Chapter 1:

The woman named Kana

I Ruined My Wife's Family

Chapter 1

Bell rang across the hall, doors parted open as a white, glass shoes stepped in. Donned in all white, the veil sweeped with her movement and he stood there, waiting for his bride.

You are probably wondering why he married someone who tried so hard not to be with him. The story, unfortunately, doesn't start here. It starts with their first meeting.


Ito Rei ran, fixing his shirt as he entered the Itomori Entertainment building. He greeted the people at the reception as one of the employees held out a hanging tag with the name, "Yuta".

"Thanks!" He smiled as he put it on him, checking his watch as there were two minutes left until the audition started. He was a bit late but entered the backroom, going down the small musical theater section where the judges sat. He apologized to middle aged men and women as he took a seat in between them. The audition started almost immediately before he got a moment to breathe. Newly, unfamiliar, inexperienced actors came in one by one to showcase their abilities. The prompt was a bunch of dialogue, without any indication of emotions or setting. The judges wanted to see what interpretation each actor would give. It went on for three hours before they reached their last candidate of the day.

A woman strode in, with a white tag of Kana Fujiwara, a number beside her name. She smiled brightly at the judges. Her confidence exudes from her. She already left a good impression

"Candidate, you may start."

At the cue, she started acting the prompt they had seen a hundred times already. The way she displayed her emotions, her facial expressions... the delivery of the lines... He wanted to hold it in. He really tried but he couldn't. He bursted out laughing, trying to hide his face. His pale face turned red from trying so hard to control it. This was unprofessional from him. The judges beside him glanced at his white hair before they also tried to resist their lips curling and small laughter. She was bad.

"Sorry, sorry! Continue." Rei waved it off, trying to lighten the mood and smile assuredly. When he looked at the candidate, he noticed her posture changed. Her feet were glued together, her shoulders slouched, her hands interlocked to each other on her thigh and her face stoic. He messed up but he didn't know what to say to not make the situation worse. He looked at his fellow acquaintance but it was time to judge.

"Your performance was... to put it nicely, bad. I don't think you understood the assignment. You turned a very serious prompt into a bad parody. I know we left it up to interpretation but I feel like if you read it carefully, you will understand what atmosphere we were looking for." One of the judges gave his short input. Kana just nodded, unable to say anything.

Rei twirled a pen while all the judges tore her performance apart. Unlike them, he was a child actor and switched careers by the time he was a teen to be a voice actor instead while they were teachers who taught new actors. In his opinion, her voice tone and emotions were really good. It's her exaggerated facial expressions... that wasn't good. "Your input Yuta-san?"

He thought about what they didn't say.

"Umm, I think you have potential. Your voice tone and the vocal emotions were good but your facial expressions were very exaggerated… I think you should work more on your subtlety." He ended it there. She bowed, thanking them and took it as her cue to leave.

Unbeknownst to him, as she walked out, tears filled her eyes. Not because of the evaluation but because she couldn't forget the way he laughed at her.

The second time he met her;

Rei arm held the lower back of his girlfriend as he led her deeper inside the hotel to where the reception is. As he paid for a room, he turned around, not looking where he was going before he bumped into her.

"Sorry," they both said in union, looking at each other. He recognised her immediately and it seemed she also did from the way she averted her dark eyes. He raised his hand to greet her. "Oh, y-"

She walked away immediately, he swiped his hand through his hair as if he never meant to greet her in the first place. It seemed like she didn't want to talk to him so he smoothly moved on. He turned to his girlfriend and signaled her to go ahead.


Out of nowhere, someone shouted his name. He looked around to see where it came from. A dyed, blonde woman strode in, almost stomping, mad as she reached him. Everyone around him stopped in their tracks to watch, including Kana.

"Oh, Mik-"

A loud sound resounded, the crowd gasped as a hand printed on his cheeks.

"You are seeing another woman already? We just broke up yesterday. Do your other girls know you date almost every women you meet?" Rei blinked and rubbed his cheeks a little. The current girlfriend looked at him confused and a bit offended at what she was hearing. "You broke up with her yesterday? I..."

She rolled her eyes as if she couldn't be bothered. She tried to walk away but he held her arm. "Let me explain-"

She forcibly took her arm away and left. His eyes followed her until he caught Kana on the side, hands on her mouth, eyes wide but then she dropped it. Her face twisted, eyeing him up and down in complete disgust. She turned around and briskly walked away too, having seen enough.

Rei looked at his ex, with his hands in his pockets. "I only dated you because I was told you were hard to win over but you were easily charmed with a date."

Miku's face turned red, both from anger and embarrassment. "The rumors about you must be true, that you throw women away the moment they show interest in you."

Rei tilted his head. That was not true. He threw them away because he was never interested in them in the first place but rather with the chase... his father's word ran on his head.

"If you can't win people, customers, shareholders, how do you expect to win me over? Until you convince me, you have it in you, I won't hand over my wealth easily."

"There is only one person I want to win over... and it's not you. You were just a test for the bigger fish."

Her face scrunched up together, red and her fist clenched together, shaking. He shrugged, his pinky on his ear and blew it. "Aww, you just ruined my chance to date a pretty girl."

He let out a pitiful frown but she slapped him again. "I'm glad I ruined your date."

She rummaged through her bag and brought out her phone. "I've saved her from a whole ordeal from having to deal with a scum like you. I have you blocked now so don't even think of calling."

He didn't meet her eyes and instead let her do what she wanted as she also walked away from him. He let out a sigh, rubbing his neck. "Ah, at least she is gone."

The third time he met her is where things got messy.

Ito Rei leaned back, mouth closed around a straw, yellow tinted glasses on his head as his leg crossed over the other bathing in the sun rays. He was in his father's house, watching the pool in front, feeling the fake lawn underneath his feet, sitting on the pool chair.

"Rei-sama." A butler came forward, bowing and extending a tray with one cocktail cup to serve him. He picked it up, humming to tell the butler he was listening.

"Your father wants to meet you." At the mention of his father, Rei immediately straightened up, handing the glass back as he got off. "Where is he?"

"In his office room." The butler didn't move an inch as Rei strided in the house where his father's office was.

"I'm here, father." Rei bowed, face expressionless. His father was a very older middle aged man, black hair slick and deep green eyes. The window was behind his desk.

"You said last time, you wanted to be in the succession race? It's quite an abrupt decision to hear from you." His father curled a brow.

"Yes, I just felt like joining." He shrugged. He actually planned it for years but he was keeping a low profile because he knew how vicious his brothers were.

"I'll give you the same task as your two other brothers. If you want my company, you get married before the year ends." He took out a paper with a list of women. "Ryouga already decided on her-"

He pulled out one of the paper and set it on a side, "-So all these women are available until you and Ren decide."

It was a very abrupt decision but his father never really consulted any of them when it comes to making these big decisions. They always adapted to his whims.

Rei took a step forward to take the papers away, glancing on the stack of background information of ten different women. As he flipped through them page by page, a name popped out the most from everyone. Fujiwara Kana. This girl again? Out of all the women in this list, her background was the most average.

For the first time since his meeting with his father, an emotion bloomed in Rei. He must have stared more than usual because his father already decided. "I'll call her father and arrange a meeting for you two since you are interested."

"I was just looking," Rei explained.

"I picked all these other women-" He spread his hands over the multiple papers. "-for their background. However, I picked his family because I liked all... of his children. It's a shame he only had one daughter."

Rei brow rose. His father actually liked someone? That man? And this average family stood out the most? He didn't remember anything worthy from his memory. He looked at her basic information and saw she had three brothers. He didn't know why his father would give him an advantage but he figured none of brothers would pick her. "Yes... please set me up. I would love to meet her."


Rei looked at his watch, he was right on time… barely. He was leaving a worse impression already. He pushed the cafe's door, feeling the air conditioner temporarily blow on his face before he closed the door. Rei casually strolled, surveying his surroundings. He caught sight of her near a window.

"Are you my date?" He knew she was, he was just making a starting conversation to appear social.

"No," she replied without looking at him.




"No?" Did he hear this right? Did she mistaken him for someone else? He picked up his phone from his pocket to call her, staring at her from the side in suspicion. He swore this was her. No way he mistook her as someone else.

Her phone suddenly rang so she took it out and answered the phone without looking at the caller id.

"I already told you I'll be fine." Kana rolled her eyes as if talking to someone else.

"Oh really?" His manly voice replied instead. Kana closed her eyes when she noticed who it was. The other line closed and a shadow plop down on the seat in front of her.

"So you are my future wife." He smirked.

"You?" She looked at him sceptically as if she didn't believe him. "There has to be some sort of a mistake! Isn't your name... Yuta?"

"Hmm?" It's usually common for people to mistake his identities. Although even if it was a mistake, girls would love to date him yet she seemed uninterested? "My alias name is Yuta but my actual name is Rei. Ito Rei."

Quickly dialling a number, she put the phone on her ear. "Father..."

There was a pause since he couldn't hear. This was the first time someone called someone during his date with them.

"What...I..." She didn't know where to begin. "What's his name again?"

There was another pause before the raven haired stared at her phone like it brought destruction itself.

"Are you happy now?" He smiled cockily, his elbow rested on the table while his chin on the back of his hand.

"What's your name?" He decided to also magically forget her to not seem too interested. She just stared at him in deadpan.

"Just call me brownie! It's my nickname." Kana replied sarcastically.

He stared at her dumbfoundedly. He can't predict any of her answers. This was... a first to him. Time to bring back his memory since clearly it was a mistake. "Kana, is it?"

"Why are you asking if you already know?" The passive aggression made him wonder what he did to make her hate him so much. Regardless, she was proving to be a challenge and he was never someone who backed away.

"I just remembered you from the audition." Thankfully, the waiter came with sticky notes and pen to take their order almost as if he felt the tension and wanted to break it. Rei took the opportunity immediately as he looked at the menu quickly while she, also, did after sending a suspicious look. He ordered a slice of carrot cake with some tea. He looked at Kana, appearing curious.

"You are paying, right?" She suddenly asked, pushing the menu below her eyes to confirm. Rei, of course, couldn't miss the chance to leave a good impression. He was determined to win her.

"Yes, please don't hesitate to order anything." He smiled charmingly at her. She looked at his outfit up and down. He came in wearing casual clothes, he looked like he was fresh out of college with a plain white t-shirt and black jeans. She smirked, suddenly she seemed in a brighter mood. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at the menu.

"What about you ma'am?" The waiter went to her direction, ready to jolt down her order.

"I want-" She spoke up. Rei's pupils went left and right on the menu, looking for what she picked. He wanted to be attentive to her needs and women liked it when men remembered miniscule things about them. He noted briefly that they were the most expensive of the list. Not that he cared about that.

As the waiter was about to leave, she held into the guy shirt to get him back. "Wait, wait!"

"Do you want anything else ma'am?" He turned back, ready to write.

"Yes, I actually would like to add more." She stifled a creepy smile.

"I want-" She just randomly picked many other options. Her fingers were going across the menu as if it was a game of ping pong.

Her picks had caused both Rei and the waiter to raise an eyebrow at them.

"So... you basically want the entire menu?" The guy sweatdropped.

When Rei said to not hesitate to pick anything... he actually meant please hesitate.

"That is even better! You don't know how hungry I am. I feel like I could eat a whale." She suddenly agreed with his suggestion which was not even a suggestion.

"I d-don't know..." The waiter stammered from nervousness at being put in a situation he never have been in before. This is a dessert cafe not a supermarket.

"I could get you something to eat later if you are that hungry." Rei offered slowly, as confused as the waiter.

"But I want it now~" She frowned at him, pushing her hand down for not cooperating with her. It would have been cute if she wasn't being a brat.

"I could get you something better and healthi-" He was cut off by her slamming her fist on the table.

"I want it now!" She changed her voice to that of a child, whining.

"... Can you get us our order, please?" he spoke softly to the waiter. The waiter nodded his head uncertainty and went to have it done.

"You are very… peculiar, Kana," he admitted, he never met anyone like her... in his entire life. It was like her personality completely took a change from earlier.

"How so?" She looked at him weirdly.

"Can you eat all that?" He asked, checking her petite body. Can a girl like her really eat that much? The menu may have been small but it was still two pages...

"N-YES!" She almost yelled it but she quickly got her composure. "Yes I can."

She crossed her arms and smiled at him innocently.

"...I love girls that eat well." He can see the chair almost tumbling, as if she was about to fall out of her chair at the revelation.

The way she was behaving was starting to seem suspicious now but it was also entertaining. He usually had a good eye on what women would say since he dated many but this was new.... very new.

"I'm so happy you do like that aspect about me." The words almost sounded muffled. He saw the way her smile lines twitched. He smiled amusedly.

The waiter came back rather quickly, and placed the already made dishes that didn't take time to make. "Enjoy."

He placed a teacup and a small saucer plate with cake on Rei's side while a few plates near Kana's. The waiter suddenly pushed a whole table and connected to their table as they both stared at him.

"For the rest of the menu... you two would need it," he explained the lack of food and beverages. They both sweatdropped, thanking him before he left.

Rei delicately picked up a fork, pushing it down his cake and eating it gently. She looked hesitant to eat... like she was contemplating something. Rei curled up his finger on his cup and sipped, not breaking eye contact. Whatever she was thinking, was making her brows cave in.

He almost choked when he saw what she did next. She stretched her bare hand towards a piece of cake, making sure her entire hand was stained and ate smudging her lips and cheeks a bit.

Excuse me?

What is this?

If there is a lord out there, send him help right now!

Rei watched her in morbid curiosity. He suppressed a laugh because it was very funny to watch her eat like this. He clamped his mouth. He has never seen a woman eat like that before. How can she not be embarrassed doing this in public? Her brain needs to be studied because he can't believe this is happening. The waiter who came to serve, started walking backwards about to take a detour before coming to their table again.

She went from one cake to another. He cringed, lips shaping an "O" at the way she was eating. She abruptly stopped when she took a lemon cake. Her body lurched forward but she bit her lips. He knew from the many days of drinking that's the face his friends made when they wanted to vomit.

She reached a hand out for her chocolate drink, the cream traced the cup and took a sip. Her eyes closed and stopped what she was doing to take a moment to breathe.

He pushed a glass full of water towards her. Again, with her creamy hands, she drank it.

"Thanks." She let out a sigh in relief. He took a blue handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to her. She took it and wiped her mouth and hands with it. She then reached out a hand for him to take it back.

"Keep it," Forever.

Why was she behaving so mannerlessly? Was she seriously gonna return to him? She shrugged and told him she would go to the toilet, looking blue as she hurriedly left.

Rei sat, crossing his arms. His right thumb and index held his chin as he watched her leave. The waiter came back and broke his thoughts off. He was about to place more on the table but Rei tore his hand away from his chin into a stop sign. "Please package everything she ordered. I think she is done."

"Right away." As the waiter left to package it, Rei finished off his tea. The way she was behaving today was as if she didn't want him. Nobody behaved like an animal to impress a date.

This was the woman his father liked? This? Now he understood the meaning of challenge. If he can't win against someone as difficult as her, he won't be able to beat his brothers, he reminded himself. A dark loom overtook his eyes. Two can play this game.

It took her a few minutes before she walked out of the restroom, the handkerchief tied around her hand as she let out a sigh of relief.

"You're leaving?" she asked, sounding a little too happy.

"I wanted to take you out for a walk." He smiled innocently to her. She tripped down anime style from his response.

"With me?'" She stood up, heavily breathing.

"I already told the waiter to wrap your order." He pointed at the waiter who held a bunch of big bags.

"Did you already pay?" She tilted her head, confused. He nodded.

"How much-" He took her hand with his and dragged her out.

"What a-about my order?" She stuttered in disbelief.

"We will come to it later." Rei pulled her along to whatever plans he had for her. It was time for him to take the lead.

He looked back at her, raising their hand together and as if she noticed they held hands, she roughly pulled her hands away. She glared at him, lips curled up in a gangster way. He turned ahead, grinning. Yup, he won't let her have way.

She walked side by side with him reluctantly. They were window shopping, seeing the clothes on the mannequins and just taking a small stroll on the streets.

"Let's get inside." Time to impress her, he walked into a designer store. "I'll buy you anything you want."

He winked, she glared at him and followed him.

He caught her from the corner of her eyes heading towards the cashier where four ladies were talking but he couldn't hear what she was saying.

On the other side, where Rei couldn't hear. Kana slammed her hand on their table and asked breathlessly her question. "What is the most expensive outfit in here? It doesn't matter if it is a dress, shirt or jacket, just tell me what is the most expensive one! Something that would break your bank just staring at it."

The women were startled by her appearance. She had red evil eyes. Hair like snakes and a murderous look, Medusa?

"Umm-" The woman stuttered from nervousness.

"Kana!" Rei called her out, curious on what she was doing.

"I'm coming." She replied sweetly, her appearance turned angelic. She side eyed the workers with a serious look

"Most expensive one." With her fingers she made the "I'm watching you" gestures.

"What do you want?" She headed toward him, crossing her arms.

"I want you to try something on," he replied. She raised an eyebrow at that. It was time for him to get some revenge, he pulled the garments.

"Really? What is i-" She was cut off by her jaw dropping to the floor in disbelief of what she saw.

"Does it fit you? What is your size?" He had a serious look on his face.

"W-what?" She picked her jaw that fell back to its original place.

"No! I'm never wearing that!" she exclaimed loudly, still shocked.

"It would look good on you." He gave her an innocent look like how she's been playing with him all day.

"No!" She snatched the lingerie from his hand, blushing furiously.

"It's a shame you don't want that." He tried to sound sad, shrugging.

"You pervert!" She shrieked.

"We are getting married soon. I'm just trying to be a devoted husband already." He showed her a very revealing sexy lingerie. "How about this one?"

"I don't want any of that!" She flushed, face so red. He wanted to continue taunting her. She huffed, turned around and walked away.

"We are not newlyweds yet. I'll pick what I want!" She rolled her eyes at him. He smirked at her reaction. Sadly, it ended sooner than it should have.

"To think I felt sorry for you for a moment." She grumbled under her breath but he heard it as she stomped her way to the cashier angrily. He followed behind her this time, hands in his pockets.

"Did you find what I asked you for?" she asked the worker. He listened intrigued.

"Yes. Follow me." The lady showed her the way to a very beautiful pink dress.

"Wow! It's so beautiful!" She stared at how the pink shade mixed with blue down across the dress.

Deep down the worker knew they couldn't afford such a dress but she kept it inside. She was being professional about it.

Kana took the price tag and almost lost both of her eyeballs when she saw how much it cost.

"Is this what you want?" Rei was curious about what she wanted since she asked for it specifically. Kana quickly covered the dress with her body.

"Nope, I don't want this one anymo-" She was interrupted by the worker's yes response. Both Kana and the waiter shared a look. She gave an apologetic look, asking for forgiveness with her hands.

"Let me see it." Whenever he walked left or right, Kana would do the same. What was she hiding?

"I don't like it anymore." The way she said it was so awkward.

"I still want to see it." Her actions were a bit suspicious. He wanted to have a closer look at the dress.

"Well, you se-" She fidgeted but he pushed her aside gently.

"That is a pretty dress," he acknowledged.

"Yeah b-but..." She didn't continue when she saw him signalling the employee. "I'll take it."

Both her and the employee glanced at each other. He walked towards the cashier, the lady grabbed a size small out of the rack as she followed him.

"Wait, Rei!" That guy didn't even look at the price. She chased him. "Maybe... take a look-"

"Just wait outside, I saw how you liked this dress and I'm not changing my mind." He told her with a smile. A bit proud that he was THAT attentive.

She looked at him like he was the biggest idiot to grace the earth. She rubbed her forehead. "Not my problem anymore."

She walked out of the store while he paid. He brought out his card, flipped his hands towards the ladies. They took one look at it, seeing the colour before they scrambled to take it. From his position, he stared at the window as she paced back and forth, biting her nails before she actually started dancing out of nowhere, literally jumping as if there was a celebration.

"Thank you for purchasing. Have a good day." He took the bag and strolled through the door, getting confused by her actions.

"Did you buy something?" She pointed a finger at the bag on his hands, having a strange case of amnesia.

"I bought you the dress." He handed her the bag. Kana gave him a confused look and quickly opened it to check.

"You actually bought it!" It was supposed to be a question but it didn't come out that way.

"I said I would buy it for you." He looked at her strangely. "Are you okay?" He let the back of his hand rest on her forehead

"I'm okay!" She slapped his hand away. He rubbed his stingy hand.

"I don't understand." She rubbed her eyes as if the items will magically disappear and took out the price tag to check if she actually saw it

"Don't understand what?" There was a loud beep that caught both of their attention.

"Rei-sama!" Some man shouted from the front seat. He got out and scolded Rei.

"Why didn't you tell us where you were going? I looked everywhere for you." He frowned at being ditched in the middle of explaining to him how to manage a company.

"I wanted to be left alone today with my girlfriend." Rei gave her a back hug to emphasise that she was the one.

"Since when was I your-" He covered her mouth with his hand to stop her from revealing too much. She was technically arranged to marry him so it still counts.

"She is your girlfriend?" The man gave a sceptical look. His girlfriends changed every week! He can't even remember what the last one looked like.

"Yes." He responded with his chin on top of hers. She bit his hand causing him to let go.

"Ouch, that hurt." He pouted. She acts like a dog.

"Who are they?" She gestured at the new people.

"My personal driver and bodyguard," he answered boredly.

"You have a bodyguard?" She never knew.

"Pleased to meet you Miss. I'm Kuro, Rei-sama's bodyguard and this is Daiki." Daiki waved awkwardly.

"Rei-sama spoke highly of you at home. It is a pleasure to meet you." Kana sweatdropped at what he said, side glancing at Rei.

"Right. I'm sureeee he did." She stressed out the words as Rei whistled on the side. He didn't even know her name this morning and this was their very first meeting so Kuro mistook her for another woman.

"Ah... okay, are you rich?" She finally stopped sugar-coating her words. They all gasped at her question.

"You didn't know?" Rei couldn't believe she asked such questions.

"Did you not know that Rei-sama is the heir of the Ito clan?" It didn't ring a bell. She stared blankly at him.

"Itomori Entertainment?" Kuro tried and Rei gave him a look to silence him.

She gasped then her face switched back to unimpressed. "Is that how you thought I would react? You think this is some drama plotline?"

Kuro and Rei blinked. "Rei-sama, is this really your girlfriend?"

"No... this is my marriage candidate Kuro..."

Kuro looked even more baffled and went to his defence. "He is really the heir of the company. He may one day be THE successor."

"So if this is true... his networth would be..." She was in deep thought, her fingers waving in the air how much his net worth was. Kuro looked at his master. "Rei-sama... a gold digger?"

"Father's pick," he reminded him.

She almost tripped out of nowhere if Rei had not held her in time.

Tell him why she looked ready to cry. Not in the, "Oh my god, I hit the lottery." Type of way but rather like he was the biggest headache she was about to face.

While she was trying to recover from the big shock, he ordered Kuro to leave after giving them her bag and informed them about her luggage that was still in the cafe.

When he turned toward her, he received a glaring look from her.

"What? Is there something on my face?" He touched his face to check.

"No, but you didn't tell me you were rich!" She accusingly poked his chest furiously.

"I'm surprised that you didn't know either," he said. "Didn't your father tell you that?"

"... I see why my father wants me to marry you now," she muttered darkly.

"Are you mad...?" He wondered if she really was. She just pivoted sharply, walking away from him.

The next thirty minutes went by with him talking and she's not answering back. He smirked at being obviously ignored. This was the next game she was playing? She was competitive in a strange way.

"Kana-chan!" She didn't glance his way. "Kana boo!"

Still no response.

"My honey bunny?"


"My ladybug rose crown." The more he went on, the more it sounded like a lab experiment gone wrong.

"My glittery butterfly kisses queen." She face palmed at this, covering her face from him like he was embarrassing her. He smirked. Now it was getting hard to pretend he didn't exist now.

He went quiet for five minutes strategically to keep her curious.

"Awww look at this cat." He said it too out loud as he found a cute little white kitten on the sidewalk with black dots. He picked it up and threw it in the air a little before catching it.

"Hey! Stop that!" She took the kitten away from his hand.

"It's okay, Mr, Freckles! Mommy is here." She rubbed her cheek on the cute kitten then glared at him."I'll save you from him."

He smirked and played along. "Oh really? But I found him first, I think I need to save him from you."

She scoffed at him. "Well, he is mine. I gave him a name already."

"I guess you are no longer ignoring me." Her smile fell when she realised she made a mistake. She suddenly went quiet, standing up and dropped the kitten down and walked away.


"What!" she accidentally snapped. She slapped herself for doing it again.

Rei grinned cockily. She was the toughest woman to charm but he will get there. He will get there eventually. He will not lose this succession race.

Especially not over this woman