Chapter 81:

War between wolves and beavers

Elyon - Gods among us

The wolves and the beavers continued their relentless fight. Large explosions and shock waves erupted as the two groups continued their battle.

Hundreds of wolves, floating on clouds, arrived to assist their comrades in combat; while more beavers appeared like bees from the hole.

—Someone close that damn hole!— shouted a furious wolf, but he was quickly taken down by energy balls emanated by the beavers.

A group of wolves then formed a pyramid grouping, and upon opening their mouths, balls of energy came out and joined to create an energy sphere. From this sphere, a gigantic beam was expelled and destroyed hundreds of beavers instantly.

However, the beavers responded by flying in a spiral among themselves. A large energy ball formed as a result of their movement, and it fell to the ground moving slowly, while sweeping away the wolves in its path.

More and more wolves took the pyramid formation, and used their techniques to destroy the giant energy spheres that the beavers created. It was a ruthless war and no clear winner could be seen.

Ana and Epona watched the conflict from behind a huge mound of rocks. The Irish goddess held tightly the chains with which she carried Loki on her back, like a backpack.

—What do we do, Ana?— Epona asked worriedly.

—We can't do anything, we don't know if we should fight or not— responded the dark-haired goddess worriedly.

—How do you not know what to do, gorgeous?— Loki commented joining the conversation.

—Those wolves threatened you, right? Use that to defeat them and show them that you are more powerful— he said.

—The wolves seem to be the inhabitants of this land— Epona retorted annoyedly.

—How do you know?— Loki asked cynically.

—How do you know if they weren't the ones who stole these lands from those flying rodents? Those furry animals fly and this is the sky, contrary to the wolves that are ground animals— he added.

—We're not going to intervene, Loki. Forget it!— Ana responded categorically.

—And what are you going to do, beautiful? Stay here until everyone dies?— the god of lies continued to question.

—Well, he's right about that— Epona commented.

—Don't listen to that idiot, Epona— Ana retorted.

—He wants us to fight, so that we end up being unwanted by any of the groups and thus he gets released— she continued to comment.

—But if everyone dies, how will we get out of here?— Epona responded, while stroking a blonde curl of her hair.

—That... I don't know— Ana answered apologetically.

—Just go and kill little wolves— Loki replied laughing.

The goddesses fell silent when suddenly they received a mental message from Tania.

—Girls, where are you?— the fiery-haired goddess was asking.

—Great! I thought you didn't hear me— Epona responded excitedly.

—Rodrigo and I heard you, but we can't locate where you are. However, we've seen thousands of flying rodents coming out of the waters and heading towards a huge tree, near where you told us to meet— Tania explained.

—We're above the tree, but there's a war going on between those flying rats and some wolves that lived up here— Epona explained.

—You're kidding, right?— the fiery-haired goddess asked.

—She's not kidding— Ana responded, joining the conversation.

—I know it sounds absurd, but both groups are fighting each other, and it's all because we possibly undid the illusion magic that protected this enclosure— she said.

—So it was indeed you— a voice was heard behind Epona and Ana. Both goddesses turned to look.

A gray, one-eyed wolf was looking at them. He looked much bigger and more intimidating than the rest of the wolves. This animal was accompanied by two other silver wolves as well.

—No, sir... wolf— Epona responded nervously. —It's not what you think—

—I heard your mental conversation— the gray wolf replied. —I heard that you broke the illusion in the lower world— he continued.

—Yes, well, but we were looking for a way out of there— Ana responded, trying to assert herself to the wolf.

—Nunieh, Dehlgai, detain these girls. We'll see what to do with them in the future— the leader wolf commented.

—No, wait! We just want to leave this land and get to the human world— Epona retorted.

—And do you think we will trust you, demons?— the wolf retorted back.

At that moment, the other two accompanying wolves lunged at Ana and Epona with open jaws, looking to bite them.

—We'll have to fight, there's no other way— Ana said, a sentiment that Epona agreed with.

—And in the end, I was right as always— Loki commented.

Ana quickly made her Dubán shield appear to defend herself from the wolf's attack, while Epona let her arm be bitten to stop the attacking wolf's jaws.

—Ouch! This hurt like hell!— Epona shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

Epona then swung her arm at full speed, throwing the attacking wolf far from her. Likewise, Ana, using her shield, was able to fend off the canine from her. Both animals fell near the big gray wolf but got up right away.

—I can tell that you're not ordinary demons— the one-eyed wolf commented. —But that won't save your lives—

—I already told you we don't want trouble, we come in peace, and if possible, we can help you against these rodents— Ana said, while raising her arms again.

At that moment, a group of beavers appeared above the goddesses and wolves and began to fire at them. The three wolves jumped out of the attack, but the shots hit Ana, Epona, and Loki squarely.

—What weak allies you have!— one of the beavers yelled, as he tried to attack the wolves, but before he could launch a new attack, both Ana and Epona leaped from the smoke of the previous attack; and both, with their fists, hit the beavers and sent them flying far from there.

—Don't worry, we'll protect you!— Ana shouted.

—Don't think we trust you yet— the gray wolf stubbornly said.

—Don't worry, we'll earn your trust— Epona cheerfully answered.

At that moment, a cloud of beavers settled over the goddesses and the three wolves, and began to create their spiral formation to shoot them. But before they could do anything, hundreds of chains appeared behind the rodents and trapped each one.

Not only were the beavers over the goddesses trapped, the thousands of beavers flying in the sky of the world where they were also trapped with those chains. The chains emanated from below the ground, from the hole where the great tree peered.

Before everyone's unprecedented eyes, the beavers were all pulled to a common point, creating a huge aggregation of these animals. The animals fell to the ground and were dragged from the hole until they disappeared from everyone's view. The upper world was left with a vision of ruin and fire.

—Who did this?— asked the gray wolf.

Suddenly, Bellona emerged from the hole, along with Tania, Rodrigo, and Menrva. The Roman goddess of war still had chains in her hands.

—The rodent exterminator, Bellona, makes her appearance!— the Roman war goddess shouted, flying in the sky raising her left arm with the victory sign. Then, the goddess started singing a song in Latin, which possibly was an anthem in the ancient Roman Empire.

Epona and Ana began to signal and shout that they were there. This greatly pleased Tania and Rodrigo, who were also looking for their companions. However, despite this, the wolves all went into attack mode, preparing for any threat that this group of strangers could pose.

—Who are you, demons?— the gray wolf asked, at the same time that Tania, Rodrigo, and Menrva joined Epona and Ana.

—We already told you, we are deities from the other side of the ocean and we do not want to confront you; we just want to leave here to get to the human world— Ana replied again.

The wolves began to murmur in their local language, Na-dene, which was unknown to the members of Orniskem.

—Hey! How was that? Did you see me?— Bellona asked while she was still dancing full of emotion in the open sky.

—You, come down here! Now is not the time to act like a clown— Tania shouted furiously at the goddess's strange actions.

—And didn't you see Anpiel and Susanoo?— Epona asked Rodrigo.

—They decided to stay down there, in case anything happened— the young tannin commented.

The wolves stopped murmuring, and the one who seemed to be the leader, the gray, one-eyed wolf, stepped forward and stared at Ana.

—Alright, we believe you for now— the wolf commented.

—Oh, thank you, Mr... wolf?— Ana asked, puzzled about how to address the animal.

—The name is EbedahoLtihe, and I am the leader of the wolves who protect the sacred enclosure of the great Yamozha— the gray wolf answered.

—Woah, more weird names— Epona thought with a look of bewilderment.

—What exactly happened here?— Ana continued asking. —What were those furry flying creatures?—

—Oh, yes. They were beavers, creatures from the lower world, called Tsúéko— the wolf explained.

—We have been at war with them for several years now— he added.

—So I assume that illusion was yours, and we were the ones who broke it. That's why they were able to come up, right?— Ana continued.

—Indeed— the wolf replied.

—I have already communicated with my companion who broke the illusion, and he has stopped using his rain. Those animals will no longer be able to get here— Epona said.

—But wasn't that rain made of swords and cut everything they touched?— Rodrigo asked.

—If you used a water element, the beavers are completely immune to it— EbedahoLtihe replied.

—That makes sense, now that I think about it, they emanated from a huge lake— Tania commented, placing her hand on her chin in a thoughtful manner.

—We never expected someone to break our illusions in Tsúéko— the wolf lamented.

—It really was our fault, and we apologize— Ana continued.

—Ana, get to the point— Menrva interrupted.

The Etruscan goddess stepped forward to the gray wolf and bowed her head.

—Mr. Wolf, we would like you to show us a way out of this world. We are in a hurry!— she said.

—There is one, but only our great lord Yamozha can open it— the wolf said.

—Can we see him then?— Menrva asked eagerly.

—No, you can't— the wolf replied.

—Why?— Tania and Menrva asked in unison.

—Great Yamozha got bored of this enclosure long ago and went down to Tsúéko. There he became an enemy of the beavers you saw, and that's why they seek revenge against our world— EbedahoLtihe explained.

—How long ago was that?— Tania asked in amazement.

—More than two centuries— EbedahoLtihe answered.

—You're joking, right?— Menrva retorted. —How do you even know he's alive?—

—Lord Yamozha always used to go down to the lower world for hunting and would take a long time, although he never took this long— the wolf said resignedly, and all the other canines nodded.

—And so, only he can help us get out of this world?— Ana asked, sounding depressed.

—Indeed, if you bring him back here, he will surely be able to help you return to the human world— EbedahoLtihe answered.

Menrva let out a deep sigh and sent everyone to gather around her. The members of Orniskem agreed.

—What do we do, guys? Now we'll have to look for that god in the lower world— Menrva asked the group.

—We don't have many options— Tania said, sounding tired.

—And these... wolves? Aren't they going to offer us, I don't know, hospitality? I'm very tired— Epona complained.

—Besides, is it right that Loki is listening to the conversation?— Tania added, pointing to the god of lies still tied to Ana's back.

—Don't worry, act as if I'm not here. After all, you don't listen to my opinions anyway— Loki replied to the observations of the fire-haired goddess.

—Ignore him for now, Tania— Menrva said.

—But Epona is right, we haven't been able to rest for a single minute. We've been on a boat for about a month and upon reaching Vinland we had to flee from Adlivun and now this— she added.

—Well, let's ask, we have nothing to lose— Epona replied.

Ana turned to look at EbedahoLtihe, who was still there, watching the gods talk intently, and then she smiled at him.

—Excuse me... Ebe... Ebeh... Mr. Wolf, could my friends and I stay a bit in your world, just to rest a bit? We are certainly in a hurry, but we haven't been able to rest for at least a month— Ana asked with a big smile.

—I'm sorry, but we still don't fully trust you, so unless you come back with Lord Yamozha, and he approves, you can't take another step forward in our world— the gray wolf answered very seriously.

—Hey, don't you remember? I rescued you from those weasels. Shouldn't I get a reward for that?— Bellona asked, getting into a submissive position with a very cute big smile.

—You brought them here, so it was the least you could do— the wolf replied, which only caused a depression in Bellona.

—I've been without rest for like two months, pretty please!— the goddess continued to insist, but all the wolves shook their heads in denial. There was no way they would be convinced.

—Let's go down to the lower world and set up your hut, Ana. Let's rest a bit before looking for that god they talk so much about— Rodrigo suggested.

—That's right, let's rest there. It seems that in the illusory world where we were, those mice won't show up— Ana replied.

Menrva turned to look at the wolves and smiled at them hypocritically.

—Thanks for your hospitality— she said. —We'll come back with your lord as soon as possible—

—Just one thing— the gray wolf warned. —If you break the illusion in the lower world again, you will never be able to come up here, and we will make sure you are locked up forever down there— he threatened.

—We understand— Menrva replied reluctantly. The others also nodded.

The members of Orniskem then walked towards the great hole, where the top of the giant pine tree was visible to the entire group of wolves. Menrva then took a leap through it, and the others followed her.

As they were falling, they saw that the tree and the clouds were disappearing again. Once again, all they could see was the eternal prairie. Down there were Susanoo with Anpiel, and next to them, the thousands of chained beavers.

—Look, Anpiel-san. They're coming back— Susanoo commented as he looked at the group falling from the sky. Anpiel also turned to look at them.

The gods landed gracefully on the ground. However, they could not avoid hearing the grunts of anger from the still-tied beavers.

—Get us out of here!— they shouted.

—You will regret what you did to us!—

—We will avenge this humiliation!—

—I suppose I should remove them from here so they don't know where the entrance is, right?" Bellona commented, pointing to the tied-up rodents.

—I guess so, but I would like to talk to them first— Menrva replied, approaching the beavers and looking them straight in the eyes.

—We have nothing to talk about with you, witch!— the creatures shouted.

—No?— Menrva asked. —We want to know the whereabouts of a certain Yamozha, if you inform us about it, we may be lenient with you— she said.

—Yamozha is the murderer of our species, we will never tell you where he is!— the beavers shouted.

Menrva turned around and looked at Bellona. —Do it— she said.

The Roman goddess grabbed the huge pile of beavers by the chains that came out of the knot that trapped them. Then she floated in the air and began to spin with them so quickly that she created a whirlwind around her. The beavers screamed in agony.

—You feel very confident because you know where the entrance to the upper world is, but if my companion throws you right now, with the dizziness you're suffering, you won't know exactly where this exact place is," the Etruscan goddess said.

—No, no, save us!— the beavers screamed.

—Stop, Bellona— Menrva ordered.

The Roman goddess stopped spinning and dropped the handcuffed bundle of beavers to the ground. A dull thud was heard all around when the agglomeration hit the ground, leaving a huge crack in it.

—So, will you tell us where he is?— Menrva asked again.

—And how do you expect us to tell you? We can't even go back to our lair because of this illusion. Stupid woman!— a beaver shouted, and they all agreed, insulting Menrva.

Menrva sighed.

—Get them out of here— said the Etruscan goddess.

Bellona lifted the group of beavers again and made them spin like a whirlwind. Finally, she threw them so far that it was impossible to see where they fell with the naked eye.

—So, what are we going to do?— Rodrigo asked.

—I don't know, but for now we need to rest. We'll think clearer tomorrow— Tania commented.

—Remember one thing— Anpiel said. —We don't know how long Sedna will be able to distract the god of Tula, but we need to get out of here as soon as possible. If we get caught here, it would be the end for us— he warned.

Everyone nodded.