Chapter 0:


Sakura School: Dissonance Havoc

That night, Firey was in trouble.

After middle school was over, he went straight to his favorite convenience store. After that, it was only a few minutes of walking to the bus stop, and he finally went home.

However, when he got there, he realized that he had lost the key to his front gate.

It was a small key. Finding it would take quite a while, and not to mention it was nighttime. The sun went down faster in autumn, and he wouldn't be able to search for it properly with only the light from the moon and the street lights.

If he just waited for his aunt and uncle to come home, they'd be able to open the gate, but that didn't change the fact that he lost the key. Some stranger could use it, so they'd have to get the key changed.

He didn't want to cause any trouble.

It's been three months since a curse killed his father and mother.

After that, Firey began to live with his mother's younger brother, his uncle. He had become aware that he was becoming a burden. His family let him go to the same school he had always gone to, they gave him an allowance, and let him do as he pleased.

He was such a burden.

Just once, he had gone to visit his adoptive father, but he turned him away and told him to never come again. Firey wasn't needed, not even by his father.