Chapter 25:

Arrival at the Ginkawa Mansion

Escape Witch

Yuni and Serika’s jaws dropped as they gazed at the Ginkawa mansion.

“Mansion!? This is like an entire city!” Serika screamed.

The Ginkawa mansion was built on a small island and looked like a massive city fortress. The limousine crossed the drawbridge and drove up to what appeared to be the front door.

“This is the visitor area. You don't need to take your shoes off, it’s more western styled," Madoka stated as she guided everyone inside. 

The main room looked like the lobby of a 5-star hotel.

“If you want some new clothes, I can get you some, or send a servant to pick up some from your places,” Madoka said as she gazed at Yuni and Serika.

Both were still wearing their hospital gowns and slippers.

“I really don’t care, whatever is fine, though I wasn’t able to grab any of my belongings, so I don’t even have a key or my phone, heck I don’t even know if those goons swiped any of them,” Serika stated.

“Oh, I actually grabbed some of your things as I rescued you. Though I’m not sure if this is all of it,” Emeri stated as she took some things out of her jacket’s pocket. 

It was Serika’s soggy sneakers, and inside the sneakers were Serika’s smartphone, wallet, and apartment key.

“I noticed them after I pushed you off the bed. Not a bad idea to hide them there. I just pocketed them so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying them, sorry I didn’t mention this earlier.”

“No, its fine. Heck, I’m impressed you were able to notice them in the heat of the moment. When I saw they weren't there, I just decided to focus on getting out of there first. .”

“Nothing wrong with that. Survival is the highest priority, though will you be alright without your badge?”

“Oh no need to worry about that,” Serika exclaimed as she pulled her badge out of her breasts.

“Unlike the mummy over there, I keep my badge safe and secure," she smirked.

Yuni annoyingly grunted as she pulled out her smartphone from her breasts.

“Whatever! I’m honestly more relieved to know those goons didn’t swipe anything. If I had left any of it on the nightstand, that Vincenzo guy would have probably swiped em. Well, guess I’ll need something with pockets now.”


After changing into some new clothes, Serika and Yuni sat down on the sofa. Both were wearing matching pink floral yukatas and had been given matching red purses. Serika had slipped back into her sneakers while Yuni was wearing red zori.

“If it weren’t for these damn bandages, I’d look really cute. Well, hopefully I can take them off soon,” Yuni thought.

“Momma said she’d greet us so just wait for a bit,” Madoka stated.

The girls sat and pulled out their phones until they heard voices from above.

"What is this!? it seems the tainted-"

"-Has tracked waste into the manor." 

The girls looked up to see two female twins. Like Madoka they both had silver hair, however unlike her their eyes were the color of lapis lazuli and their breasts were smaller than average. They wore the uniforms of an elite college.

"Oh, it’s my sisters," Madoka said in a somber tone as the twins descended the stairs in unison.

"Filthy Trash," the twins scoffed in unison.

"O' Tainted, are these your kidnapping-"

"-Fetish colluders?"

Yuni glared through her bandages as Emeri spoke up in her place.

"Shut up you snobs! You should know Madoka gets kidnapped because of Illumous and their-"

"Illumous does not exist! Tis a conspiracy spewed for by the Whore of Lies and her flock!"

“Thou art also- “

“-A tainted blemish!” the twins glared at the girls with scorn before huffing and exiting the mansion.

"Yeah, they've kind of been brainwashed into thinking Illumous isn't real, or rather that they'll act like it doesn't exist when they actually kind of sympathize with them. Its why momma refused to name either of them as her successor. Despite being her 4th daughter, I'm actually the successor, which is probably another reason I get kidnapped so much," Madoka clarified.

“How?” texted Yuni.

Madoka then decided to tell everyone a bit about her family.

"Momma's first marriage was arranged, and she hated it so much. That guy was apparently ambitious snob 101, and essentially married momma for the Ginkawa lineage and prestige. Momma decided to make his life miserable and would constantly drag him along on her thrill-seeking endeavors. I heard when he demanded they reproduce, she forced him to jizz in a cup and watch as she injected his sperm into her. Momma was then forced to be confined to the mansion, in order to ensure the twins wouldn’t be harmed or killed due to her thrill seeking. Naturally she’d still do crazy things within the mansion just to piss everyone off. However, once the twins were born, that snob still refused to let her leave. Worst of all, he was sucking up to Grandpa and easily becoming his favorite son-in-law. A year after the twins were born, momma did something crazy. She combined some DNA in the lab, and created what she called, “dragon sperm”. She used it to become pregnant again. She didn’t reveal it, until it became physically obvious. This incident also caused her to develop heterochromia. Then, my sister Tetsuka-nee-chan was born. A year after Tetsuka was born, momma had sex with a servant she liked, and that's how I was born."

"So why do those ass twins hate you?" Serika asked.

"The twins are part of the purist sect of the family and believe that any who don't bear the Ginkawa family’s trademark silver hair and lapis lazuli eyes are impure. That’s why they don’t like me or Emeri. Snob101 also raised them to be jerks. To make matters worse, he was secretly cozying up with Illumous behind our backs and planned to merge the Ginkawa family with them for his own self glory. They didn’t find out until I was 3. Apparently my dad found out about it, but Snob101 murdered him to try and hide the truth. Luckily, my cousin Reiju somehow managed to expose the crime. When momma found out about it, she killed Snob101 with an ICBM. Grandpa apologized to her profusely and let her do what she wanted. Momma then founded Ewetube and became one of the richest women in the world, causing Grandpa to name her as his successor. When she became the head, she officially became the richest woman in the world, and wouldn’t you know it, there she is. Hi momma, I’m home and I brought some friends with me!"

Everyone looked up to see a woman with super long silver tresses and titanic breasts wearing a bikini. She slid down the stair rails before front flipping into the air, and landing perfectly on her feet.

“Yo I’m Haru, da empress round here bitches!” she stated.

Serika and Yuni gasped. This was far from the mental image they each had of Harumi Ginkawa. Harumi then began to pout and cry.

"Why are you all so shocked! Haven't you ever seen a photo of me! I have the most subscribed to channel on Ewetube AND I'm the owner and founder of Ewetube! Wah!" Harumi cried as she began rolling on the floor like a child having a tantrum.

 Yuni could see why Madoka called her eccentric. After Harumi calmed down, she sat down on the couch across from the girls.

"So, are you all Madoka's bitches? Or maybe one of you is with Emeri. I’d also be down if all four of you were in a harem together," she smirked.


"What!? Nothing wrong with yuri harems! It’s the Reiwa era dammit!"

Madoka's face went red as she tried to regain her composure.

"They're my friends momma. We came over because they were targeted by Illumous."

"Booo! I thought you were gonna hit the bath then have sex."

All the girls’ faces went red. This woman was insane.

“Ahaha, sorry bout that, I’m just so excited to see my little Madoka bring home some hotties. I’m also very pro-yuri. Now, then let’s get down to business.”

Harumi’s tone suddenly shifted and became much darker.

“Emeri informed me that you were nearly assassinated by Illumous and that the two of you are detectives with the police. Now, then could Serika please explain who she really is? While I don’t like to judge based on appearance, she does remind me of a very despicable woman.”

“It’s OK momma, she told me everything,” Madoka argued.

“I want HER to tell me.”

Serika stood up and looked Harumi in the eye.

“I guess it was the hair, though mine is forest green unlike the sludge that coated that bitch’s head.”

“Sludge!? Hoh, so you DO know who I’m referring to.”

“Yeah, sadly I am Mao Ookuma, the daughter of that piece of shit Ruchi Ookuma.”

“I assume by your tone that you hated her, however, I don’t fully trust you. You understand why, do you not?”

“Yeah, considering who we both are, I can’t blame you for that. I guess I’ll tell my entire story again, though since we’re in a more secure location, I won’t hold back any key details. Madoka, Emeri, I’m sorry for not telling you my name before, though I assume you kinda knew what it was once I described the piece of shit the birthed me in detail."

“Yeah, I figured the piece of shit you were referring to was Ookuma. You were in the right, considering the hospital was a leaky ship, it was impressive and daring of you to even tell us the story twice,” Emeri stated.

“Besides, your name is Serika not Mao. Though Mao does sound kind of badass and really fits you, why not be Mao Midoriya?” Madoka chimed.

“Hahaha! You really are an airhead. I never want to be called that ever again, too many horrible memories. Thanks for understanding you two, it really means a lot to me. Now listen close everyone, I’m not going to repeat this damn story anymore times after this…”


After Serika finished her story, Harumi smiled and began clapping.

“That bitch is dead!? HOORAY! Though this doesn’t mean I trust you 100%.”

“Never asked you to," Serika growled.

“Though I do believe you when you said that bitch was dead. She was a real pain in the ass and would always try to demonize everything about me. Not like I’m the perfect role model, but still HOW DARE SHE TRY TO BAN ECCHI CONTENT! People have the right to watch what they want! Besides all those views and likes show people like Ecchi more than that bitch’s propaganda.  Still, I’m glad you confirmed that her rise in fame was largely due to her shenanigans. There’s no way anyone would support someone that wanted to criminalize anime, manga, and video games worldwide. I mean, all the videos her and her affiliates posted are some of the most down-voted videos on Ewetube!”

“Yeah, I binged so much manga and anime once I was free. It was amazing. I also became a gamer and got to eat good food and wear good clothes.”

“Is that where you got some inspiration for your surname?”

“Yeah, though I’m no hero.”

Harumi calmly smiled as she stared at Serika.

“I still have one more question, why do you wear chartreuse sneakers of all colors?”

“Cuz I like the color, I actually enjoy eating lots of matcha flavored things. Matcha soda is my favorite drink, though Takoyaki is by far my favorite food.”

“Matcha and Takoyaki? Aren’t those- “

“Yup! They’re some of the foods that bitch hated so much she’d ban them if she had the power she craved.”

“Well, I think I can trust you enough to allow you to take refuge here and be Madoka’s friend. Now let’s eat dinner, tonight’s Takoyaki and matcha!”


With the exception of Yuni, the girls enjoyed a lavish feast of Takoyaki and matcha flavored foods. Madoka promised to save leftovers, while Emeri struggled to prevent a very giddy Serika from devouring all the food on the table.

“Seems like she was very truthful, I can tell that girl is the happiest she’s ever been. I’m proud of you Madoka, Emeri as well, though I’m sure your mother would be happy as well,” Harumi thought as she gobbled down some matcha dango.


After finishing dinner, Madoka gave Serika and Yuni a tour of the mansion’s guest section.

“The bowling alley is in here, while the laser tag arena is that way. Oh, and I even have a giant escapology training room right behind this door, though I usually just use the one near my room," Madoka stated.

As they peeked into Madoka’s escapology room, Serika’s eyes zeroed in on the water tanks in the back. One of them looked very similar to the one she had been held captive in this morning.

“Hey Madoka, could you teach me how to escape from that damn thing in the back," she asked.

Emeri’s eyes widened as Madoka gleefully agreed.

“So, you want to become a master like me? Or is this a revenge match?”

“Revenge, though it couldn’t hurt to learn some new tricks, who knows what archaic devices I’d have to escape from if I ever get caught again.”

“Serika-chan, you looked like you were in so much pain and despair back then, yet now you want to dive back into it and conquer it. You are a very strong woman,” Emeri stated.

“Nah, I’m just doing this to regain some honor, besides I’d be nice if we could escape on our own without always relying on Madoka.”

Yuni nodded her head in agreement.

“Alright then, Yuni, Serika, and you too Emeri, we’re gonna train here starting tomorrow!” Madoka grinned.

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