Chapter 74:

The Toltec kingdom

Elyon - Gods among us

In the southern part of the northern region of the land of Vinland, after crossing snowy, swampy and desert terrains, a valley with beautiful mountains and abundant forests rises. The climate is cool, and deer, hummingbirds, raccoons, ducks and eagles can be seen throughout the region.

A valley blessed by nature, full of waterfalls, lakes and beautiful forests, is just where, in the center of this paradise, a gigantic city called Tollan or Tula is located.

The city of Tula is divided into two parts: The south zone, where the houses and markets of the humans are located, is called Tula; but in the north zone, where a large esplanade opens with various white stepped pyramids and sumptuous palaces, is called Tollan, and it is where the gods live among the humans. These gods have ruled the city since its creation, when they abandoned the city of Puh (nowadays known as Teohtihuacan) due to military disputes and invasions.

Although Tula was ruled by kings or tlatoanis, they were only intermediaries for the inhabitants in Tollan, since it was rare for one of those deities to descend to the south zone of the city, to Tula, to administer or manage human problems. However, their participation in war against other kingdoms, especially the kingdoms of Mayapán in the east of the empire, the Zapotec empire in the south, or the warrior tribes Chichimecas to the north, were not strange things.

The current anunnaki of Tollan, or as it is called in this region: 'Tezcatlipoca', was Yayauhqui. A god who painted his skin black and wore a huge headdress of red feathers with green, which came out of a demon skull on his head. In addition, he wore a large jaguar robe, and on his chest he had tied a huge obsidian mirror. It was notable that he did not have one leg, so he always used a cane to walk.

The face of the deity had a green stripe painted on his eyes, which were completely black, and had a touch of terror in them. From his mouth protruded terrible fangs. The god sat proudly on a throne, which was made of stone, and had the shape of a grotesque jaguar man, who was lying down with his knees high.

The Tollan complex was located on an esplanade, which had a group of buildings and pyramids in the north part, and a pyramid for human sacrifices in the east zone.

Yayauhqui, or as he was commonly called, Tezcatlipoca because of his title, was sitting on the central stepped pyramid, which was white with red, and at the top, warrior columns of the same colors, jealously held the roof. The murals at the top of the pyramid depicted images of the glory of the Toltec empire, and how the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Mayan kingdoms paid tribute to the great god-king of this enormous empire.

The Toltec god-king was quietly drinking a chocolate drink in a ceramic cup shaped like a jaguar, while women danced in front of him in suggestive dances. At that moment, he heard a great tumult outside.

—Lord Tezcatlipoca! Lord Tezcatlipoca! Someone has come to see you!— a messenger came proclaiming in Nahuatl.

Tezcatlipoca, who could not avoid feeling the power of who had arrived in his kingdom, quickly stood up and ran to the entrance of his pyramid. Outside, he saw two of his fellow deities: Xipe Totec and Tlaloc, who were at the door, both with a look of fear and concern.

—How is this possible?! Is that bitch back in these lands again?— Tezcatlipoca asked his two companions in annoyance and fear.

—We already complied with what she asked us, what now does she want? Take over these lands too?— Tlaloc asked with the same look.

—Anyway, I don't think it's good— added Xipe Totec.

At that moment, in the distance, on the esplanade, where a crowd of people were opening the way as if a king had arrived, the goddess Anath walked towards the pyramid followed by a retinue of Malakim armed with their fire swords. The look of Elyon's daughter was of annoyance and anger.

—Great Anath of Lel! To what do we owe the honor of your visit to these humble lands of Tula?— Tezcatlipoca shouted in divine language at the goddess, who continued to walk towards the pyramid where the Toltec god-king lived.

Anath stopped and looked up at the Toltec king. Elyon's daughter smiled with a smirk of complacency.

—I have come to visit a friendly kingdom, great Tezcatlipoca, and wish peace and prosperity to this nation— said the goddess with a smile on her face.

—She lies— Tlaloc said in Nahuatl.

—I know, but it would be imprudent to confront her or try to ambush her. Even with the Atlanteans limiting divine power, that damn bitch could raze this land in the blink of an eye— Tezcatlipoca commented in Nahuatl, annoyed.

—It doesn't matter! Close the doors and kill her. We can't keep waiting for that damn bitch to keep wanting to manipulate our kingdom— Xipe Totec replied, also in Nahuatl.

—Have you not heard that she alone massacred thousands of gods in a matter of seconds just because they insulted her brother? That bitch is not only a killing machine, she is ridiculously powerful. She could turn us into pulque with a finger— Tlaloc answered, frightened.

—No, to hell with it! Right now— Xipe Totec said as he drew an obsidian knife from his side, but Tezcatlipoca quickly struck him.

—Put that away, idiot! If we are to kill her, it will be when she is distracted— Tezcatlipoca angrily said, just as he saw the goddess in front of the complex staircase of the pyramid.

Anath indicated to her retinue of angels to stand in line in front of the pyramid while she began to climb the stairs.

—I don't understand what you're talking about, but it doesn't seem like I'm being received as the daughter of Elyon that I am, great king of Tula— Anath said, still with her smile that looked more like a psychopath's smile.

—Not at all, my lady! We are very happy to receive you in this humble palace— said the Toltec king in divine language, feigning a smile. Tlaloc and Xipe Totec did the same, while nodding to Tezcatlipoca's words.

Tlaloc was short, and his skin was painted blue. His head was covered with a terrifying helmet, as if it were a water beast, in fact, only his mouth was visible, which showed in the jaw of his mask. His eyes, on the other hand, peered out of some greenish glasses that were part of the marine creature. In addition, he wore a diagonal helmet adorned with several green feathers. He was also wearing a greenish skirt and several sea jewels on his chest, like sea snails and shells.

Xipe Totec, on his side, was quite tall, but if someone saw his clothing, it is very likely that they would be intimidated, as it was made from the skin of another human. He had his face painted red, and he wore a huge red conical helmet with green feathers; in addition to elaborate blue and red earrings, and a skirt made of white feathers with green.

Although Anath was not particularly tall, in fact, she was shorter than Tezcatlipoca and Xipe Totec, her golden armor with the demonic face on her chest and her Egyptian helmet with feathers were enough to intimidate anyone.

The goddess, after finishing climbing the stairs and standing right in front of Tezcatlipoca, removed her helmet. Her terrible pink eyes and her hair of the same color could be seen shaking in the fresh wind that was in the region. Red horns protruded from her forehead, while the goddess kept her malevolent smile.

—Why don't you have some pulque and hot chocolatl while you tell us about your business in Tula, Lady Anath?— Tezcatlipoca commented with a display of reverence.

—I will appreciate your cordiality— Anath replied, as she moved into the palace.

The servants, in a hurry, brought chairs for Anath, Tlaloc, and Xipe Totec; while they also brought chocolate, pulque, fruit, and sweets, and placed them on a table. When they finished, they quickly bowed and left the complex.

The chocolate was boiling, just as Anath liked.

—Wow, Tezcatlipoca, you really know my tastes— the goddess said smiling while she delighted in that delicacy.

The god king of Tula took a guava and tasted it.

—And tell me, Lady Anath, how is the great Elyon?— he asked, seeking diplomacy.

—Very old and tired, to the point that I am literally the one who now rules the kingdom, but he still has health— the goddess answered.

—I am very happy for that, Lady Anath— Tezcatlipoca replied with a feigned smile.

—Do you remember that a few years ago, you were urgently informed that the god king of this kingdom was a tannin, right?— Anath asked while picking up a nanche with her fingers.

—Yes, we executed that individual at that time. We charged him with false charges of rape and sentenced him to die burned alive— Tezcatlipoca replied and the other two gods nodded.

—That's strange, because just recently, I saw exactly a man wearing totemas of this kingdom and... looking exactly like that Quetzalcoatl!— the goddess Anath said furiously, as she threw the nanche to the ground causing a crack in it.

—That's impossible, Lady! We executed him! I myself directed his punishment!— Xipe Totec shouted annoyed while he got up, but Tlaloc quickly tried to calm him down. The god, still annoyed, sat down again.

—Quetzalcoatl died, Lady Anath. I don't understand your father's obsession with a simple snake god, when they here are not illegal or persecuted—Tezcatlipoca replied.

—But still, we acceded to his request to maintain good relations with his kingdom— he concluded.

Anath then made a communication sphere appear, and with her hand, she made it float over the food table. In the sphere, images began to appear in the form of video of Rodrigo, dressed with the totema of Ehecatl, fighting against Susanoo. Later, against Ares, in his tannin transformation.

—Then, explain this to me— the goddess said, annoyed, while the Toltec gods watched with surprise.

—The resemblance to Quetzalcoatl is undeniable, but that totema is from Ehecatl, if I remember correctly— Tlaloc said, surprised.

—If I didn't want to think badly, that Quetzalcoatl is in MY TERRITORIES! Still alive and you are the ONES WHO SENT HIM THERE!— Anath shouted furiously while continuing to show the video to the Toltec gods.

—I am not aware of such a person, but the totema of Ehecatl disappeared recently, although not our fault— Tezcatlipoca replied, surprised.

—The resemblance is undeniable, but there is something different about his countenance. His green eyes are not like those of Quetzalcoatl— Xipe Totec answered.

—Are you telling me that the bastard could be his son or something like that?— Anath asked.

—Quetzalcoatl was chaste, he had no children. I know, he was my brother— the Toltec king replied nervously.

—And then, what did you see? Do you think I'm lying?— Anath asked as she turned off the communication sphere.

—We do not believe that, Lady Anath— Tezcatlipoca replied nervously.

—Well, I'm a generous and kind goddess. I want you to kill him, and if you do, I won't fulfill my father's threat, do you remember it?— Anath asked as she picked up the crystal again and stood up.

—Yes, we remember— Tezcatlipoca replied.

—And what was it?— Anath asked with an evil smile.

—That you would join forces with the kingdoms in the north to crush this kingdom and bring Christianity to Tula— the Toltec king depressively replied.

—And you know what those Christians would do to your citizens, right?— Anath continued with a smile.

—They would erase your culture, destroy your civilization, they would make your human sacrifices a caricature with what they would enslave and massacre in your kingdom— she explained.

—Damn witch!— Xipe Totec shouted furiously as he drew his knife to stab Anath, but the goddess did not even move at the attack of the Toltec god.

Tlaloc and Tezcatlipoca tried to stop Xipe Totec, but before they could do anything, the Toltec god pierced Anath's chest with his knife. But, to his surprise, the knife broke as if it had collided with very hard metal.

—Still, I have good news— Anath said, completely ignoring the attack of the Toltec god, while Tlaloc made Xipe Totec sit back in his seat.

—I apologize, Lady Anath!— the Toltec king said nervously as he tried to stop Xipe Totec from attacking Anath again.

Elyon's daughter smiled and continued talking.

—I am aware that this boy, whom his companions call Rodrigo, is heading to this continent right now. He should arrive in Sedna's land in about two months— the goddess said as she wiped the dust off the spot where, precisely, Xipe Totec tried to pierce her heart.

—Is he coming to the Toltec kingdom?— Tlaloc asked, surprised.

—Wasn't that forbidden?— Tezcatlipoca asked, surprised.

—It is, but the bastards from Asgard found a way to sneak into these lands and make deals with that bitch of Sedna— Anath replied as she sat back down and took a glass of pulque.

—I was not aware of those alliances— the Toltec king said, worried.

—Anyway, I care little about what Asgard does with the shitty kingdom of Adlivun, but my request regarding this Rodrigo is very simple— Anath said after drinking her pulque and placing the glass on the table.

—You want us to kill him there in Adlivun, right?— Tlaloc asked.

—That's right. And as for his companions, kill them if you want, except for a red-haired girl; she is my dear sister— Anath answered.

—Capture her and bring her here to Tula. I will take care of taking her to my father— she concluded.

—Okay, I will personally go and assassinate him— Tezcatlipoca said as he stood up. —I'll go to the kingdom of Adlivun and take care of those people—

—Elyon will be very grateful for such actions— Anath replied.

—And if you are so strong, why don't you kill them?— Xipe Totec shouted defiantly.

—Enough, Xipe Totec!— Tlaloc shouted nervously.

—If I could use my omnipresence in this land, I would, but I have to kill some Asgard rats that sneaked into this land as well— Anath calmly replied while taking another fruit to eat.

—Do you need anything else, Lady Anath?— Tezcatlipoca asked somewhat sarcastically.

—Yes, one more thing, unimportant— Anath answered.

—What is it?— the Toltec king asked.

—If you try to attack or threaten me again, I will wipe you off the face of the earth!— the goddess answered with a raised voice and a challenging look, just as Xipe Totec exploded into several pieces, as if he had been cut with a sword.

—Good afternoon, gentlemen— said Anath as she got up from her chair while Tezcatlipoca and Tlaloc attended to Xipe Totec, split into hundreds of pieces scattered on the floor in a sea of blood and guts.

Anath left the palace and put her helmet back on. The escort of malakim made a posture of reverence while the goddess continued her march out of Tollan. Her angels, almost robotically, followed her out, while all the gods and people who saw that divinity made way in a sound of fear and respect.

—Tha... thanks to my ability I could survive... miraculously— Xipe Totec said while his pieces joined again to heal his body, but still with a look of horror and fear.

—She is a true monster— Tlaloc said, still shocked by the spectacle.

—At least it will be an easy mission— Tezcatlipoca said.

—Still, I wonder where that boy who looks so much like Quetzalcoatl came from or appeared— he wondered.