Chapter 6:

Flashback: Living The Lie


I remember the time when life felt wonderful. My sister and I took our ladies to Castle Cuisine Restaurant. It was one of Kathleen's favourite places to eat. Sarah pinched all my onion bhajis, so Kathleen gave me one of hers. She's always been sweet like that.

Sarah and I were expecting our second child. I never thought in my life that I would ever become a father. Becoming a father was one of the proudest moments of my life, even when it meant giving up my dream of becoming a priest.

Kathleen was excited. She couldn't wait to be an auntie again.

Our first child was an accident. We were drunk and had a one-night-stand. Knowing that my fellow brothers would threaten me with eternal damnation for my sins, I proposed to her. I never thought she would say yes.

Still to this day, my mentor's words still echo in the back of my mind. "You'll be back. I know you will."

Back then, Father North's words didn't mean anything to me. I remember walking home with Sarah after our delicious meal thinking that life could only get better. I was wrong—so wrong.

Because the next day, I found another man sleeping in my bed. We always argued about petty little things, but after Harmony was born, things only got worse.

I wonder if it was God's revenge—punishing me for not joining his army. The woman I married was a serial cheat and the daughters I loved: Peace and Harmony were not mine.