joined the conversation as well.

—I... well... I just ran away from home in search of adventures— Menrva replied, seeming a bit uncertain and as if she was trying to hide something.

—That's all? I thought you had a more tragic past, or that you had been expelled— Tania commented.

—No... I don't have a tragic past. I just wanted to see the world— the Etruscan goddess said, sounding a bit sad. —However, Pallas, although it is ruled by my master, is a rather... precarious kingdom—.

Everyone could see that Menrva looked a bit sad, but no one said anything. Everyone, in some way, also had personal issues to deal with.

—Wouldn't you like to travel the human world, Miss Menrva?— Rodrigo asked.

—The human world?— the Etruscan goddess asked, intrigued.

—Yes, I'd like to do that too. I heard that a long time ago, there was a man named Herodotus who traveled the world and wrote in his books everything he saw. I don't know if doing something like that is possible in the realms of the gods, but as humans, we can travel the world and see all that you talk about— Rodrigo continued.

—That sounds pretty good— Menrva said, smiling.

Just then, Thrúd announced that they were finally arriving at Valhalla. In the distance, above all the enormous constructions, a gigantic garden could be seen with a huge tree in the middle. Behind all that, an imposing palace that shone like gold on the horizon.

Rodrigo stared at the palace in amazement and delight. He had never seen such a large castle, it made the silver palace in Pallas or the palace of Ares in Areopagus look like small models. It was something impressive.