Chapter 13:

The Glorious Grandeiwos

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

The chimera wing shone a bright light around us, and in a flash, we were flown out of the cave and into the air. The view was incredible, we could see all the canyons and crevices of the mountain range. When I looked forward again, we were near the mountain next to the village.

Although from above I could see a group of those mechanical bugs along with a large humanoid robot with a saucer for a head. “Don’t worry, our Halberds are barely damaged. We’ll buy you time to repair the Craft-Knight.” Árgyros tried to calm the situation while we were landing.

Once on the ground, Ferro charged ahead in his Halberd to strike one of the bugs with a close-range magic attack. I couldn’t move the Craft-Knight at all. Zelezo and the brothers were running behind Ferro. Kobalta had also returned here after her duties from the guild. I needed to get the workbench over in order to repair my mech.

I wasn’t in the best shape after my fight from earlier. Bruises covered my arms and legs. I was walking as fast as I could to Zelezo’s workshop. There was no way to repair it fully but it could at least be functional. Looking back, I saw a bug had gotten to Craft-Knight, it was completely totaled.

I tried looking back where we landed but the damage of the buildings blocked my view. There had to be something I could do. It would be impossible to take those mechanical bugs down without a Stahl-Soldat. And there was that new enemy, which was just floating there, watching. There were small bump sounds of an engine running. I kept turning, trying to find a solution.

A shimmer, a glow came into my sight. From a mound of a hill, something was sticking out. On pretty much pure instinct I ran to it. I even ignored the giant bug noticing me. Upon reaching it, I was able to see what it truly was.

A brass-colored, metal mass was peeking out from ravaged ground. An opened hatch lead inside.

If I knew anything, this is when the protagonist would find the giant robot that would save the day. And I think this is it!

Inside was a cylindrical space where gloves hung from long wires on the ceiling. I stepped in, already knowing what I was going to do.

Putting my hands in the gloves without a second thought, lights turned on. The small humming of the engine became roaring with power.

Mechanical parts shifted, clunks, clanks, and clicks were heard from everywhere. The walls now showed the outside like a screen. I could feel the ground moving. My limbs started feeling numb, with the feeling returning with a shock.

I was in another body. Moving my arms around, what I saw was brass-colored, endoskeleton looking arms. There was no time to wander around, I ran with heavy shakes in the ground, charging at the first mechanical bug I saw. Raising my arm to punch, I felt that it was perfectly in sync with me.

Wasting no more time, my fist collided with the bug’s shell. It dented quickly then cracked open. Mechanical innards in open air. Moving on, I quickly dispatched the other bugs the others couldn’t catch, effortlessly taking them out.

“Akio!” It was Carine’s voice, “The town hall! The chief’s been killed by that giant Stahl-Soldat!” She was coughing in exhaustion. I never had the chance to meet him but the situation has gotten much more serious. The humanoid, saucer-headed robot was standing over a crushed building. Its thrusters flared up setting the ruin ablaze.

“Use Grandeiwos’s weapon, Boost Pressure Punch.”

A robotic voice instructed; the sound felt like it originated in my head. I was already running headfirst to the strange robot. It flew upwards, completely dodging my tackle. The fire from the building didn’t affect my robot at all. The enemy turned to look at me and fired a laser from its chest. Grandeiwos, which seemed to be the name of the robot I was in, was unharmed.

I decided to follow the instructions and aimed my right hand. “BOOST PRESSURE PUNCH!” My fist launched forward at high speed. Crashing into the foe’s torso, sparks rained downwards. Its body fell as the head detached, “I’m surprised this planet has a weapon of this caliber, we shall duel again sometime.” A mysterious voice echoed in the air. I can only guess that he was one of those moon people the Osaur spoke of.

Taking my hands out of the gloves, the machine deactivated. The hatch opened, showing a blue sky fogged by smoke. I climbed out to see a bunch of people injured and amazed at the giant robot. From the top of its chest, I was able to see it more clearly. Grandeiwos was made of some kind of brass-colored metal, but distinctly had a human-like face colored platinum.

All the rest I could see was the several, broken down buildings dotted around the village. 

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