Chapter 28:

The Ginkawa Hot springs

Escape Witch

After dinner, the girls all relaxed in the outdoor hot spring.

“There better not be any peepers here!” Serika growled as she lounged in the water.

"None of the servants are that dirty, and my cousin Yuki's still recovering from the broken arm and leg I gave him last time he peeked," Madoka cheerfully stated.

Yuni stared at Serika's body. While Serika did have some muscle, her body was so beautiful, it would give top models a run for their money.

“I’m surprised you’ve got such a beautiful body, I thought you’d be much more muscly,” Yuni jibed.

“Shut up! I make sure to stay in shape and look sexy," Serika glared.

“Do you have a boyfriend or a crush?” Yuni teased.

“N- No! I just like looking beautiful! What’s wrong with that!?” Serika roared as her face went red with embarrassment.

"Nothing, though usually women tend to put more effort into their appearance when they're in love."

“What about YOU! Where’s your high school crush huh!?”

Yuni thought about if there was anyone she had romantic feelings for.

“I don’t know, maybe not yet,” she shrugged.

“I kissed Serika on the lips,” Madoka chimed.

“It was mouth to mouth! Though, I didn’t mind it did save my life after all,” Serika mumbled as she sunk into the water and began blowing bubbles.

“Love huh? Never really thought about it. Though I’d probably have no trouble landing a guy. Heck, we’d all probably be able to land guys pretty easily,” Emeri stated.

“Poor Nakajima would cry if she heard you say that,” Yuni jibed.


At the police station Mutsumi sneezed as she sensed someone talking about her.

"Ugh, is someone talking shit about me? Better not be a conversation about love," Mutsumi grumbled.


“Why would your boss cry?” Madoka asked.

“Because she’s 27 and still hasn’t gotten a boyfriend despite many attempts to do so," Yuni stated.

"Wow that sucks. Though if we're being frank. I think I'm more into girls than guys. It's just much easier for me to be around girls than guys," Emeri stated.

"Come to think of it, I don’t think Sensei ever had a boyfriend either despite being in her early 30s. She never mentioned if she was married or had a boyfriend, and I never really bothered to ask. Though she told me she was practically a mother to Bianka considering she was 10 years older than her and primarily raised her after their mother died shortly after giving birth to her. Though oddly enough, she seemed to have the knowledge that a mother would have.”

“Its fairly common for cops not to talk about their families. Though, I did hear from Bianka that Sensei supposedly had a boyfriend," Serika sighed as she sat up.


“Its from Bianka, but considering how close they were, I do have some faith in it. The Yuzume family is actually fairly rich and powerful, though they’re in a bind now that Bianka’s the sole heir. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sensei had a secret child or was planning to have one considering the family would probably pressure her to do so. That, and based on our conversations, I always got the impression that she wanted to raise children. Now that I think about it, maybe she wanted to keep me out of the Illumous cases more so to protect me considering I’d instantly go on their hit list if they knew who I was and what I did.”

The girls heard the sound of someone entering and turned to see Mimi.

"Oh? I didn't realize Yuni and Serika were staying over," she smiled.

As soon as she saw Mimi, Serika's demeanor got much more somber.

"Hey Mimi, can I tell you something?" Serika somberly asked.

"Sure, your secret will be safe with me. But why'd you get so sad all of a sudden?"

"Because I'm the daughter of the piece of shit who nearly killed you."

"Huh? Which one? Many people have tried to kill me."


"Ah. Well, you're nothing like that piece of shit. Hell, you're a way better person than she ever hoped to be," Mimi smiled.


"I kinda had a feeling you were related to Ookuma back when I first met you years ago, but Rika eased my worries, and now we're friends."

"You Ginkawas sure do want to make friends. Though is it really OK?"

"Yeah. Besides, you were there when all our secrets got made public, so you should know. There's no need to worry about being the child of scumbags as long as you don't become one yourself."

"Heh, thanks Mimi. Though it probably isn't good to spread my secret around."

"I told you before didn't I? Your secret's safe with me, and I never sell out my friends."

"Thanks. Guess maybe I owe it to Rika to tell her too."

"I'm sure she won't mind."

"Optimism must be a Ginkawa trait too."

"That it is. So are you chillin with your harem, Madoka?” " Harumi giggled as she entered the spring.

“Momma!” Madoka cried.

“What!? Weren’t you all excited about how you kissed Serika on the lips?”

"Wait! You heard all that!?"

"Yeah, I've been hiding here since before you got here, so I heard everything."

Both Madoka and Serika went red in the face as they sunk into the water in embarrassment.

“Since Mimi's already got a wife, I just need to ship Yuni and Emeri,” Harumi squealed as Yuni and Emeri stared at her in disbelief.

"Auntie, just because I'm into girls doesn't mean I'm a degenerate pervert that will make out with any girl I lay eyes on," Emeri growled.

Yuni cringed as she zeroed in on Harumi’s breasts.

“Teehee hee! My boulders really do grab your attention. Don’t worry, the Ginkawa family has a secret milk recipe that can easily turn your pebbles into boulders," Harumi gloated.

“Pe- PEBBLES!? They’re D cups! Though... I do kind of want to try that milk," Yuni mumbled.


Yuni and Serika sighed in bliss as they finished drinking their bottles of Ginkawa milk.

“You’re telling me this is just normal milk? But it tastes so good. Is it like that milk in Morioh’s Mask? You know, the one you get only if you save the farm girl from the aliens and bandits?” Serika asked.

“Yeah, that’s actually pretty accurate. We breed our own cows here in the mansion. We even have an alien farmer and butler named Gnoreville,” Emeri stated.

"You got aliens here too!? Is the loch ness monster also in your swimming pool!?"

"It's a mini one. We call him Nester," Madoka smiled.

“Did you know that in the distant past, I was an A.I. supercomputer that founded the Ginkawa family? I was made by an advance alien civilization. Then I gained personality and was able to reincarnate as a hot woman,” Harumi declared as she held a bottle of sake.

Everyone looked at her oddly. She had drunk a bottle of sake along with her milk.

“It really felt weird in my mother’s womb, flesh really is different from an android body. Plus giving birth was quite the experience, and that motherly instinct now I understand. And having a baby suck real breast milk-”

“Oh yeah! Did you know Ginkawa milk also makes you look young and beautiful?” Madoka said as she attempted to stop her mother’s drunken rambling.


The girls all glared as they laid together in a giant bed.

"Sleep tight and feel free to make out," Harumi giggled as she closed the door.

“Sorry about this, momma’s a big yuri shipper, and considering she was drunk, she couldn’t stop herself from forcing us to sleep together. But at least this is a nice large waterbed,” Madoka nervously laughed.

“Well, its still tame compared to what my mom would make me do,” Emeri grumbled.

“What did she make you do?” asked Serika.

“Both my parents are Olympic athletes. My mother officially disowned herself and changed her name in order to start a sports career without the Ginkawa name looming large. She was still close with auntie and would frequently guest star in her videos. Anyway, since my folks are athletes, they naturally forced me to do sports. Since I inherited none of their athletic genes it was miserable. I quickly took an interest in computers and gaming, though they still believed I just needed to unlock my talent and kept making me do sports. Swimming was the worst one. Those jocks would shave my head and eyebrows every time before a race. Worst part was I’d always come in last and get laughed at the next day at school. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that they finally decided to ease up. I decided to move into the mansion after my mom gave the OK and got roped up in Ginkawa affairs. Well, it’s not like I mind considering I can easily put my computer skills to the test. Plus, I help out Mado-chan with her videos and have my own channel as well.”

“Compared to the piece of shit I was stuck with your mother sounds decent.”

“Yeah, while she and my dad did force me to do sports, it was not out of malice and more because they’re two dumb energetic jocks that don’t know when to quit.  But I was completely enraged when I found out I could grow my hair back instantly by drinking milk. I could have avoided years of humiliation if I knew that!"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, it's a Ginkawa exclusive gene. Apparently we can grow back all our hair and heal wounds just by drinking milk."

"That's crazy, but then again, the cursed blood within me grants me super strength."

"I guess I'm just glad my mom allowed me to live with auntie. Though I imagine she would have still been pressuring me to do sports if it wasn’t for my younger sister.”

“You have a younger sister?”

“Yep. She has red hair but lapis lazuli-colored eyes. She also got both athletic genes and then some."

“Oh yeah Eriza! She’s already won some Olympic golds, hasn’t she?” Madoka asked.

“Yep, and she’s only 16 going on 17 this year.”

"Hey twintails! What was it like having Fubuki as your mother?" Serika asked.

"While we were not always together, she loved me very much. I always got the impression that a good chunk of her willpower came from striving to create a better world for me and others. She initially didn't want to have children due to the risks, but she changed her mind one day and became pregnant with me. She never told me if I had a father, nor did I ever bother asking. Though, I imagine she'd tell me if I ever did ask. My eyes likely come from him after all. My aunt never really felt like a mother, though she would try to look after me in my mother's place," Yuni stated.

The girls continued to talk until drifting off to sleep around midnight. Serika was the last to fall asleep.

"Family, love, a warm loving environment? I've experience none of those. Though now, I finally have friends. If this feeling is what its like to be cared for in a warm loving environment, I don't want it to end. I never want to be alone again," Serika thought as she dozed off to sleep.


The next day...

Serika proudly huffed as she stood before everyone.

"Why are you so excited?" Madoka nervously asked.

Serika then pinched Yuni on the cheeks.

"What was THAT for!?" Yuni shouted.

"You're not wearing green. Its St. Patrick's day bitch. Wear green or you get pinched," Serika snickered.

Emeri was wearing a  green sports bra while Yuni and Madoka didn't have any noticeable green apparel on.

"You're next Madoka," Serika grinned.

"Wait! I AM wearing green!" Madoka pleaded as she dropped her shorts. 

Indeed, she was wearing green panties. Unfortunately, the twins walked by at the worst possible moment.

"FOUL WHORE! HOW DARE THEE MAKE INTERCOURSE IN OUR SACRED HALLS!" they shouted in unison before spitting at the girls and storming away.

“That trash- “

“-Is contaminating the manor!”

“We must- “

“-Eliminate- “

“The trash!” the twins scoffed as they exited the mansion.

The girls had no idea what devious plan, the twins had begun to put in motion.


"Well, that was awkward," Yuni grumbled as she wrapped her hair up in green hair ties to avoid any future pinching.

"Don't worry about them. Anyway, it's training time!" Madoka smiled.

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