Chapter 2:

Played like a fiddle

Wind Sniper 0

“WAIT! Are you asking me to murder people!?” I screamed in shock.

“No, I’m ordering you to assassinate three thorns in my side,” the woman snickered.

My mind was going crazy. I had been roped into something I wanted nothing to do with.

“It’s 4:20 right now. Those guys aren’t gonna stick around forever. Get out and snipe or I’m dumping your corpse in the ocean!”

As soon as I heard the time, I remembered Naname. Naname! I can’t die here! I have to go on that date with her. I can still make it in time.

“Can I leave once I’m done?”

“Yes, once the job is complete, you’re free to leave. Rifle’s in the trunk,” the woman said as she cut my restraints.

She then shoved me out of the car.

“If you try running I shoot,” she threatened.

“You better not off me after I do your shit,” I grumbled.

“Why would I off a reliable hitman?” she snickered.

I popped the trunk and opened the long case inside. Inside the case was a high tech sniper rifle. I had shot with a sniper rifle before, but never with something this fancy looking.

“This goes without saying, but do this as quick and stealthily as possible. The targets are down there. Eliminate all three no questions asked.”

I looked in the direction she was pointing. It was a great distance away, but I could  make out three humans down below. I then picked up the rifle. Surprisingly, it just felt natural to hold, like it was an extension of my body. I then got into prone position on the edge of the cliff and peered through the scope. Now I could clearly see the three. They were all men in suits.

“No questions asked. Shoot or I shoot you,” the woman threatened.

I nervously aimed; however I couldn’t pull the trigger. I couldn’t take a life not knowing who these men were. The woman sighed as she pulled out her gun.

“You won’t be the only one in deep shit if you fail. Your family and friend will be disposed of as well.”

“Why do I have to kill?”

“Because if you don’t the people you care about will get hurt. Those three are really bad men. Taking them out will make you a hero.”

I took a deep breath and resolved myself. If those three were evil bastards then I had no qualms with taking them out. I aimed and fired. Once the first man went down, I quickly pivoted the rifle and took out the other two before they could react. I checked to make sure they were down before getting up. I had shot all three perfectly in the head in under 10 seconds.

“Good job! It took a while to get you going, but you pulled it off. Just put the rifle back in the case and you’re free to go,” the woman said.

I immediately put back the rifle and ran off as fast as I could. I then checked my phone.

“SHIT! It’s almost 4:30 and I have no service. Ugh, if I’m at the docks, then the theater should be… AH! I don’t know how far away it is on foot! The closest station is 10 minutes away. Ugh, please don’t get mad Naname.”

I eventually reached a station and checked the map.

“It’s THAT far away! No! I won’t get there until 5! Ugh, and Naname isn’t responding to my calls.”

At 5:00, I finally made it to the theater. To my horror, Naname was waiting right in front of it with an angry look on her face. She was wearing a cute dress and had done her makeup and hair. I tried to plead my case as she stormed up to me.

“Naname! I’m- “


“Naname’s been waiting here for an hour! The movie’s already sold out! Naname’s been trying to call you, but you didn’t pick up. And you smell.”

“Please let me explain! I was- “

“NO Naname’s mad! Naname’s going home! Hmph!”

I sunk to my knees in agony as Naname stormed off. From her perspective, I had been unreliable and gave off the impression that I wasn’t taking this seriously. Except I DID take this date seriously! If that damn woman didn’t show up, I’d be sitting next to Naname in that theater right now. SHIT!

I then received a call from someone called “Boss”.

“Hold up, I don’t have any contacts named “Boss”. Who the hell is this?”

I got my answer as I answered the call.


“Hello Zerou, its me.”

“YOU! This is all your fault! Because of you my date with Naname- “

“Oh, that was a date? Looked more like a breakup to me.”

“You saw it!?”

“Yeah, I followed you.”

I began darting my head around as I looked for the woman or her car.

“Sorry Zerou, but I’m already gone. Though if it makes you feel better, I already wired the payment to your account.”

“Account!? Payment!? What are you- “

“Oh, I set everything up while you were out cold. I look forward to our partnership.”

“You Bitch! I’m never gonna do anything for you- “

“Oh yes you will. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life in prison now, would you?”

“PRISON!? The hell- “

“I recorded footage of you in the act. If you don’t want me sending it to the cops or your ex, you’ll work for me. Oh, and I installed an app on your phone that monitors all your calls and texts, so don’t try anything funny.”

The woman then hung up as I hung my head in frustration.

“DAMMIT! That bitch got me!”

As I began walking home, I heard the sound of a girl crying. Curious, I followed the sound to find Naname sitting on the ground crying. Her makeup was smeared, and she looked heartbroken.

“Naname- “

Before I could say another word, she got up and ran away. Now I just felt horrible. I had broken her heart, and I didn’t know if she’d forgive me. I ended up crying myself to sleep that night.

I felt terrible when I woke up and didn’t want to go to school, however, my older sister, Erika, angrily forced me to go with her.

"I got yelled at because of YOU dammit!" she growled as she dragged me to school.

 Erika is an honors student as well as Himesaki’s arch nemesis. She feels that whenever I do something bad, it reflects poorly on her. I imagine she still blamed me for her losing the student council election last year and for the incident that completely humiliated her and caused her to repeat her 3rd year. As we entered the gates, I noticed Shimemura crying while Himesaki and Kuriyama comforted her. Erika dragged me inside before the three took notice of us. 

On my way to class, I ran into Naname. Her eyes were red and she looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep.


“Ah, Kazerou-kun. Naname was crying the whole night.”

“Me too. I’m sorry, my stupid boss forced me to work.”

“Kazerou-kun doesn’t have a job! Don’t lie with Naname!”

“It’s true, I guess my sister or a family member filled out the application for me, against my knowledge. Then that damn bitch came over and ordered me to get to work.”

“Damn bitch?”

“Yeah- “


I then checked the message I just received on my phone. It was from that damn bitch in question.

“Don’t say a word or I’ll tell the cops you did THIS.”

My face went pale as I saw the article she linked me.

“Three detectives DEAD! Killer still at large.”

I immediately ran to somewhere private and called the bitch.

“Ah, Zerou! What’s wrong? The money went- “

“Cut the bullshit! You said those men were bad, but they were detectives!?”

“Yeah, they were bad for ME! Now I don’t to worry about them snooping around anymore. You’re a hero to me for eliminating those nasty thorns.”

“I’ll report YOU-“

“For what? I didn’t do anything. YOU shot and killed them. Your fingerprints are also on the rifle. I wonder who would- “

“GEH! I hate you!”

“Too bad. Though since you’re so eager, I’ll have you do another job today. Be at H-Street by 4:00 P.M. My secretary will rendezvous with you there. Don’t be late or she’ll get violent.”

I cursed in frustration before returning to Naname.

“S Sorry, my shitty boss messaged me.”

Naname gazed at me skeptically.

“Naname’s still angry,” she huffed as she began to walk away.

“Wait Naname! I got some money from my job, so I’ll treat you to something nice.”

Naname turned as her eyes widened.

“Kazerou-kun has money? That means he must really have a job.”

Naname began to smile.

“Naname wants to go out to a family restaurant after school today!”

“Can it be immediately once we get out? My boss wants me at work by 4.”


It looked like things were starting to look bright again. If only I knew what hell this job would ultimately bring to me.

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