Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Final Day.

This Elf Became a Trucker to Return to her World

“Tsk, if the demon army thinks they can take the capital, they have another thing coming.” Bookmark here

I stood staring down the great seven-headed dragon reflecting the darkened colors of the rainbow. Its very existence was a disgrace to our nation, the nation built upon the principles of Photomancy and bringing light to the world. The rainbow itself is a symbol of peace, those who would use it to attack people who wish to live lives of love and peace are disgraceful.Bookmark here

The Demon King himself rode the beast and began to speak down to me. “Well, well, if it isn’t the high and mighty high-elf, Ceatha. Still protecting these worthless humans and faeries, even with your power? Do you think you can defeat this dragon I made? The position is still open for you to be my bride. I’ll even have my other wives all demoted to concubines for your sake. Just imagine the power our progeny would have!”Bookmark here

“In your dreams, Ond. This is where I kill you and finish what we started!”Bookmark here

“Ah, yes. Still upset about your mother? She tried to stop me from destroying the skill trees had to be dealt with, exactly as I must do with you now!” At a click of his fingers, the dragon began to fire spells from each mouth like a breath attack, but these fired in a straight line. It was no doubt the high-tier light magic “Ray Burst.” It was all I could do to avoid these blasts for a time, as a single hit would most likely knock me out of the sky where I stood. This was thanks to my mastery of the mid-tier light spell “Solid Light” which allowed me to create footholds in the air, as well as block the dragon’s attacks. Its pattern was simple enough to discover for me, as I could tell when the next head was preparing to cast its spell. Once I figured out the pattern, well…Bookmark here

“Gather energy of the stars...Ray Burst!” A beam of light flew from my outstretched hand and annihilated the indigo-Black Head. Indigo always rubbed me the wrong way. The other heads were taken back for a second, but they continued to fight. However, one less head meant much better maneuvering for me, and I easily dodged the now six beams. One by one, the rest of the heads followed. I rose in the air to come face to face with Ond, now resting angrily atop a headless dragon.Bookmark here

“It’s over Ond! Call off your soldiers. I’ve defeated your trump card. You thought you could use Light magic against me, but as a Rainbow-Class Magician you should have known I could not be outclassed by an imitation.”Bookmark here

“Hehe, it’s exactly as you say. I knew the dragon wouldn’t be able to defeat you. It just needed to stall you for long enough.”Bookmark here

“What!” I looked up in the sky above me… all of the energy fired by both me and the dragon had gathered into a massive sphere. “N-no! Are you crazy! That much energy at once could destroy the entire continent, if not the planet itself!”Bookmark here

"Oh, well then… I guess you had better stop it!" With another bout of his laughter, he flicked his hand forward and disappeared. The sphere began its descent towards the castle. 
This was bad.Bookmark here

I tried to fire a Ray Burst, but its energy was also absorbed, and the sphere grew larger. There was only one thing left I could try. Bookmark here

The forbidden spell, “Black Hole.” Bookmark here

By concentrating enough energy into a singular point, it was possible to create a spell that absorbed things into it. Where the absorbed material went, no one knew. However, it would normally either take the energy in the as its intake and immediately dissipate or create immense damage. To be able to absorb the incoming blast, I would need to do the latter. This was the only chance humanity had at survival. I began the chant.Bookmark here

“Gods of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet… please heed the call of your disciple. With your power, I bring that which should not be into existence to erase that which also should not be. May your colors leave my hand and swallow this obstacle in the blackness of space...Black Hole!” Bookmark here

Immediately the hole appeared outstretched from my hand. It began to slowly start absorbing light from the approaching sphere. Come on, come on! It wasn’t going fast enough, I needed to give it more power! Bookmark here

“What do you think you are doing?” Ond was suddenly standing in front of me. “Don’t you want to run? Save yourself! You’re more valuable than the garbage down there. Why throw your life away for them?”Bookmark here

I smiled. “Why don’t you join me. Entangle!” Chains of light emerged from my back and wrapped around Ond. “You underestimated me. Even while casting the highest magic, I can still manage this.”Bookmark here

“You little! After all the chances I give you, is this the thanks I get? I am the Demon King you know; you think something like this can hold me?”Bookmark here

“Maybe not, but this will…” I then cast a third spell, “Photo-Genesis.” This was a Spell that turned the caster and their belongings into light energy. This of course extended to anyone they were touching as well.Bookmark here

“You’re insane! You’re going to kill us both! And for what!?” Bookmark here

I smiled at Ond. “I just want to make sure everyone stays safe. It’s what my mother wanted of me…” With this as my final words, I channeled my whole being, as well as Ond into fuel for the Black Hole. With us powering the one side and the sphere of bursts filling the other, the Black Hole quickly reached an equilibrium. My consciousness faded as I got one last look at the castle and the battle still raging on below. Bookmark here

With this, I can finally be at peace.Bookmark here

Or so I thought.Bookmark here

When I awoke, I found myself in an unfamiliar place. I appeared to be in a forest, but it was surrounded by buildings on every side. The buildings were all taller than the castle, maybe even taller than the Temple of the Rainbow. As well, many strange vehicles traveled past at ludicrous speeds.Bookmark here

“W-where am I?” Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Ana Fowl
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