Chapter 0:

Akihiro's Betrayal

That Time I Was Betrayed and Got My Revenge

In the peaceful world of Althoria, where magic and technology coexist, a young man named Akihiro lived a content life in a small village. With a kind heart and an unwavering loyalty to his friends and family, he was well-loved by everyone around him.

Prologue - Chapter 1: The Golden Days

Akihiro, with his silver hair and bright blue eyes, had always been different from others. He possessed a rare gift: the ability to wield both elemental and healing magic. His friends and family cherished him for this unique talent, and they often relied on him to resolve conflicts and heal their wounds.

The village of Luminara was a close-knit community, and Akihiro's closest friends were Tatsuya and Mina. They had been inseparable since childhood, and their bond seemed unbreakable.

Prologue - Chapter 2: The Dark Clouds Gather

However, as the trio grew older, an envious shadow began to loom over their friendship. Tatsuya, who was once Akihiro's most loyal companion, found himself unable to stand in the young man's radiant presence any longer. Jealousy gnawed at his heart, and he yearned to surpass Akihiro in power and popularity.

Feeding his envy, Tatsuya befriended the cunning and manipulative Lucia, a sorceress from a neighboring village. She saw an opportunity to exploit Tatsuya's jealousy and manipulate him for her own nefarious plans.

Prologue - Chapter 3: The Feast of Betrayal

One fateful night, the village of Luminara hosted a grand celebration to honor the new High Priestess. Akihiro, as the village's renowned healer, was tasked with overseeing the festivities. Little did he know that this night would become the turning point of his life.

As the festivities reached their peak, a series of unfortunate events unfolded. Akihiro was falsely accused of sabotaging the ceremony, casting a dark aura on the sacred gathering. Chaos erupted, and the villagers, once full of adoration for Akihiro, now looked at him with suspicion and anger.

Prologue - Chapter 4: Betrayal of the Heart

In the midst of the turmoil, Tatsuya and Mina, Akihiro's closest friends, stood silent, watching from the shadows. Lucia had successfully poisoned their hearts against their once-beloved companion. The weight of their betrayal crushed Akihiro's spirit, and he found himself standing alone, abandoned by those he trusted the most.

Prologue - Chapter 5: The Banishment

The village council, influenced by Lucia's dark magic and deceitful lies, convened an emergency meeting to pass judgment on Akihiro. With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, the village chief announced his verdict: Akihiro was to be banished from Luminara, never to return.

Heartbroken and betrayed by his friends, family, and the world he once knew, Akihiro left the village that night, vowing to seek revenge against those who had wronged him. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a long and treacherous journey that would test his resolve, challenge his beliefs, and lead him down the path of vengeance.

Thus, the tale of Akihiro's betrayal and his quest for revenge began, as he set out to confront his past, uncover the truth, and forge a new destiny in a world that had forsaken him.