Chapter 3:

♕Day One - Part III: The Handbook♕

Game of Mass Destruction

Dear contestants,

On behalf of all the production team, we would like to welcome you to our beautiful and mysterious island. This island took a big beating last year and we've done our best to bring the island back to its former glory.

The island may seem small, but it's luscious in its natural beauty and modern facilities. You can relax at the beach, venture out in the lighthouse and explore the forest. The whole island is your home.

As soon as all the robots have been destroyed, you can go home. The path to glory, fame and fortune has been sketched out for you. I hope that you entertain the world just as much as you will be entertained by this fabulous island and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary show that will change the entertainment world and science forever!

Failure to comply with us shall leave not only your lives at risk, but put the whole world in danger. We don't want that do we? I pray that you all go by our modest motto: living is winning.

Take care! I hope this small, but faithful handbook will come of use to you.
Lots of love.
Sia Bucks xxx


Don't go to the bathroom alone.
This may sound childish but 32% of killings on the show have taken place in the bathroom. Always go in pairs – it's okay for a man to go to the ladies and vice versa. Transgendered and non-binary people can choose any toilets they like. Remember that you are responsible for your own safety during the game.

Stay hydrated
Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids. There will be food and drinks readily available throughout the island. So, there is no excuse not to drink.

Stay with your partner
You don't have to be shoulder-to-shoulder, but not knowing where your partner is can really dampen your chances of winning.

Robots don't like water
Our robots are very intelligent and can be dangerous weapons of mass destruction, but they still do not like water. Use this to your advantage.

Make the most out of your assigned weapon
Weapons are randomised. Even if your weapon appears useless at first, you'll never know when it will come in handy. You can always steal another contestant's weapon if you need to.


Why am I here?
You were nominated by an anonymous member of the public and after a vigorous process and various assessments, you and your partner were chosen to work together.

How does the point system work?
Each robot you destroy gives you twenty-five points. Sex gives you fifty points to your team. Killing another contestant gives you a hundred points. There are hidden bonuses throughout the island and sometimes these change throughout the day.

Will only sexual intercourse give me points?
Points can be given for sex with robots, masturbation and various acts foreplay. This is all due to the producer's discretion.

What happens to my points if I swap partners?
The person in the team whose name was called out first will maintain their points. If two contestants have both lost their partner, their points will be merged.

Are there other ways to earn points?
If a whole team is wiped out, the survivors will get an equal share of their points. Each day there will be tasks and secret sanctuaries to find which will give you bonus points. If you enter a secret sanctuary, the robots will not harm you. You will not know what the secret sanctuary of the day will be until the next morning announcement.

What will happen when I die?
The Game of Mass Destruction team will pay for your funeral and give financial support to your family and friends. If both you and your partner die in the game, your points will be divided into the surviving pairs.

Can my team be penalized?
No. There is no way to lose points unless you die.

Will I be arrested after the show?
No. You cannot be held legally responsible for anything you do on the island. As it stands, there was no restricted travel for former contestants.

Are you crazy?
It takes one to know one. 

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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