Chapter 1:


I Ain't No Werewolf

Sook-Jo clipped her black hair behind her ear. Her eyes gazed at the iPad in front of her vanity case as two little boys danced on a beige carpet on the screen. "Mommy we can dance!" Sook-Jo couldn't help but stare in delight. Lips curled into a smile as blew a kiss at them. "Wow! You're so clever," Sook-Jo said to them. "Are you being good for your Uncle Chang-Hoon?" 

Ho-Seok, the boy in blue nodded as Yoon-Gi, the boy in red laughed. "When can we come home and live with you again?" 

A tear emerged from her eye. Hands trembled as her hairbrush dropped on the floor. It was not the right time to tell them. When the twins were older, and when the werewolf was caught, Sook-Jo would tell them. "As soon as it's safe to come home, Uncle Chang-Hoon will fly you out there, okay? Don't forget to play with Ling." 

"But Mommy," Yoon-Gi moaned, "Ling doesn't want to play with us. She doesn't like our toys." 

"Just keep making sure she's okay," Sook-Jo said, wiping her eyes. "She's the only girl in the house now that Auntie Yanyu's left. You two better get going, it will be time for bed soon." 

"Okay. Bye Mommy." 

If only she didn't have to say goodnight. There was a chance that each video call would be the last she would ever hear or see her family. As much as she loved her husband and living in England, there was no place like South Korea. Her children were safe with Uncle Chang-Hoon, and that was all that mattered. 

Todd was twice the size of her in both width and height. His fist could crack stone walls, so the werewolves would have no chance against him. At first, Todd loved having a child-free home, he could fulfil his libido, but he missed the boys. He went out to get some petrol two hours ago, and he hadn't come back since. 

Sitting on the edges of her bed, Sook-Jo could feel the tears rolling down her cheek. Todd would have called by now, there was no way he would have left Sook-Jo by herself for this long. 

Fed up with her own anguish, she reached for her phone and called him. He did not answer. 

Ine Airlcana

I Ain't No Werewolf