Chapter 8:

Loser Shaves Their Head

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

As Leona and Astrid finished setting up. A large man with short blonde hair and a beard walked in.

“Oh, that’s Sven. He’s my little brother. He’ll be helping with the filming and moderating chat,” Astrid explained.

Sven waved hi as we all waved back at him. Astrid and Leona began the stream.

“HEJ! Astrid here!”

“YO! It’s your girl Leona!”

“Today is challenge day!”

“One of us will be completely bald by the end of this!”

“Head, eyebrows, it’s all getting shaved!”

“Don’t forget the wax!”

“Now then, let’s explain the challenge for those who don’t know. We’ll be playing three games. The first two are our choice while the last is Maria and Squeegee’s Jamboree. To win, one of us needs to win either best two of 3, or take 1st place in Jamboree. Since the CPUs will be set to merciless, it will be difficult to beat them. Whoever finishes ahead of the other will be given the win.

Oh yeah, we also got Crowboy50 and Svenfjordsalt chillin in the back. They’re not part of the challenge, but they’re here for support. Though no harm in betting channel points over how many times they’ll pop up in the video. First up its Brawl Brothers!”

Since Leona had never played this, I expected her to lose this badly. To my surprise, she was able to hold her own, though that might be because she picked a broken character.

“You think I can’t beat Metabob!? Just cause the devs haven’t nerfed him yet doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable," Astrid boasted.

Leona surprisingly notched out the win.

“Wow! I actually won! And you thought I’d suck since I never played this before!”

“I should have banned Metabob. Hey devs! If you’re watching this, nerf Metabob NOW!”

Astrid's chat immediately posted "Ban Metabob" emotes. I assumed this was one of Astrid's memes.

I glanced at the view numbers as they changed games. Since it was on Astrid’s channel, the views were around 10,000. Astrid’s average views were around 5000 meaning this event was a big success. Astrid had bestowed mod powers to me as Sven and I monitored the chat. I struggled to even read the messages. She was also getting some donation messages as well.

“Sis is getting way more traffic and donations than usual,” Sven muttered.

That was expected. Two girls were putting their prized hair on the line after all.

E-Fortress turned out to be a failed revenge match for Leona. I guess you could say it was Astrid’s revenge as she mercilessly wrecked Leona.

“That’s for picking Metabob,” she snickered as she raised her controller in victory.

It was all going to come down to Jamboree. As Leona changed the game, Astrid hopped on social media to spread the word. The view count nearly doubled.

“25 turns, Scarecrow’s hideaway!” Astrid declared as Jamboree booted up.

It was going to be a very epic finale.

On the other side, Sven and I were getting overwhelmed moderating chat. More viewers and chat members meant there was a higher chance of someone toxic appearing. Astrid had a few other mods, though we were all clearly outnumbered.

“How do you deal with this?” I asked Sven.

“It’s usually not this high, but I guess you just get used to it,” he replied.

I decided to get up and grab a drink.

“We got a Crowboy sighting!” Leona yelled as I picked up some energy drinks and turned in her direction.

“Oh yeah, they were betting channel points on how many times Sven and I would pop up. I should think of ways Leona can use her channel points,” I thought as I sat back down.

“Not bad man,” Sven said as he gave me a thumbs up.

Confused, I gazed at chat.

“I saw Crowboy! That’s 70 points for me!”

“Please show up 2 more times so I win.”

“Lol, that pose needs to be in the thumbnail.”

They then began posting images of me holding the energy drinks. I had become a meme.

“I’ll emote this eventually,” I typed to thunderous applause from chat.

Looks like I’d be busy after this was over. I focused mainly on moderation until they reached the 15th turn. Leona and Astrid were duking it out for 1st with only a crown separating them.

“Wait! There’s a wasabi minigame!? Why didn’t you tell me Crow!” Leona yelled as a wasabi themed minigame was rolled.

While Leona had played all the boards, she hadn’t played all the minigames. This minigame in particular was also a 1 v 3, with Astrid, Leona, and a CPU facing off against the other CPU.

“#Wasabimoment,” I typed.

The hashtag immediately caught on.

“HEY! Don’t sabotage us! This is a wasabi game! I’m going to win it!” Leona growled as Astrid tried to throw the game.

“I’m not letting you get those gems dammit!” Astrid growled as she desperately tried to hinder her team from winning.


“Wasabi girl prevails Bitch!” Leona triumphantly declared as the team won.

“Ugh, there goes another crown. And I just got the crown relocater last turn. Never thought turn order would be screwing me over like this,” Astrid groaned.

Eventually, they made it to the final 5 turns. Neither of them received any pity items since they were 1st and 2nd respectively.

“You’re full of shit tree man, that CPU isn’t gonna win. He’s got no crowns and barely any gems,” Astrid snickered.

“Merciless mode my ass! We should have had Crowboy play. He’d make these wimps look like pacifists,” Leona argued.

I responded by posting a devil emoji in chat, while Sven posted, “Secret final boss fight!”

I gazed at the board as Leona’s turn came up.

“Time to do this! WAIT! WHY ARE THE NUMBERS SO LOW!? NO!”

Leona had failed to replicate my winning play due to getting low rolls. She still had enough to get to the Scarecrow king though. Astrid cursed in Swedish as Leona stole a crown from everyone. However, her scowl immediately turned to a grin as she managed to steal 2 crowns from Leona in a single turn. I knew Astrid was a cruel woman when it came to this game.

“YOU BITCH! I THOUGHT I HAD YOU!” Leona roared as Astrid laughed evilly.

Leona still had a 2-crown lead, but if Astrid snagged both bonuses, she’d win on gems. Then to make matters worse for Leona, she landed on the Oni space on her last turn and lost a crown. She now only led by one crown.

“NO! YOU **********! YOU BITCH ASS ************! IT ROLLED ON 10 COINS! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”

Astrid giggled as Leona raged. Even Sven and I couldn’t help but giggle. We were all having so much fun.

The game would come down to bonuses. If Astrid got one more than Leona did, she’d win. The first bonus came up. Astrid won it meaning she now led by gems. It would all come down to this final bonus crown. As long as Leona got the bonus while Astrid didn't, she'd win. If they tied or Leona failed to get it, she’d be going bald. We all went silent as Astrid pressed the continue button.

"And the final bonus is..."

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