Chapter 35:

Hailstorm Part 5: Escape

Escape Witch

Serika stared at the woman before her.

“Why are you here!” she asked Emeri.

Emeri stood tearfully before Serika. She had not even bothered to take off her shoes and had ran straight in.

“Why!? Why are you trying to throw yourself away? Are you trying to sacrifice yourself because you think you’re irredeemable?” she cried.

“Yeah, I’m a monster. I had to resurrect that bitch within me just so I could save you all and kill those Illumous whores. Why would you want to save a monster- “

“You are NOT a monster! You’re amazing and strong. Look at how much you’ve grown! You used to be a lone wolf asshole, now you’re a loved and needed friend!”

“My body aches like hell, my mind is exhausted. If you drag me along you might not-“

“I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOU!” I don’t care how much my body hurts, I’ll drag you to that plane and we’ll all escape together.”

“It would save time if they arres-“


Emeri slapped Serika as tears rolled down her face.


"But I'm not needed or loved."

“If you need love, then I’ll give you love!” Emeri declared as she kissed Serika on the lips.

Tears began pouring out of Serika’s eyes.

“I want to live! I want to spend more time with you all. Even that twin tailed bitch Yuni. Please! Drag me with you! I don’t want to die in this hell!” Serika tearfully pleaded.

Emeri smiled as she began putting Serika’s loose belongings in the shopping bag. She then placed her leather jacket on Serika.

“Now you look cute and badass, and have pockets for your passport and wallet,” Emeri stated as she secured Serika’s passport and wallet in one of the jacket pockets.

Serika now looked at her full outfit in the mirror. The hat and dress brought out her more feminine charm, while the sneakers and jacket highlighted her more tomboyish and badass side.

“Your kiss gave me some energy. No need to drag me, I can walk just fine now,” Serika smiled as she wiped away her tears.

After making sure all her important belongings were accounted for, Serika and Emeri ran outside and hopped in the car.


Kaori stared at Serika’s empty bedroom.

“NO! I missed her! Why!?”

Kaori then noticed Serika's bloody clothes on the bed.

In Kaori's car, the body bag containing Purin jostled and unzipped.

Purin huffed as she straggled out of the car and walked up to Serika's apartment.

"THAT LITTLE BITCH!" she growled as she held her hand over her bandages.

There were two reasons Purin was alive. The first was the metal implant in her forehead that prevented Serika's bullets from piercing her skull. It was dented but could be fixed. The second reason was that her heart was located on the right side of her chest. Thus, Serika's bullets had never pierced her heart in the first place.

As Kaori examined Serika's clothes, she turned around to see a deranged Purin standing in the doorway.

"GYAAA! IT'S A ZOMBIE!" Kaori screamed as she fell back onto the bed.

"You asshole! You know damn well I'm still alive. Now get met to a a doctor dammit!" Purin glared.

"Hmm, Vanessa said to wait for her, but then again, I don't think she realized that her little bitch got replaced by Yume's sis," Kaori giggled as she sat up.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm the one that did the lab tests and found that corpse of Fujiko wasn't really her. I bet Fujiko killed the bitch Nadea and replaced her, probably so that she can give Vanessa the shave of the slaves. Well let's head over. We're booked for a couples shave."

"COUPLES SHAVE!? Like hell we're dating, nor am I going bald!"

"Part of the package deal. Don't worry, Fujiko'll fix you up too."


Yumeko had a deranged scowl on her face as she sped towards the drawbridge leading to the Ginkawa mansion. The bridge was up, but Yumeko didn't care.


Yumeko tilted the car back and forced it to drive vertically up the bridge. When it reached the top she stared at the sight in front of her.

Harumi Ginkawa smiled as female servants lathered her body with tanning lotion.

“Didn’t I tell you fools? If you want to take me down, next time bring a warship.”

Yumeko starred in horror. The entire Ginkawa mansion was gone and could be seen floating away in the distance. She screamed as she began to plummet into the bay.

"Looks like she got soaked," Mimi stated as she lowered her binoculars.

"I apologize that you have to take a leave of absence from Ryokoma," Harumi stated.

"Rika said it was fine and to just think of it like a vacation."


Across the waterway, Rika and the employees and patrons of Ryokoma waved as the mansion sailed away.

"Have a nice vacation Mimi. We'll welcome you back with open arms. As for our Crepe goddess and her friends, enjoy your travels," Rika smiled.


At the salon, Yuni watched in horror as the red haired girl approached the door. She shut her eyes in terror, but to her shock, the door opened.

"Bomb's disarmed, now make a break for it," the girl smiled as she dragged Yuni out.

She then vanished as Yuni stared in shock before running down the street.

As she rounded the corner, she stopped and shrieked as a police squad car honked at her.

"Yuni-chan!" Emeri yelled as she rolled down the window.

"Emeri!?" Yuni gasped.

"Get in no time to explain!"

Yuni immediately got in the back next to Serika.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Yuni asked.

"I look beautiful don't I! This outfit was a gift from Sensei, Yuni."

"Well no wonder you're acting so nice. Sensei's spirit must have scrubbed your mouth with soap, Serika."

Madoka giggled in pain as Yuni took notice of her.


Emeri began to sweat as Serika explained.

"Dumbass tried to save you and screwed up badly."

It was the truth, albeit a very simplified version.

"Can she even escape like that?" Yuni asked nervously.

"We'll just wrap her up. With some milk, she'll heal up in a few days," Emeri stated.

The girls immediately sped off to the airport.


Nadea seethed with fury as she stood in front of the salon door.

"What the hell? Why is there a diffused bomb on the door!?" she growled as she immediately called Vanessa.

"Hey Nadea, you clean up at the station?"

"Ye- Yes. Bu- But the prisoner is- is-"

"Oh, it all blew up? Whoopsie. Guess maybe you-"

"Blew up!? N- No! Th- Theere's a diffused bomb on the door and n- no one's inside!"

Vanessa froze as she heard those words.

"The hell!? Wait! If no one’s inside and you somehow didn't diffuse it, who... _! HELENA! UGH! That disgrace! When that Jester kook mentioned sticks of dynamite, I figured it might have been her. Dammit! I'll be back soon! Oh, and Inohara and Myouchi are coming by. Check the place for traps then treat Myouchi. Heard she's got a massive hole in her chest."

Nadea hung up and began mimicking Vanessa as she checked the salon for bombs.

"Nope, that little shit didn't leave anything," she said as Purin and Kaori arrived.

Nadea turned to see Kaori dragging in Purin.

"Oh, we've got TWO customers in dire need of enslavement," Nadea giggled as Kaori shoved Purin into a chair, before hopping into the adjacent chair.

"JUST HER! I'm injured dammit! I don't need any more bullshit," Purin shouted.

"Well, I'm SUPER pissed off, so I'm shaving you next after the gold bitch is done."

"I'm only here because of that bitch. In case you couldn't tell, I've got a giant hole in my chest."

"Well then I'll just treat you here. I can easily mimic a competent surgeon."

"Shave us to the smoothest of skin," Kaori giggled as she and Purin were restrained in the chairs.

"You two really are bad girls, but I'll give you the mind breaking free shearing service since Pu-Pu's injured," Nadea sneered as she sewed Kaori and Purin's mouths shut.


Carl gulped as Kasumi glared at him.

"[So uh, what brings you here uh Madam Speaker?]" he asked.

"[I came to assess your value. You are our party's leader in the Senate, yet you have blundered so badly,]" Kasumi glared.

"[That Say-uri sold me out! Besides, Mao Ookuma said I had value.]"

"Mao Ookuma?"

Kasumi immediately tapped her head with her fingers. After a minute, she glared at Carl.

"[You fool. I will be searching for your successor.]"

Carl went pale as Kasumi left.


The four girls arrived at the airport.

"I'm glad they always keep medical kits in the trunk," Yuni said as she helped bandage Madoka.

"This goes without saying, but make sure you ditch all your tools. Last thing we need is to get stopped at security," Emeri stated.


Serika pulled her hat as low as it could go as she wheeled Madoka through the airport.

"Glad we managed to get through the checkpoint, considering I'm probably on the most wanted by now," Serika thought.

"I checked some suitcases containing some clothes and basic tools," Emeri said as she purchased some milk.

"When does our flight leave?" Yuni asked.

"Boarding starts in 5 minutes. I haven't noticed a heavy police presence yet but stay on your guard."

The girls were able to board without any problems.

"Nearly had a heart attack when she just stared at my passport for a few minutes," Serika lamented as she reclined in the seat.

"This is the first time I've been on a plane," Yuni said as she gazed out the window.

"Mine too," Serika grumbled.

The girls were in the first-class section and were seated in pairs. Yuni sat next to the bandaged Madoka, while Emeri and Serika sat together.

"Make sure Mado-chan's comfortable. The lift off might be a little rough for her," Emeri warned as the plane began moving.

Madoka grunted happily to affirm she was alright.

Yuni and Serika shrieked as the plane sped up and began its lift off. They let out a sigh of relief when the plane was in the air.

"Well, that was an experience," Serika grumbled as she gazed out the window.

"You'll get used to it," Emeri chuckled as Madoka laughed.

"Well at least you're not wailing in pain. Say Emeri, what about Miss Ginkawa?" Yuni asked.

"Oh, Auntie's sailing on the mansion. The island is actually one titanic ship. No clue where she's heading, though."

"Considering how massive that place was, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s actually a cruise ship.”

“Hey Emeri, about what you said back then…” Serika awkwardly asked.

“I meant it. I’m sorry once again for pushing you so hard.”

“It was the only way. Besides something you had no idea about was ultimately what rattled me the most.”

“Tell me. I’ll share the burden with you.”

Serika then explained what Mutsumi had told her. Emeri clasped Serika’s hand as she gazed into her eyes.

“It’s not your fault. You’re not to blame.  Not for your Sensei, nor for frightening me.  I'll admit I was terrified. Your act was so authentic I couldn’t even recognize you.”

“Yeah, the moment I saw true fear and hatred in your eyes was when I lost it. I also had no idea that bitch was a gorilla, and just thought I could get you and Madoka out safely if I kept up the act.”

“No, I’m the one at fault. I should have had more faith in you considering I was the one that ultimately forced the burden on you. That’s why I want to stay by your side from now on. I don’t want you to suffer alone anymore.”

“Yeah, plus that whole thing is partially my fault for not telling you sooner. Besides we’re friends on the run with each other, so we share our burdens,” Yuni chimed.

“You ruined the mood asshole. But yeah, thanks. We’re still not friends though, I guess I’ll consider us partners, Yuni,” Serika grumbled as her face went red.

“If Madoka could talk, she’d call us tsunderes,” Yuni laughed.

Madoka giggled as Emeri resumed talking with Serika.

“See, you’re a cute girl at heart. One I’d be happy to go to the ends of the earth with.”

“Wait, are you actually confessing to me?”

“Yeah. Truth be told, I’ve always been a bit more attracted to girls than guys. So what do you say? I’m fine just being friends if this is too overwhelming for you. To be honest, I kind of feel this is unreasonable for me to ask for considering how I acted back at the bridge.”

Serika smiled as tears rolled down her face.

“Love has never been my strong suit. But I know enough about it to know that if someone can accept you even after seeing your worst, that’s someone that cares about you. You saw me turn myself into a piece of shit and murder scumbags. You were terrified, yet instead of abandoning me like I thought you would, you came to save me," she stated,

“Yeah, once I realized you were still in there, everything clicked. When I saw how hurt you were when you ran away, I knew I had screwed up.”

“And that’s what I’m saying. You hurt me, and showed me your worst, yet I still want to be with you.”

Tears began rolling down Emeri’s face as Serika gently brushed her hair.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of had a crush on Madoka ever since she saved me from drowning. But, I'd happily date a girl like you.”

“I don’t mind a threesome with her,” Emeri pouted.

“Ha Ha! And here I thought Bianka was the perv. Well, guess I’m a better fit for you than Yuni. She’d be pissed with you if you confessed to her after today.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Why would I be pissed?” Yuni asked.

Emeri explained to Yuni what really happened to Madoka.

“HUH! She got arrested and confined at HQ and you didn’t tell me!”

“Yeah, I feared you’d do something reckless. Plus, I didn’t want Mado-chan to be in anymore pain. Serika was our best bet of saving her considering Illumous knew who you were.”

Yuni walked over to Emeri and Serika and slapped them.

“Idiots. I’m smart enough not to recklessly get myself captured.”

“That’s debatable,” Serika grumbled as she massaged her face.

“Well, I guess it ended up being a blessing in disguise. I did get captured and had to escape, but I learned loads of information in the process.”

“See, just like I said. You got caught.”

“It wasn’t my fault! Heck, I’m positive any of us would have failed to escape in that scenario.”

Yuni then explained everything that happened to her.

“Wait! You’re cousin’s Cassidy Silver!? That goon mentioned her when I pried him for intel.”

“You got intel?”

“Yep. I also secretly recorded the conversation. Deleting Benise’s confession in front of him really lowered his guard. If you wanna hear the recording, use earbuds so I don’t have to hear that bitch possessing my vocal cords. On a different note, I really dodged a bullet considering Kaori was with Illumous the whole time. Glad I never agreed to be her partner.”

Emeri listened to Serika’s recording as Yuni and Serika continued to banter.

“Feel better knowing that my cousin’s now a top Illumous executive?” Yuni jibbed.

“NO! That bitch just pisses me off. I'll never forgive her for what she did to Fubuki. Though I guess it makes me feel less guilty knowing I’m not the only one with blood ties to those bastards," Serika grumbled.

“Yeah. Now that I look back, there were signs that she was really messed up. Though I hope my cousins are alright considering she wants to kill them.”

Madoka grunted in annoyance, due to being left out.

“Alright, I’ll give you your milk so you can heal up,” Yuni grumbled as she pulled out a bottle of milk and a straw.

A few minutes later, Emeri finished listening to the recording.

“This is amazing. That jerk practically told you every Illumous member and misdeed in American politics. I’m sure there’s stuff we don’t know, but this will undoubtedly give them more hell considering Mr. Kentucky’s in deep shit.”

“If you’re so impressed give me a kiss as a reward,” Serika giggled as Emeri  kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m glad you’re in love with me. I’ll happily date you even if I confess to Madoka,” Serika laughed.

“And you called me a perv,”Emeri chuckled.

“So I’m just a third wheel?” Yuni grumbled.

“Yeah sorry, no romantic feelings for you,” Serika taunted.

“Well not like I had any for you anyway,” Yuni growled.

“Mmmph ngh mmph,” Madoka mumbled.

“Don’t push yourself. Just relax and heal,” Yuni said as she soothed Madoka.

The girls relaxed as the plane safely left Japan’s airspace. They had all escaped the country.