Chapter 1:

I must save my lady!

I Will Save You my Lady

"You must let me see my lady!" I exclaimed at the man blocking the door before me.

The man, a tall butler with dark blue hair and two steaks of white running along each temple only grinned in response.

"And why is that, miss maid?" He asked in a coy tone. “June said that she wants to rest before the ball, so rest she shall. Unlike you, I follow the instructions of my lady to the letter.”

I clenched the folds of my dress. Despite my anger, I knew better than to punch that man in the chest (I’d aim for his face under normal circumstances, but he was over a head taller than me, and my karate skills were slightly out of practice). The reason why I didn't resort to physical violence, even thought hat was the language that this butler, Ludwig Silverton, understood best, was because I was aware of his true nature and strength. So instead, I resorted to using my words.

"What are you doing here anyway?" I asked. "Don't you have someone to kill in a different dukedom? I'd be very surprised if today was the only day my lady did not assign you to your usual duties."

The man chuckled.

"Getting cocky, are we?" He ran his hand through his hair and gave me a disdainful and bemused side-glance. He made no effort to mask his true feelings about how inferior he thought I was. "Don't you have a room to clean, or a vase to break somewhere? Quit loitering in front of June's room and get back to work." he continued with a dry tone.

“This isn’t about you!” I snapped at him. “I know we have our differences, and believe me, believe me, I like you just as little as you like me, but what I have to say to my lady is important! Her very life could depend on it.”

For a brief moment, Ludwig’s expression faltered. His smirk turned into an frown of concern, but he shook the expression away, with the smooth gesture of running his hand through his hair.

“I think you’re lying, and making up excuses to see her.” He dryly replied. “But, since I do care about June, I will give you a chance to explain yourself. Lay out whatever information, or evidence, you have, and I shall be the judge of whether or not her life is truly in danger.”

I clenched my skirt and apron even harder, and looked away. The information I had was not of the kind I could share with him. It wasn’t so much that it was sensitive, but more of the fact that I knew he’d start properly interrogating me if I slipped up, or said too much. And despite how much I refused to see it, I knew deep inside that my lady might not take my side either in this argument, considering that I was still close to a stranger to her, and that Ludwig was her very close childhood friend.

“Forget it.” I muttered.

If he would not let me through, it meant that I needed to find some other way to reach my lady, and warn her about the ball she was about to attend. I could wait for her by her carriage, and explain the situation to her then. Or I could hide in the carriage itself and-

“Miss Naomi, I can tell what kinds of thoughts you’re having just by looking at your face.” Ludwig snapped his fingers in front of my face, to fully get my attention. “Believe me when I tell you that it will not happen. Whatever it is.”

“But you really don’t understand, do you?!” I angrily exclaimed. “This-”

“What’s will all this ruckus?”

The door which Ludwig had been guarding slid open, and a beautiful woman emerged from within. She had short, straight, purple hair, that she had tied back with an ornate ribbon. Her opal eyes were perfectly framed by her long and elegant eyelashes. She wore a simple yet elegant form-fitting purple dress that hugged her muscular bosom and backside perfectly. Had I not been in love with her already, I would have fallen for her all over again.

“My lady!” I exclaimed.

“Are you feeling better, Naomi?” She asked, with her low and sweet voice. “It doesn’t look like you’ve recovered from whatever it was that had taken a hold of you earlier today.”

My poorly contained lustful expression immediately turned into one despair, as I recalled our earlier conversation, and how it had gotten me kicked out of my Lady’s room.

“You mustn’t go to the ball.” I spoke softly, almost whispering. “You mustn’t.”

Lady June looked up at her childhood friend, and he replied to her silent question with an uncertain headshake.

“Go rest Naomi, I promise that I will return tomorrow.” Lady June said to me with a soft smile. “I promise.” She repeated, taking my hands into hers, and bringing them close to her chest.

My face turned red, and I immediately redirected my gaze to the floor.

“I… But …” I tried to protest.

“Promise me you’ll go to your room and rest.” Lady June spoke, as she took my chin into her hands, lifting it up so as to lock our eyes together.

“I promise.” I replied, not thinking about my words, as my gaze got lost in the her jet-black irises that looked like a starless night sky; empty and lounging for love …

Before I realised it, the thoughts of holding my lady in my arms, and her holding me back, carried me to my room.

“Shoot.” I swore, and punched the wall, when I realised what had happened.

Due to my lapse in judgement, my lady was going to die!