Chapter 0:


Lost Memories from Another World

The last thing I remember is…my brother. He was taking me to school, with a huge smile, he always smiled. I can’t remember him being mad or angry. It was my first time at school, I was really scared, but he always calmed me down and helped me to regain my confidence and fight my fears.

His smile started to vanish…why? Why is it all dark? It’s so quiet. I remember, he left me at school, alone, and forgot about me. No, he wouldn’t do that.

But he did. No, that isn’t my last memory of him. He always came back, but one day he didn’t. Now I know.

Yeah, now I remember, last year…he died.

I only have one memory left of him; his smile.

I’m starting to remember. A horn? Or several. My head is starting to hurt a lot. I wonder what happened today. I can’t remember anything, this really sucks… I’m hearing shouts, screaming, more horns from far, and a kid, crying? I feel a lot of pain all over my body. Yes, I hear a kid in my memories.

Right…My body moved unconsciously.

I wonder why I did that.

I wonder…if he’s safe.

I can’t open my eyes and I can’t feel my body. I see flashes of lights. Two arms are carrying me, I think. The pain constantly increases; I can't scream, can’t move, can’t do anything.

Finally, some peace. I feel the soft sheets and caring hands. Soothing and confident voices. I know I'm under their care.

I’m feeling great now, the bad part is that… I cannot see or speak. I hear some voices, probably doctors, since it’s obvious I had some kind of accident, which I don’t remember very well.

All I know is that I’m dying…for some honey cookies. Sooner or later I’ll get up and walk to get some.

Not sure how long has passed since my last thought … I finally can hear people and everyone here. From time to time, I listen to a soft and fun song, with a rhythm to dance and relax. I believe it’s a kid’s song, but I'm not sure.

A soft hand touches my arm. I want to see who or what, but I can’t. It’s all dark with some flashes, probably the white from the hospital. I hope it’s a hospital.

“Hello, Yoma,“ a guy says. I think it’s the masculine voice. “Can you hear me?“ He appears in my range of view and he looks like a doctor.

Yes, Sr.

“I’ll repeat my question, can you hear me?” he asks patiently.

I told you yes…

“He may have lost his voice, Doctor.” I suppose he says to someone. “Blink twice if you can hear me.”

Yeah, Doc, I can hear you… I think he’s right, so I blink twice, but I cannot see him. I wonder when I will get some honey cookies.

“Good, it’s a good sign”, he says happily. “You are in a special hospital. I’m sorry that this happened to you. And I’m sorry to tell you this, but your recovery is impossible.“

What… I’m going to get up and slap him, right now, why he isn't nice?

“Blink three times if you heard me.” I do what he asks, the third blink is a bit difficult, but I do it successfully.

“Good…The chances of you getting up are none.“

Wow…he could be more kind or have some touch while telling me this, I’m sure he has a very cold heart.

“But we have developed a new technology to help you survive while the body slowly regenerates.” He asks me to blink twice again, and I do. My eyes are getting tired, Doc!

“Sorry for asking you several times, it's just to be sure, it's the standard procedure. We've been trying to call and locate family members, but we couldn't find anyone.“ He explained with too much patience and pauses, I wanted him to say everything at once. “This technology allows the mind to continue functioning while the body regenerates.”

Ok… It’s not I have lot of options, right?

“It’s not very le—” Someone interrupts him with a cough, but he proceeds, “This technology won’t cause pain and you may feel different things, but I’m sure this will be a huge step for saving lot o—, your life.”

I wasn’t sure if he was speaking the truth, he just said I may not recover, but now he can save my life.

“If you agree, please blink five times to proceed.”

Five times!! He’s crazy.

I blink twice fast. On the third, I start to think.

There isn’t have many options. I give the fourth, even though it's hard, and my whole body starts to hurt.

I don't know what will happen, whether he will tell the truth or not. My brother smiles comes to my mind, wishing I could remember him one more time.

I want to live, I want to remember my brother.

I blink once more and everything goes dark.

I feel like I'm falling into a huge ocean. I’m scared to open my eyes, unsure what I’ll see, or even if I’m going to see anything. I open them and see my arms and legs, and realize that I’m really slowly falling. But somehow I don’t panic, I know everything will be all right.

Everything above me is dark, a very dark blue, almost a night on the ocean. In a blink, the ocean starts to shine, millions of little stars start to glow and I feel myself on a floor watching them. In the background, I hear low music. I think it’s the same as before, the childish one. But it's a different tone, or a sadder one, or even nostalgic, I can't be sure.

I look around and there is nothing. On the weird ground, I can only see the reflection of the ocean’s stars. I think I’m on the bottom of a very strange sea. I can’t remember what I’m doing here. I take a step forward and from my feet, a light shines on the ground and begins to glow on the floor in front of me. It continues for a few meters and then splits into three. From these glows three objects are born in the air. I approach them to look closely.

I hear a voice in my head, and it scares the shit out of me. He or she, or they, repeats it, since I wasn’t listening.

“Choose one of these, they will guide you in the adventure ahead.”

I understand and walk towards them.

Path A:

You encounter The Ring. The legend says that this ring belonged to a kind king who was able to conquer the world against the darkness and brought great peace to everyone. Its power will give you great attack strength to protect your allies.

Path B:

You encounter The Bracelet. The legend says that this bracelet belonged to a great commander guardian who was able to defend the world from the demons. Its power will give you a great force of protection to take care of your allies.

Path C:

You encounter The Jewel. The legend says that this jewel belonged to the world’s greatest magician who prevented the fall of the ancient world. Its power will give you great wisdom to cast powerful spells to safeguard your allies.

I remember now, I know what to do.

I walk towards the Ring, I think I remember my brother always wore one.

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