Chapter 4:

Difficulty spike

Wind Sniper 0

“The target is the one with the yellow blazer and the spiky hair,” Sakura explained as she looked through her binoculars.

I looked through my scope and saw the man in question. He was exactly as Sakura described and had a deranged smile on his face.

“In addition to drug smuggling, that bastard is infamous for kidnapping, assaulting, and even killing young women. You’ll be doing a service to Madam, and the world by killing him. But remember what I said! His reflexes are superhuman, so the only way to kill him is to get him into a position where its physically impossible for him to dodge your bullet. I’ll draw his attention. Only shoot when I give the signal.”

Sakura then put on a mask and ran off as I remained hidden. I felt far more morally justified in taking a bastard like this down.

“Keh!? Who da hell’re you sexy? I know your hiding, and that you’re a bitch. Come out so we can play with ya! Keh heh!” Hyena sneered as he sensed Sakura.

Sakura emerged and immediately sliced the throats of two of Hyena’s men. She deflected Hyena’s bullets and killed his last bodyguard before lunging at him. Hyena dodged each and every swing with ease and effortlessly parried Sakura’s kicks and punches.

“That guy’s on another level despite looking like a lanky twig,” I thought as I struggled to keep him in focus.

Eventually, Sakura gave the signal, and I fired three shots in rapid succession. The bullets began ricocheting throughout the warehouse. To our shock and horror, he managed to avoid each bullet and remained unscathed.

“Oh, so this is a hit job huh? Well better hurry up, cuz I’ve got back up on speed dial! Kehhehheh!” he cackled.

I immediately fired some shots at his arm and phone, but he dodged them with ease.

“Moshi mosh! Yeah boys, some dumb bitch and her sniper are tryin ta off me. Yep, at the usual drop site for the Opium.”

It was like something out of an anime. Hyena continued to dodge both my bullets and Sakura’s attacks like it was second nature.

Talk about a difficulty spike, though what can I do? If his goons show up and surround me, I’m screwed. The only thing I can think of would be to catch him off guard. But the only way to do that would be to blast a shot through Sakura. Thanks to Naname, I knew enough about anatomy to know where the vitals were. I just need to avoid hitting Sakura’s. Even if I just wound that bastard, that should be enough to take him down. I fired some more ricochet shots as I waited for the moment.


I fired a bullet at a metal beam on the ground. It ricocheted off it and went right through Sakura’s right arm. Hyena was trapped and grimaced in pain as the bullet pierced his heart. However, instead of falling to the ground, he covered his wound with his hand and ran out cackling. I tried to shoot him before he got into his car, but he dodged every single one of them.

“Shit! He got away!”

Sakura then came running towards my location seething with rage.


“But it hit his heart. He’ll probably die even though he escaped.”

“NO you fool! His heart’s on the other side.”


“His heart’s on the other damn side of his chest you MORON! You missed his vitals!”


I had no idea people could have their hearts on the other side of their chest. I guess Naname didn’t bother telling me that, nor was that a question on an anatomy test I can remember.

“Because YOU shot me, my rhythm got messed up, and I was unable to keep up my flurry.” Sakura roared.

“Your arm should be fine- “


Sakura then kicked me in the crotch sending me flying into a tree.


When I woke up, I was bound and gagged in a chair staring face to face with THAT bitch.

“Wakey Wakey Zerou kun. Hear you screwed up. So what happened?” she asked.

I remained silent. Since I had a gag in my mouth, I couldn't tell her anyway.

“I said WHAT HAPPENED!?” she sneered as she slammed her heel on my foot.

“MMPH MMPH MMPH!” I moaned in pain.

“Ha ha ha! You look and sound so pathetic gagged.”

My face went red.

That evil bitch was just doing this to humiliate me. She eventually had her fill and removed my gag.

“So what happened little bitch?”

“That freak dodged every shot. I saw him call for backup and launched a last-ditch effort to take him down. If that gorilla had TOLD ME the bastard’s heart was on the other side of his chest, I would have hit him.”

The bitch than facepalmed.

“Sakura told you not to shoot through her for a reason. The whole plan was to fool that bastard into thinking we didn’t know about his dextrocardia. Then when the shots were right, Sakura would dislocate her joints in order to land the killing blow. However, YOU panicked and screwed up.”

“Well excuse me bitch, but I’m just a talented sharpshooter being blackmailed to be your slave-AHH!”

The bitch had shoved her gun in my mouth.

“That was our best chance to take out that bastard. Now that he’s escaped, he’ll be far more cautious. Plus, I decided last minute to target him for you.”

“Fo ME!?

“Yes, didn’t Sakura tell you he’s a menace to young woman. I obtained intel that he’s planning to abduct girls from your high school this coming week. Now your precious ex-girlfriend might get kidnapped,” the bitch growled as she removed her gun from my mouth.

“What!? That bastard’ targeting girls from my school? Then I’ll just tell the police.”

“Really, you think they’d believe a loser like you? They’d probably suspect YOU of being the perp. Then once you get locked up, they’ll find out you murdered their buddies.”

“I’ll just say a mafia boss kidnapped and manipulated me!”

“No, if they find out you’re working for me, it’s a life sentence.”

“Why! Who even are you!?”

Come to think of it, I didn’t even know the bitch’s actual name. She listed herself as “boss” in my contacts and I simply referred to her as “the bitch”. I then got my answer.

“My name is Ramona Panini. I am the boss of Familia Panini, one of Italy’s largest mafias. The Panini family is so infamous in Europe that the E.U. begged other countries to help them take us down. Well, at least the faction opposing us did.” The bitch explained.

“Ramona Panini? So what!? I don’t know how infamous you guys are?”

“Oh, but you’re already on our payroll and have done jobs for us. One look at your phone and its life in prison with a dash of torture.”

I had been screwed the whole time. I began to cry in despair as Ramona untied me.

“It seems you’ll have to get accustomed to pressure. Well, luckily for you I have mercy on Sundays so you’re free tomorrow. Monday however, you’re on call.”

Ramona then left as I ran outside. I had been held in an abandoned warehouse.

“Great, its already dark. My mom and Erika are going to be seething. I really hope I’m not too far away,” I groaned as I began trudging home.

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