Chapter 36:

Aftermath [Part 1 End]

Escape Witch

Purin groaned as she stared at the ceiling. Nadea had done a superb job of stitching up her wounds along with her mouth. Her metal implant had been replaced, but she had also been completely shaved much to her dismay. Worst of all she had been given the immobilization serum and was still restrained to the chair while Nadea tended to Kaori.

"Mmph ngh mmph," Kaori cooed as Nadea smacked her now hairless head.

"All done, I now pronounce you, bald and balder. Now just sit and relax, for a bit," Nadea sneered as she oiled up Kaori's head.

“Damn that bitch! I’ll kill her for telling me to come here! Now I’m never gonna have hair again,” Purin thought to herself as Kasumi entered.

“I see everyone’s accounted for. She stated as she walked over and placed her crackling hand on Kaori’s now hairless head. Kaori’s eyes rolled back and her body jittered as electrical currents coursed through her. She blushed and moaned once Kasumi was done. Kasumi then did the same to Purin, causing her to blush and moan.

“Damn you avarice bitch, this is why I hate you,” Purin thought.

“Oh? You hate me? Well, you are part of the Leviathan faction, so I guess that’s to be expected,” Kasumi said.

“WAH! H- How did you read my thoughts?”

“Through the electricity and comm chip I just implanted in your skull. Now I can communicate with you non verbally when I’m in range. I can also take control of you if I please.”

“Great, now I’m your bitch. Just what I need.”

“Shut up and recall what happened. I was unable to contact your sister, but I heard there was a bloody massacre. WHAT HAPPENED!?”

After reading Purin’s mind, Kasumi growled aloud.

“Mao Ookuma! You little bitch. Betrayal is worthy of the most inhumane executions. Very well. Purin! You are forgiven for your blunder. You may have the chip removed by Nadea. Nadea! After you’re done sewing my mouth, you are to remove the chip from Purin.”

“Sure, sure,” Nadea grumbled as she talked into her grutooth headset.

Nadea put on a pair of rubber gloves before sewing up Kasumi’s mouth.

“You’re no fun. You’re stronger than me, and you don’t give a damn about how hideous you look,” Nadea growled.

“These electric tattoos are high tech nano machines that amplify my electricity. The more conductive I am, the greater my range becomes. None of my clothes contain rubber while the piercings and threads increase conductivity,” Kasumi said telepathically as she sat up and walked out.

“Do not give me a reason to unseal my mouth again,” she threatened as she left.

Nadea took off her headset and walked over to Purin. She lathered up her face with shaving cream before tilting her head back.

“Sorry! No anesthesia just like last time. At least the serum will keep you still while I dig that chip out of your head. Feel free to scream though. AHAHAHAHA!”


Kurobane moaned in pain as she lay in bed. She had been encased in a body cast and could not move.

Then to her dismay, two young boys entered the room.

“Mah-ma!” the younger one happily cried as he ran over and began slapping Kurobane’s cast.

“She’s hurt, don’t smack her,” the older one said as he somberly gazed at Kurobane.

The two boys were Makoto Kurobane’s young children.

Kurobane cried as she saw them.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I messed up! I’m sorry for making you suffer again,” she thought as tears poured out of her eyes.


Bianka held her hand over her bandaged head as she stared down at Mochi’s body.

“Turns out she had metal implants throughout her body. The crazy thing was her hair was practically a metallic helmet, though it feels and looks like real hair,” the coroner said as he read the autopsy report.

“I knew her damn sister did something to her. Mochi stopped smiling and showing emotion after the incident. I assumed it was partially due to the trauma of nearly suffocating in wax, but I guess it was more to do with where ever her damn sister took her. But to think Serika would be the one to murder her like that. Come to think of it, that brutality reminded me of the video someone sent me of Onee-sama’s death. There’s no way Onee-sama would have botched a bust mission even with the twin tailed bitch. Now I’m starting to think Serika was with those Yakuza and sold out Onee-sama,” Bianka though as she slammed her fist against the wall.

“That murdering BITCH! Onee-sama trusted her, yet she sold her out. Worst of all she didn’t just murder Onee-sama. I’m gonna kill that green haired murdering demon next time I see her,” Bianka thought as she headed towards the lobby of the police station.

As she entered the main room, she noticed Mutsumi being arrested and dragged toward the holding area.

“What’s the meaning of this! I’ve been out at lunch!” she protested.

“We clearly saw you come back and murder Benise in the footage,” a dejected officer stated.

Once Mutsumi had been dragged away, Kaori entered pushing Purin in a wheelchair.

“Guess what! Pu-pu lives!” Kaori cheered as Purin scowled. Bianka cringed at the sight as she walked over to them.

“Well you look like shit. It’s a shame you didn’t die, though I guess its better for Mochi not to see you in the afterlife. As for you Kaori, what the hell is with your look. You look like some deviant monk.”

“That’s party monk-chan to you lieutenant!” Kaori smiled.

“Great, she’s acting even weirder than normal,” Bianka groaned as Kaori began a speech.

“Wazzup Station-E! Sure y’all heard the news, Mako’s all wrapped up in plaster, Zerin lost her head, and Yume’s in the cray cray bay. Well more like the cray cray house, but they did fish her out of the bay. Mutsu just got booked, and sadly cute lil Mochi was killed by Serika. This means I’m now chief party monk of the station. That means we gonna do a lot more mind meldin and peace spreadin. So first, ditch what you're wearing for some comfy gold robes. No panties necessary by the way. Then we lock up the baddies. Every Ginkawa with the exception of the twins, are on the list of shit. The Kuramori’s are Ginks too so lock em up. Then Serika’s a crazed murderer, so she deserves the sentence of maximum. Finally, Yuni’s actually a conspiracy theorist that’s been aiding them. I just read the files and discovered her and Serika collabed to kill Reika. Apparently, they got Reika hooked on the crazy to off her. Now Everyone change! That’s an order! Yay!”

“Yay!” the entire station said as if in a trance.

As Bianka went to change, she stopped as her head began throbbing.

“Whoops! Sorry Bianka, I forgot ya got conked,” Kaori said as she began massaging Bianka’s head.

“Guess you’re actually pretty charismatic. I have no idea what you just said, but I want to do it.”

“Yeah, become a party monk and bring the peace, girl!”

“Yeah! I’ll bring the peace, girl!

Kaori snickered as Bianka obediently trotted to the back.

“Would you turn that DAMN THING OFF!? My head’’s been pounding ever since you entered,” Purin growled.

“Come on, can’t I play with my new toy? Besides you’d be a lot happier as a party monk," Kaori grinned.

“HELL NO! I’m not gonna dress and act like an idiot you avarice loon!”

“Well, President-chan said you’re off the hook so I guess you can scurry back to HQ.”


“Oh, right you can’t move, in that case you’re joinin da monk cult. Strippin time!”


Yumeko was ranting and raving as she sat chained up in the asylum.

“GINKAWA WHORES! I’LL KILL YOU!” she screamed as she began thrashing around. Suddenly, a woman looking like Fujiko entered.

“Fu- Fujiko? FUJIKO! I’m sorry I failed! I’m sorry you were murdered. Even in a vision you still look beautiful with all that hair. Oh, is that cart for me? Am I going to be punished AHHH! DO IT! Turn me into the most humiliated piece of shit you can think of!”

“Wow, she really is a broken piece of shit. I’ll make sure to use you as a warmup for Va-ne-sa-Chan, Onee-chan,” Nadea thought.


Mutsumi gasped as Kaori opened her cell.

"Inohara!? What ha-UGH!"

Mutsumi grimaced in pain as Kaori's tone darkened.

"Ya really blew it Mutsu. Guess my quirkiness threw ya off the trail. Now you're too late. I've already mind melded the station thanks to Madam President's gift."

"Wait, Are You saying-"

"YUP! I've been with Illumous the whole time. The Greedy monk and head of Avarice's Japanese branch, Kaori Inohara. Well guess I'm the princess technichlly since my old man's the main head, as well as a Councillor. Well, I'll tell ya some good news for you. Your friends got away, and my mind meld chip only works on those I've shoved a receiver in. Everyone else just feels head pain. I tried puttin one in Bianka, but it was the stick on type so it might not work right or just fall off. I could probably wing it with her anyway. Though I'm still pissed I couldn't shove one in Serika, then I could've resurrected Madam Ookuma. Talk about blowing it big on stocks. Now then, time to turn Reika's little partner into Illumous' top slave. Well at least once I get a new chip. Wait here and enjoy," Kaori cackled as she slapped tape over Mutsumi's mouth.


Vanessa entered the salon and stormed up to Nadea.

"Sit down NOW! I'm pissed!" Vanessa glared.

"Nah, YOU sit down!" Nadea sneered as she shoved Vanessa into a chair.


"AHAHAHA! It's enslavement time Va-ne-sa-chan!" 

"What the-MMPH!?"

"Oh, poor, poor Vanessa. Nadea's long dead. I killed her ages ago and took her place. It's me, Madam Fujiko, though I guess now I go by Nadea," Nadea sneered as she slapped a piece of tape over Vanessa's mouth and restrained her in the chair.

Vanessa stared up in terror as Nadea grabbed the clippers and begun shaving her.


Carl grumbled as his car drove to the airport. Luckily for him, Kasumi had forgiven him somewhat and found a new job for him. It was a downgrade from US Senator, but still a respectable job within Illumous.

"[Damn that Ookuma whore. I'll kill her for pullin the wool over my eyes]," he growled. Just then his car stopped.

"[The hell happened!]"

"[Flat tire sir,]" his driver stated.

 "[Then fix it dammit! I wanna get back to Santa Fe.]"

His driver got out only to immediately slump down to the ground.

"[The hell you doing!? Do I have to do every damn thing my-AAAH!]"

Carl screamed as he noticed the pool of blood coming from his driver. He then turned to see a woman with blue hair holding a knife and pointing a gun at him.

"[You! You're one of them bounty hunters.]"

"Izumi is here to kill you since the law failed to punish you," the woman stated,

Before Carl could respond, Izumi sliced his throat. He coughed up blood as he slumped to the ground. He was dead in seconds.  Izumi smiled as her partner Hanabi drove up.

"I got the goods, now lets get out of this county," Hanabi said as Izumi slid in the passenger's seat.

"Did Hanabi take care of Vanessa?"

"Nah, but I did save a girl she trapped, and secretly relocated all the bombs she planted to Illumous hideouts. I bet she's furious."


Purin gritted her teeth as Kaori scratched her head in confusion.

"Where did she go?" Kaori mused.


You look good in gold girl. Besides I ripped up your clothes so either its the robe or nothing," Kaori jibbed.

Purin was now garbed in a gold robe and sneakers. Her head had also been painted gold, and she was sporting oversized gold shades.

"Ugh! You're lucky Kasumi left AFTER you screwed up!" Purin glared.

"RE-LAX! That woman couldn't have gone far considering the state she was in. We'll catch her," Kaori mused.

"Not if you don't GIVE ME THE ANTIDOTE!"

"Alright, here ya go. Now go streaking."

Purin immediately ripped off her gold robe once she could move again. She was so pissed, she didn't care that she was walking out stark naked. Kaori then turned to one of her officers and ordered them to pursue Madoka and co. The officer happily agreed considering her grudge against some of the girls.


5 hours into the flight, Madoka healed to the point where she could talk again.

"Hey! I can talk again. OW. Well I guess it still hurts. More milk Yuni!"

Yuni groggily woke up and prepared the milk for her.

"Ugh go back to sleep, I'm tired," she grumbled.

"Baby wants milk!" Madoka pouted.

"Well its good to hear your voice again at least," Yuni said as she dozed off.

Madoka smiled as she looked at Yuni.

"I'm glad we all escaped." she smiled

Madoka continued to sip her milk as the plane cruised through the night sky.

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