Chapter 1:

The memory...

The school mystery

Kazuki Akagami and his friends Aoi Yamada and Hinata Anzai were good friends and went to a popular high school in Kyoto. Most of the time they spent either walking in the forest or playing video games. It was morning so they were walking to was just a normal day nothing special. As they arrived at school they separated because Aoi was in a lower class and Hinata was in class C while Kazuki was in class A. As the class started it was nothing special I must admit it was just like a normal day. The class ended and people stood up from their seats and started talking when he realized one of his classmates was missing it was Ai Enomoto. They sure didn’t talk much but they were friends so he asked around others.
“Hey did you see Ai today?”

“No why would I? Who even is that?”

“Uh…she´s our classmate remember?”

“Eh…no? Is he crazy or something?”

Was it just a dream? Was he dreaming? Its just a nightmare right? it isn’t this was the reality and that’s what made him shocked the most. “She couldn’t just leave and no one could remember! She was our classes favourite!” these were the only thoughts he had at that time. He then thought about going to other classes asking around but…no one remembered there either. And to make it even worse, there were people missing too! And no one could remember them either! He really thought that he was going crazy! “That’s it! If I pinch myself and it doesn’t hurt I am dreaming!” He was so close to doing so when someone slapped his head from behind.

“Calm down you are not dreaming. Quick check! You remember Satou?”

It was Hinata! He nodded in agreement that he did eventually remember him. Hinata seemed really relieved by that answer.

“I´m so glad you do remember him!”

Hinata said full of joy and then turned to Aoi. Which was walking behind him.
“In her class no one remembers them either…”

It was one mystery after another! Why would no one remember them at all? And why would they just randomly disappear? They gladly had some friends among grades so they could check if there is this going on too. Eventually it was happening there too. And I forgot to mention in every class there is one person that remembers the disappeared ones. They were lucky because they were friends with most of the ones that remember them. With those who they weren’t friends with they talked it over and made a promise that they will at least help with solving this mystery. They didn’t have any other choice now anyway. So they just believed each other.

As they gathered everyone from some grades they decided that they will have a meeting in the abandoned classroom every break so they can discuss everything they manage to find out during classes. They spent the past four breaks there discussing all the info over. Someone mentioned that they should search the area around their desk for some clues. They all agreed and searched but found nothing suspicious and as the class started they had a normal class.