Chapter 26:

Nadea and Fujiko

Escape Witch

March 15th, 2023, 6:45 P.M.

A red-haired woman cooed as she lounged in the bathtub of her hotel.

"The water feels LOVELY, though I think it could use a little more blood don't you think Na-de-a-chan, Smoo-thie-ko-chan?" She snickered as she gazed down at Fujiko and Nadea.

Fujiko trembled as she kneeled on the ground completely nude. She was completely unrecognizable from before. In addition to being completely shorn of all her hair, her face, head and body were now covered with vulgar tattoos and piercings. She was bound with rope and had a gag ball in her mouth as well as a bomb collar strapped around her neck. Nadea was also kneling on the ground bound and gagged next to Fujiko, though was still fully clothed in her nurse attire

“You got 2 minutes before you’re both blown to bits. Well, sucks for you,” the red-haired woman sneered.

“No, this was supposed to be MY birthday! Why? Why was I humiliated by that bitch!? Why, am I going to die!? I have talent! I’m supposed to be the queen! No! No! It can’t end like this!” Fujiko thought as her life flashed before her eyes.

It all started back in Fujiko’s 3rd year of high school…

“Looks like you broke the rules! Time for some discipline!” Fujiko laughed as she shaved the head of a sobbing girl.

“That’s too far Fujiko! You don’t need to turn her into a hairless freak just for running in the halls,” Mochi glared.

“Shut it loli! This is MY castle. I’M the queen, and you’re the peasants!” Fujiko snickered as she began shaving her victim's eyebrows off.

“You just enjoy humiliating women.”

“Of course I do. If I humiliate and enslave all the women of the world, I’ll be the queen that dominates them all!”

“You’re messed up! We’ve put up with your tyranny for long enough! I’m going to beat you in the upcoming student council election. Then I’ll reverse ALL your policies!”

“Um no you won’t, cause you won’t win. I won an overwhelming majority last year despite my policies being in effect for a year," Fujiko sneered as she covered her victim's head and face in wax.

“True, but back then, you only resorted to shaving a student’s head if they were displaying obvious delinquent behavior. Now you just shave and wax every damn hair off any student that so much as bends any of the school rules!”

“Well yeah and look at what it does. They completely fall in line. Plus, it’s just SO savory to watch them break into tears when I shear them of their glorious hair," Fujiko maliciously grinned as she ripped the wax off her victim.

The poor girl sobbed as Fujiko tilted her head up so she could see the crowd before her, before showing her a mirror.

"H- How could you!? I'm- I'm hideous!" the girl cried.

"Yes,  and you will be forever more," Fujiko sneered as she pulled out a bottle of perma-nair.

Mochi immediately swatted the bottle away.

"Interfering with student council-"

"This is inhumane and wrong. I WILL beat you in the election next week," Mochi glared.

Bianka then freed the sobbing girl as Fujiko stood and chuckled.

"And when you lose, you and all your supporters will be given the most humiliating punishment possible," Fujiko sneered.

A week later...

Fujiko’s eyes went bloodshot as the teacher announced the results of the election.


“The overthrowing of a tyrant. You brought this upon yourself. You shouldn’t be surprised that you barely received any votes,” Mochi smirked as she began her acceptance speech.

“My first act as student council president is to abolish ALL the policies of my predecessor. I’m also going to make it against the rules to forcefully shave and/or wax another student’s head...”

For the next month, Fujiko was treated as an outcast that didn’t exist.

“How DARE you ignore me! I have talent! I’m the smartest in the school! I have a prestigious lineage! I’m an acting prodigy! How dare you all. I’ll show you all hell!” Fujiko thought as she began planning her revenge.

As she was walking, she bumped into Purin.

"You're Yumeko's sister right?" Purin asked.

"Yeah? Want a shave?" Fujiko glared.

"HELL NO! Though I heard you want to get revenge against Mochi."

"You here to stop me?"

"No. I'm here to ensure that little shit ends up in hell," Purin maliciously grinned.

A few months later...

As Mochika was giving a speech to the entire student body, Fujiko waltzed onto the stage.

“Oi! Get of the stage trash!” Bianka yelled from the audience.

“Yamaguchi-san, please exit the stage,” Mochi groaned.

“No. I think you all need to heed your queen’s words. Now my slave, LOOK UP!”

Everyone gazed up as a flood of green liquid fell towards them. Mochi gazed in horror as the audience was covered in hot wax.

“WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH YOU!?” she yelled at Fujiko.

“Nothing, you all just decided to disobey your queen, and now I’m punishing you for it,” Fujiko laughed as she pulled a rope, causing hot wax to pour all over Mochi.

Muffled screams rang out from Mochi and the student body as the wax began to harden.

Fujiko simply stood on stage and blushed as she hurled insults at everyone present.

Reika and Mutsumi were eventually dispatched to take care of the matter. It took everything Reika had to restrain Fujiko and throw her in the back of the squad car. Fujiko was then directly taken to prison.

It was in prison, where Fujiko honed her ability and became more sadistic. She also began to get more aroused by humiliating her victims.

Eventually, she was released and allowed to work in a salon that her sister Yumeko founded. Rather than trying to reform Fujiko, Yumeko simply let her run wild and attempted to pass her antics off as a “service” offered by the salon.

Everything was going well for Fujiko, until today.


“And that’s EVERYTHING you wanted to do to that poor girl,” Harumi smirked as she slapped Fujiko’s bald head.

Fujiko cried harder than she did earlier as she gazed at her even more hideous appearance.

"NO! I'M THE QUEEN YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! I'm the queen! I'm the queen..." Fujiko thought as her muffled whimpers grew weaker and weaker.

“Looks like you finally got your dues. Well, you''ll be going to the prison hospital for what you did,” a paramedic smirked as he loaded Fujiko onto the stretcher.


As Fujiko was unloaded at the prison hospital, a red haired woman clad in a guchi hat, shades, short dress, platform sandals and a lime green jacket appeared and began killing all the guards with explosives.

“Wow, that shit was real. I can’t believe my favorite slut got completely enslaved by those Ginkawa whores,” the woman laughed as she lowered her shades and gazed down at Fujiko.


“Shut up bitch. I’m your queen now,” the woman sneered as she stomped her platform sandal into Fujiko's stomach.

Back in the present…

As Fujiko and Nadea cried in despair, a grey-haired middle-aged man in a suit entered.

“Sylvester! [Perché sei qui?] (Why are you in here!?)" the red haired woman asked.

“[Le mie scuse, ma sono venute per impedirti di distruggere quella ragazza,] (My apologies, but I came to stop you from destroying that girl,)" he replied.

“[Perché? È inutile!] (Why? She’s useless!)"

“[Presumo che tu non abbia usato correttamente la sua abilità.] (I assume you didn’t make use of her ability properly.)"


“*Sigh* Fujiko! [Tu sei Vanessa]!” (You are Vanessa).

Fujiko’s sobbing demeanor suddenly changed to that of a smug one. She stood up and ripped off the ropes and gag ball before effortlessly removing hers and Nadea's bomb collars. She then  grabbed a cigarette and strolled over to the window.

“No way! Only I know the code, plus the way she walks and acts, she’s mimicking me to a tee!” the red haired woman thought as Fujiko dropped the bomb collars out of the window. She lit her cigarette as an explosion was heard from below.

“[Ti chiedi quanti fossero.] (Wonder how many that was.)" Fujiko sneered Vanessa's voice as she walked over to Vanessa and placed her cigarette in her mouth.

Fujiko’s true talent was her ability to mimic others. It was that along with her default personality that allowed her to survive in prison and mentally destroy all her victims.

Vanessa then grinned and began laughing.

“Oh, my bad! I almost screwed up big time. Grazie Sylvester! Fujiko, act like a submissive maid," Vanessa laughed as she climbed out of the bath.

The explosion tattoo on her back was briefly visible before she slipped into a white robe. She then wrapped up her short red hair in a towel and sat down in a chair by the bed. She then motioned for Nadea to be her footrest.

“So you can mimic anyone?” Vanessa asked as she propped her feet on Nadea's back.

“Well, most anyone if it comes to voices. Mannerisms get harder the greater the physical difference between us. Naturally I’m good with disguises Ojou-sama," Fujiko bowed.

"Give Nadea a complete shave, and give me a mani-pedi and facial," Vanessa grinned as she puffed her cigarette and kicked Nadea away.

"As you wish, Ojou-sama," Fujiko bowed before dragging the terrified Nadea over to a chair.

“I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with my new toy,” Vanessa thought.


Vanessa gawked at her now painted finger and toenails as she snickered and watched Fujiko put the finishing touches on Nadea.

"I have shaved thee devoid of hair, Madam Nadea. Thou ist now hairless and slave-like," Fujiko bowed as she smacked Nadea's now hairless head.

"I- I- Look hideous!" Nadea blushed and cried.

"It's what you get for calling that clown. Now Maid Fujiko, make sure MADAM Nadea is shaved like that thrice daily. I think she really enjoys it," Vanessa sneered.

"Very well, Ojou-sama," Fujiko bowed as she began applying a cream mask to Vanessa's face.

"Every day, I'll have to be shaved, like that..." Nadea tearful blushed as she became Vanessa's footrest again.

“Where did you even learn how to do all this?” Vanessa asked.

“I am a beautician, though I’ve always been an acting prodigy,” Fujiko humbly stated.

“So if I told you to imitate  a guy like Vincenzo, could you become as skilled an assassin as him?”

“[Hey! Finally, someone gets it! All ya had to do was tell me to do me, and I can kill with ease. Should had me go instead of calling my brother. Iyaiyai! What am I gonna do with him? I love him and respect his strength, but he’s just too eccentric! Whazit it called in Japan? A Chuni! Yeah, that’s what he is.]”

Fujiko reverted back to maid mode as Vanessa’s jaw dropped.

“T- That was flawless, it sounded just like him. Say Fujiko, can you do your old self?” Vanessa asked.

Fujiko closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Va-ne-sa-chan! You’re looking quite slutty, why don’t I finish the job and shave you like your footrest,” Fujiko sneered.

“Yeah, you’re not touching my hair bi-MMPH!?”

Fujiko smeared some of the facial cream over Vanessa’s mouth.

“Who said you got to talk slave! I’m veeery pissed off right now. Yu-ni-chan, E-me-ri-chan, and especially you Madoka! You are all going to suffer! Yu-ni-chan, I’m going to break you extra hard for cheating on me, maybe I’ll kill your girlfriend right in front of you after I’ve humiliated her. Then I’ll do E-me-ri-chan, before saving the best for last," Fujiko ranted.

Vanessa stared in shock before wiping the cream off her mouth as Fujiko glared.

“Oh it feels good to be back. But I want something done about this slop on my skin. It ruins my natural beauty, and will greatly affect my acting performance if I don’t get rid of it,” Fujiko growled as she began removing her piercings.

Vanessa blushed as she gazed at Fujiko.

“I’ve never felt this way before, I think I want her to keep acting like that.” she thought.

"Oi Fujiko, feel free to make this your default form," Vanessa grinned.

"Don’t change the subject bitch! I said wanted you to do something about these tattoos. Get a laser will you!” Fujiko glared.

“Fine fine, but know this, I’m the queen round here,” Vanessa smirked as Sylvester pulled out a briefcase.


Fujiko cooed as she gazed at her appearance. She was still completely hairless, though now all the vulgar tattoos Harumi had given her had been completely lasered off. She then changed into some overall shorts and white sneakers.

"You dress like a child!" Vanessa laughed as she barely managed to dodge Fujiko angrily slamming her foot next to her face.

"Oh, I'm surprised you dodged that. I thought little miss slave needed to get acquainted with the bottom of my sneaker. Well, I'll make sure to trudge through some real filth before I brand you with them," Fujiko sneered as she began heading for the door.

"Oi where are you going!? If you're gonna be a disobedient little shit than go back to being a humble maid!"

"AHAHAHAHAHA! Va-ne-sa-chan, this is my default mode. I've always been messed up deep down, but now I've finally decided to go full criminal. Oh, and take a good look at me. You’ll be just as bald as me VERY soon! Nadea, come. I have use for you.”

"Y- YES Maid-sama!" Nadea blushed as she scurried over to Fujiko.

Vanessa stared in shock as Fujiko slammed the door, before bursting into laughter.

"Ahahaha! You're an even bigger menace then I would've hopped for. Though you're clearly cocky. Had my nails not been painted, I would have easily overwhelmed you in physical strength. Despite my looks, I'm 10 times stronger than girls that normally look like this. Bombinos are just built differently. Fujiko-chan, I'll let you fly high only to blast you down from a great height. This is twisted love, and I am one of the most twisted women in the world."


"MMPH NGH MMPH!" Nadea tearfully blushed as Fujiko finished tattooing her.

"Wow, you look just as hideous as I did. Now Nadea, you're about to become someone VERY special to me," Fujiko cooed as she stood dressed like Madoka.


"You're going to be my first kill."


At the mental asylum, Yumeko sobbed and fell to her knees.

“Fujiko! No! Why did this happen! Today was supposed to be your special day! You are supposed to be the queen! AAAAAAH!”

“I’m sorry, but we couldn’t stop that silver haired witch from brutally killing that girl, nor could we restrain her. She also lauched an attack on our phone lines and internet. I’ll try my best to get the video footage of the incident so the police can arrest that monster,” the nurse sighed.

Yumeko trembled as she stood up.

“No, I won’t let them get away with this! You were so precious; you just needed a niche to succeed in life. I love you, I sacrificed everything for you. I will avenge you!" she gritted her teeth as she called Kurobane.


“Mako-chan, do you think you can reinstate me?”

“Reinstate? But I thought you quit in order to be with Fujiko?” Kurobane asked.

Yumeko tearfully explained what happened.

“I understand, I will do everything in my power to reinstate your rank. You have my sympathies," Kurobane sighed.

“Thank you, Mako-chan," Yumeko sobbed.

Yumeko hung up and stood over her sister’s corpse before leaving.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make them pay for what they did to you.”

Fujiko internally laughed as she watched Yumeko leave.

“I’m so glad you’re such a siscon Onee-chan. Can’t wait to see how crazy you’ll go when you see that footage of “Madoka”. Oh and Nadea, thank you so much for being the perfect corpse. Now that "I'M" dead, maybe I'll go by Nadea now. Yes. That's perfect," Fujiko thought as she gazed down at Nadea's corpse.


Fujiko returned around midnight. She was drenched in blood and carrying a box full of hair supplies.

"So how many did you kill Nadea?" Vanessa cooed.

"Sh- Shave m- my head, th- then I can talk," Fujiko stuttered while imitating Nadea.

Vanessa refused and instead whipped out her phone.

"Hoh? You murdered 30 people in 5 hours? Well, considering you did that barehanded, guess I'll give you some praise. Though considering how sloppy you look, I'm surprised you weren't arrested," she sneered.

"I- I- just l- let  loose. K- Killed Maid sama, b- but I still want to- to- to be shaved."

Vanessa slugged Fujiko in the stomach sending her flying into the bathroom wall. She had been hit with enough force to leave an imprint on the wall.

"Hoh, that bitch left a parting gift? Well good for you, I'm the alpha and you're the beta. I'll make sure to domesticate you. Hmm, I've got a prison outfit in the bag, dress yourself then hop in the bath," Vanessa smirked.

Fujiko blushed as she licked the blood off her lips and complied with Vanessa's request.

"Very well, I'll bide my time. I'll play your little bitch for now, but know that my plan will lead the Ginkawa's to ruin," she thought.

Fujiko quickly changed into the latex skintight orange prison suit and white sneakers that were in the bag before putting on a gag ball and hopping in the tub.

"Mmph mmph mmph," she moaned as Vanessa strolled over with a bottle of hot wax.

Little did Vanessa know, but Fujiko, now assuming the identity of Nadea, had already executed her plan to destroy the Ginkawas. All she had to do now was wait. Madoka, Yuni, Emeri, and Serika slept soundly at the mansion, unaware of the monster Vanessa had created, and the hell she was about to bring to their lives.

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