Chapter 14:

Zombie II

The Aliens They Summoned

This was suddenly really easy. It was understandable for the King of Daghan to fight him, as he had even insulted Cedric a few times while he was on a visit. He had waited for the day on which he could get back at him, slice his head open, and turn him into one of them...Bookmark here

But there was a problem.Bookmark here

The Kings were monsters.Bookmark here

In terms of fighting strength, at least.Bookmark here

He had been prepared to take them all on, but not at the same time. He was glad for Marion's presence, as his bulky frame and strange abilities were a huge help.Bookmark here

Nonetheless, they didn't tire.Bookmark here

Cedric had hoped that they would have the advantage there, at least, since his forced needed no sleep, no water, and no food.Bookmark here

They only hungered for the soft feeling of human flesh...Bookmark here

Well, the fact that he could think about this while fighting the King of Daghan was pretty telling. Cedric suspected him to be the weakest of the God-Kings.Bookmark here

"Not so snappy now, are you?" Cedric mocked, crossing his arms. "Back on the wall, you were so eager to talk, but down here... you're just another hunk of flesh."Bookmark here

"You are the same, rotten creature."Bookmark here

"Rotten? Yes, my body is rotten, but if my mind is dead, too, it's because humans caged me in there with nothing but grunting undead to keep me company! I never wanted this!"Bookmark here

"And yet you fight."Bookmark here

"And yet I win," Cedric corrected, lunging at the man. He helplessly swung his sword, missed, and watched as Cedric's hand penetrated the small gap between armor and helmet at his neck, grabbing his spine and ripping it straight out of his body. The pain was so large, the King of Daghan couldn't even whimper before falling. "Now that I think about it, you never told me your name," Cedric mumbled, looking at the deformed husk of a man. He shrugged. "Then again, I never told you mine."Bookmark here

The scent of blood attracted the other zombies, and he allowed them to indulge in their new prey, watching with glee as the King rose as one of them, he waved them away.Bookmark here

He would be helpful on the battlefield.Bookmark here

Cedric turned to Marion.Bookmark here

He was sizzling from his wounds, and Cedric realized that the moon had risen.Bookmark here

Smirking, he joined the fray.Bookmark here

The King of Belarus was a formidable foe for fighting with apparent ease even as Marion powered up even further.Bookmark here

With Cedric at his side, though, he finally showed a troubled expression.Bookmark here

Anger and frustration conquered his body, and he hacked with his twin axes at his attackers.Bookmark here

Marion blocked them with his fur, and even when they hurt him, he healed back. He could fight recklessly now.Bookmark here

Cedric was less lucky.Bookmark here

After the comparably slow but precise swings of the King of Daghan, this one was problematic to deal with.Bookmark here

One moment of distraction, and... his arm was gone.Bookmark here

Cedric clicked his tongue as Marion shoved him out of harm's way.Bookmark here

"I'll deal with him," he promised, jumping the barbarian.Bookmark here

"Die, bestial creature!" the King shot back, hacking both his axes into Marion's neck. His fur was strong there, and the hunger didn't leave his eyes. "What are you-"Bookmark here

"I am your end." He then proceeded to bite into him, ending his life. "He would've woken up when the night was over if I didn't do that," Marion said, shrugging.Bookmark here

Cedric peered behind him, where the corpse was twitching.Bookmark here

"You might want to finish the job," he warned, jumping back.Bookmark here

Marion did the same, and they watched the King of Belarus rise again... with no light in his eyes and shadows engulfing his frame. He looked at them blankly, then ran off to smash his axes into two humans, after which he disappeared into the shadows, emerging elsewhere.Bookmark here

"Uhm..."Bookmark here

"So my bite did something, huh?" Cedric mused, watching as explosions littered the sky. The apparent leader of the new force that had arrived only recently floated in the sky, a horde of black little creatures at his side. He waved his arms and they followed his command, smashing into the ground or attacking the King of Gaundry. He protected himself by crouching behind his golden shield, then smashed his hammer into the ground, causing a small earthquake. That seemed to unnerve the black creatures, and he had time to attack the floating shadow, his eyes glowing with intense light. The hammer only met more of the black, fluttering things, and many crashed to the ground. A few landed on the ground in front of him, and Cedric picked one up. "Bats?"Bookmark here

"They seem preoccupied," Marion judged, gazing suspiciously at the sky.Bookmark here

"I don't want to fight him again, either," Cedric admitted. Seeing him fight from the outside, he wondered how they had stopped him and the two others at the same time. Both he and his enemy seemed too distracted to notice the death of the Kings. "Let's just... watch out!"Bookmark here

Marion grunted as Cedric let go of his separated arm and lunged at Marion, sending them both tumbling out of harm's way.Bookmark here

A gentle light had enveloped the space where they had just been standing, though it didn't seem gentle to Cedric.Bookmark here

It was... dangerous.Bookmark here

Deadly.Bookmark here

Marion felt it, too.Bookmark here

He sniffed, his head shooting around to the edge of the clearing their battle had created. A figure stood between two trees, making gestures with his hands as his mouth mumbled something. The cone of light got bigger, enveloping more space by the second.Bookmark here

The two fighters in the sky noticed it, too, distancing themselves.Bookmark here

"Can we take him?" Marion asked, shifting his position to a crouch, ready to sprint forward at moment's notice.Bookmark here

"It's not a question of whether or not we can do it," Cedric whispered, trying to ignore the silenced grunts of the undead that were hit by the light. "That man's a priest or some holy man. Maybe just a mage, but he could end us all with the right sequence of words on his lips."Bookmark here

"So he's dangerous?" Marion grinned, tensing his muscles. "I hate danger."Bookmark here

The beast was back, Cedric noted.Bookmark here

Before he could say something, Marion already closed the distance, swiping at the man... but he missed...Bookmark here

No, he hit the man, but the air around him shimmered and he disappeared in ripples, while Marion was on the ground, howling in pain.Bookmark here

Cedric watched him hold his claw, which was turned to ash, though it quickly sizzled back into existence.Bookmark here

"An illusion...?" Cedric mumbled, watching with glee that his arm wasn't yet hit by the light. His movements would turn sluggish if he had to control both it and his body at the same time, now that they were separated, but it would serve as the perfect surprise attack. "Just gotta do this," Cedric mumbled, running to Marion.Bookmark here

He was fully recovered and now sniffed the air once more, skeptically turning in several directions, no doubt housing more illusions.Bookmark here

Marion decided on his course before Cedric caught up to him.Bookmark here

For a moment, he worried that they'd lose sight of each other, but then he found Marion engaging a definitely real version of the earlier illusion.Bookmark here

Noting that his arm wasn't far behind, Cedric circled the duelists, silently directing his arm behind the man.Bookmark here

Before he could do so, however, the ground shook, and the wall constricted.Bookmark here

Cedric watched with terror as it reconnected again, smaller than before. Their reinforcements, almost endless behind the walls, were cut off.Bookmark here

The wall was too steep and smooth to scale, and through the contraction, the towers they built were no-doubt destroyed now, too.Bookmark here

The man fighting with Marion smiled, before howling echoed through the woods.Bookmark here

The werewolves!Bookmark here

Now that the full moon was out, they were awake!Bookmark here

Cedric gritted his teeth as these would be the last reinforcements they had. He jumped out of his hiding place, making sure that his hand was steadily advancing behind the man.Bookmark here

"Another one?" the man exclaimed, the satisfaction gone.Bookmark here

"Marion, get the beasts and secure the wall. Dig a tunnel or something, we can't let our armies be cut off! I can't control them like you can, go!"Bookmark here

Marion looked at him with a gaze that said 'But we already built some tunnels,' but he obliged.Bookmark here

Howling and calling to the beasts and undead beasts in the vicinity and beyond, he went to defend the prison.Bookmark here

The man smiled.Bookmark here

"You won't stand a chance," the man taunted, not noticing Cedric's arm. When it grabbed him Cedric lunged at him, punching him square in the face with his other arm. Too late did he realize that he had managed to knock most of the man's teeth out, but lost both his arms in the process. As an undead, he felt no pain, but it was shocking to see nonetheless. "Be gone, asshole," the man spat through bloody teeth, sending a ball of light Cedric's way.Bookmark here

He dodged, but then vanished in the light that followed.Bookmark here

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