Chapter 12:

Finishing the Dragon Duel

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

Every challenge seems to be getting tougher and tougher. I should have expected this. This isn’t just a friendly spar, but rather a fight where the loser might die if he isn’t careful. The Craft-Knight’s left arm was feeling loose like it could fall off at any moment.

The villagers that came in the convoy were watching, I wasn’t sure how confident all of them were in me. I wasn't the prideful kind of person, but I don’t want so many people to see me lose by being overpowered like this. None of my punches were doing any major damage, when my left arm collided with him the joint busted and fell off.

I’m barely keeping him from completely crushing me. I knew a few more beginner spells. Dragons should be cold-blooded like regular reptiles. I went all in and used the Ice Blade spell out of Craft-Knight’s chest, “Ice Blade!” The large icicle stabbed into Osaur, with small streams of blood flowing out. At the same time the Craft-Knight went unresponsive, turning off.

I rested back in the leather cushion that padded the cockpit. The dragon laughed in a hoarse voice, “You did better than most. Head inside, I think I have some things you might be interested in.”

He used some sort of healing spell to get rid of the wound, I was kind of bummed yet also kind of relieved that he wasn’t using his full power against me. Should probably just be glad I ‘won’.

The convoy and I followed him deep in the large tunnels that our Stahl-Soldats could fit in. I left the Craft-Knight at the entrance; we’ll need to either disassemble it to put it into my inventory. I haven’t been able to put large things like that or trees and such. The only other option is to have the Halberds carry it back physically.

At the furthest end of the cave, there was a ton of treasure. Piles of gold coins large enough for the dragon to lay in, chests decorated with gold, ornate weapons that were probably magic, and… a fighter jet?

It looked like a broken modern day fighter jet, a few details looked more fantastical, but it definitely looks like it would have been able to fly. Now I haven’t actually seen one in real life but from what I’ve seen on the internet it’s the real deal.

This world does have magic in it, but it didn’t have widely available tech like this. Everyone was surprised at my Craft-Knight. I obviously don’t know how to build one, though I could take it apart and rebuild it with the crafting recipes. “What kind of thing is this?” Chrysós asked with excitement. Osaur raised his head, “It’s something that I found on one of my walks, a flying friend told me it was from the flying Sky Kingdom.”

“What is this flying kingdom?” I just had to ask, a kingdom like that probably would have that kind of technology. Osaur laughed “Well I haven’t actually seen it for myself, since I don’t have wings, but I heard from my flying friends that last year the kingdom of Ventus rose to the skies. Higher than the clouds they went, apparently fighting some foe from the moon. Their battles fierce under the moonlight, yet the explosions are mistaken for stars.”

So, aliens seem to be a thing here. I’m guessing that the mechanical bug thing that attacked the village was made by those moon aliens. Though this world does have dragons and other usual fantasy stuff, I shouldn't be too surprised at moon people. Just like the story of Kaguya.

“There’s people from the moon!?” The brothers seemed to be the most shocked at this. Zelezo gave a casual look of bewilderment while Ferro just scoffed. Ferro’s attitude has been getting on my nerves, he hardly says anything and if he does it’s almost always criticizing me. I’ll definitely beat him in a duel once I get better at magic.

“Let’s disassemble everything here so we can take it all home.” I ordered the convoy, Zelezo and the brothers got to work ripping the jet apart piece by piece while Ferro dug through the treasure taking things for himself. I joined the deconstruction of the jet looking at its inside parts.

There were things that looked like circuit boards, but they had tons of crystal-like material that I’m pretty sure aren’t in normal ones. There were other parts that looked technological and others that were more fantastical. I saw many notifications for crafting recipes for all sorts of things. Radios, radars, electrical wires, fans, and more.

“Hey kid! Look at this!” Zelezo handed me some kind of wing from a large creature, “It’s a chimera wing, we can get home in no time.” There are items like that in many RPGs, being able to warp back to a town or a safe place. I put it in my inventory to use when we’re done.

Everyone got a fair share of the treasure, I took the raw materials for village use, and the jet fighter parts will be reconstructed at home.

“Everyone ready!?” Zelezo shouted. We all gave a nod on our mechs. Zelezo threw the chimera wing in the air, “To Alcier Village!”

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