Chapter 1:

Werewolf I

The Aliens They Summoned

Where was he? His vision filled with red, overwhelmed by sweet, tasty rage... There was no need to question anything... there was no need to think anything... Just rip to pieces, shred their bodies, snap their bones... they crunch so deliciously when he bit on them...Bookmark here

But it's wrong!Bookmark here

It isn't!Bookmark here

But it is!Bookmark here

No, don't you taste their delicious flesh? Don't you smell their juicy bodies? There are so many, and I am hungry!Bookmark here

But you just bite into each of them, and then go on to the next!Bookmark here

Because I need to taste them all! Each has a different flavor to explore, a different type of blood to drink!Bookmark here

But that's not me!Bookmark here

Just chew on this one for a bit. Oh, his neck is so muscular, and he even slashed my chest open with his sword. They taste even better after a hard-fought battle! Where are the others? I need more of this, more of this taste!Bookmark here

Shouldn't you worry about your wounds? Blood is dripping on the floor.Bookmark here

Stop with your worries, the moon heals all wounds. More importantly, I need more flesh, more sacks of meat, more bones to snap!Bookmark here

You bit them all, don't you smell it? You assaulted everyone in this strange house already.Bookmark here

... Then it's time to go.Bookmark here

The bulky figure lowered its hands, then broke out into a sprint.Bookmark here

The ground vibrated with each of his steps, violently pushing its huge body forward. The castle was big, and when he took too long to find the exit, the figure just jumped out a tree, skillfully landing on all fours.Bookmark here

He ran through the forest, biting into animals, enjoying their screams, enjoying their squirming in his muscular arms.Bookmark here

After a while, he ended up in front of a cave.Bookmark here

The distant smell of blood and... something wafted out from it, so he chose to go inside.Bookmark here

The clouds parted.Bookmark here

A bright disk of a mysterious bluish-white graced the world with its light, supported by little specks of brightness, littered over the darkness above.Bookmark here

He stopped.Bookmark here

Seeing the moon never ceased to amaze the figure.Bookmark here

"Awoooooooooo!"Bookmark here

His howl echoed over the castle grounds, through the forest, and to a village in the distance. A wolf's eyes were sharp, so he saw it.Bookmark here

That's our next stop.Bookmark here

... Didn't you have enough?Bookmark here

Never. He licked his lips, disappearing in the cave. Bring it on, beast!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Marion woke up with the taste of blood in his mouth.Bookmark here

That's never a good sign, he thought, pushing himself into a sitting position. He rubbed his temples, discovering himself to be naked.Bookmark here

He couldn't even blush anymore.Bookmark here

This always happened...Bookmark here

"Where did I fall asleep today... oh." A dead bear laid next to him, it's jaw dislocated and a painful-looking hole in its belly. It had biting marks on its neck and both its front legs were ripped from its body, seemingly thrown away in lusting hunger. "That explains it."Bookmark here

He never remembered much of his nocturnal adventures. Come full moon, the beast just takes over, as it had for years...Bookmark here

Marion rubbed the tears away with his hand.Bookmark here

Where was he now?Bookmark here

He was running through a cage, using his superior dark vision to escape from some angry villagers one moment, and the next, he woke up in a cave with Carl over him and guards arresting them both.Bookmark here

Guards from a noble Viktor...?Bookmark here

He didn't know a noble named Viktor.Bookmark here

Maybe he'd recognize the scenery?Bookmark here

Marion walked back to the entrance.Bookmark here

He smelled the fresh air, the forest, the scent of... dead animals. He gulped, tasting blood in his mouth.Bookmark here

How bad had he rampaged this time?Bookmark here

Was it just animals, or...Bookmark here

Marion didn't want to think about it.Bookmark here

The first thing he saw when he left the cave was the forest, stretching far to the horizon. In the distance, he could make out a town, and in the not-so-great distance, prominently placed on a small mountain, stood...Bookmark here

"Oh, no..."Bookmark here

... the castle Marion remembered as noble Viktor's residence.Bookmark here

He had been sleeping in the prison for a few days now, which meant... he had killed them all. It always got worse when he starved.Bookmark here

It's like his primal instincts take over, and he won't just bite people, but devour them, seek their flesh...Bookmark here

He broke down as the inevitable truth assaulted his mind.Bookmark here

"I... killed them all."Bookmark here

There was still the question of where he was, but that didn't matter. A noble house just died because of him... his family had managed to keep him safe, to lock him into a shed far away from the village every time it happened, but even then, the villagers took the chance when he was alone and not transformed to hunt him down.Bookmark here

Now, he'd have skilled guards, maybe even the royal army at his back...Bookmark here

Marion shook his head.Bookmark here

They didn't know it was him, yet.Bookmark here

Maybe he had a chance...Bookmark here

If he went to that village and gathered information, maybe he could work something out... Judging by how long it took for the full moon to appear in the dungeons, he should have a few weeks before the full moon came back... at least if the lunar cycle was the same around here.Bookmark here

He just needed some clothing... the bear!Bookmark here

Marion trotted back, sloppily working to separate the bear hide from its flesh. It was a daunting task, he didn't even have a knife, but he got it done... somehow.Bookmark here

Chunks of flesh still stuck to the hide, and there were bite marks in it, but he had done a spectacular job at feasting on this thing in his beast form, so it wasn't as difficult as it could have been.Bookmark here

He used a rib as a make-shift knife, even.Bookmark here

It had to work.Bookmark here

For the moment, at least, it had to work.Bookmark here

Suited up like that, Marion confirmed the direction of the village once more, then set out to walk towards it.Bookmark here

He had to be gone a week before he transformed... if not earlier.Bookmark here

If he didn't get as much distance between him and that place, they would all die...Bookmark here

What was his purpose, there?Bookmark here

Did he want to repeat the same mistakes he did when he was with his family?Bookmark here

... his family.Bookmark here

He wanted to see them again.Bookmark here

What he wanted more than anything from this town was the information about where he was. He needed to go back home, where his loved ones were...Bookmark here

Even if the villagers hunted him down, even if he died by their hands...Bookmark here

They had every reason to do so.Bookmark here

He wouldn't resist.Bookmark here

History wouldn't repeat itself.Bookmark here

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